Name one thing wrong with deadlifting 5x5 once per week

Name one thing wrong with deadlifting 5x5 once per week.

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You're only doing it once per week

I'm unironically deadlifting 5x8 two times per week. What is wrong with it?

why would it be wrong bruh SL all the way

>deadlifting 5x5 once per week

Not intense enough, need to go for that 95% of 1RM each week. The fear of snap city must flow through you if you want to make it.

deadlifting is good but 5x5 is dyel shit


Mark rippetoe said once that doing more than one set of deadlifts a week will destroy your CNS with absolutely no sources and his robots have been repeating it ever since

>DL every 3-4 sessions, so once a week, sort of.
>the time before last, repped 365 for 1
>last time, repped it for 2
>last night, repped it for 3.

building up to 5 before increasing the weight to 405, in an attempt of 1RM. I'd say 5x5 DL once a week has its benefits. I feel pretty good behind 315lbs lately, doing 3 sets of 5 for that.

There's nothing wrong with it, but I did that 2x a week for a year and got insane gains, especially in my neck thickness

too many fucking reps for a heavy exercise. heavier weight is actually safer because you it's less likely to slack on form like with high reps.

Should I do it by the end of my workout or in the beginning?
ib4 that's all workout I need

>repped 365 for 1
also, why jump from 365 to 405?

if you're able to do 5 sets of 5+ reps on deadlift there is not nearly enough weight on the bar

How much do you fucking rest in between sets? How long does your workout last?
AND HOW FUCKING MUCH DO YOU EVEN HAVE ENERGY LEFT TO DO THAT? Are you eating packs of butter in between sets?

You guys need to chill. I'm doing dl 10x10 just fine.

Frank, an empty bar does not count.

lol, yeah poor verb choice. my idea right now is that I'll go from 365 to 405 when I am doing 365 as comfortable/with as much volume as I do 315 right now. 315 is comfy for me and 365 is difficult, but I am slowly progressing. once I can pull it for 5, for more than 1 set, as in: set one-225lbs, set two-275lbs, set three-315lbs, set four-365lbs, set five-365lbs, is my scheme, I will make the attempt for 405lbs the next session for a single rep, instead of the fifth set of 365lbs, if that makes sense

Deadlifts are more effective with higher weight and lower reps.
If you're only doing 5x5 once a week and it isn't part of a volume/hypertrophy block in your program then it's suboptimal.

programming is not a shopping list of sets and reps

Try AMRAPing 315 a couple times, that's what helped me get to 455

If you can do more than 1x5 deadlifts per session then you aren't deadlifting heavy enough.

becoming a belly beast when you grow older big flapping handle bars weird ass orangutang looking mofo

You’re a programming genius

nobody with a good deadlift does 1x5

Like 5 minutes of rest, soyboy.

>hoping that wasn't sarcasm

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