Lift a weight

>lift a weight
>drink a protein
>don't grow a muscle
explain this

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your mother does it for me

>you no confuse muscle

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you need more than 1 protein

try get at least 80-120 protein

>not putting the weight down again

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>lift 100 weights
>eat 100 protons
user it's like you aren't even trying

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How nutritious are grayons?

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>pick up an weigth
>eat an prontein
>muscle go big
wwweeeeeee fferpldffllp

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Only a singles protons?! Are you really tryings...


Me thinks you should picking up different things

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>goquiet place an throw book
>go metal house and borrow heavy
>find N long hair humie
>make penis in
>she make loud
>make loud back at long hair
>wait for penis hurt
>eat white sticky
>go /fit
>tfw no gf
>tfw no gainz

I’m at the gym and there’s a qt on the treadmill infront.

Just got the most disgusting look from her because I was chuckling like a hyena.

Probably didn’t help that my camera would be directly on her yoda pant ass if had it on

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Go apologize

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>be woman
>drink a protein
>lift dumbbell three times
>suddenly explode into a shredded muscle monster with no tits
I just wanted to tone. TONE!

R8 my brainlet

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Nice meme user