What the fuck bros help me out

So I'm doing the summer cut meme to shed off the love handles and the flabby belly, yet I'm not seeing any difference. I've been cutting for a couple weeks and I see very little difference yet my lifts are either stalling OR even decreasing in some lifts. What the fuck do I do? Should I just hop on Test E?

Info for reference:

76kg/167 lbs
Been lifting for a few months (since October)
6 days a week training, aiming for hypertrophy

The reason I'm cutting is because I started with an unfortunate body, so I want a good base before I can clean bulk, instead of bloatmaxxing and looking fat for an entire year (which would fuck my confidence up)

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Bump of shame

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>couple weeks

Too early to cut, faggot. Keep lifting with a moderate high carb diet for at least a year. Fuck the summer cut meme; you're here to improve your life not impresse cheap sluts and your beta friends.


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>wants to cut

While I understand starting as skinnyfat and not wanting to be a T-rex powerlifting fattas, you definetly just have to keep fucking lifting and eating an ordinary maintenance calories/high protein diet. Way too fucking early to cut. A little fat on a muscular body is not a big deal.

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You either listen to or or risk losing your gains achieved thus far (I know, I've been there).

I see how it is then. Thank bros.

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Post a pic of your body if you want accurate advice.

take ephedrine+caffeine and eat ur LBM in grams of protein every day (and nothing else besides maybe vegetables and water/tea/coffee) until ur 8-12% bf

I started out just like you (6’1 / 160 lbs / skinny fat) 4 years ago. Do this -

1) Eat at maintainence calories
2) Lift 5 days a week - hit body parts 2 or 3x
3) Get 8 hours of sleep - very important
4) Eat clean food 90% of the time

Do this and you”ll lose fat and gain muscle. Make sure not to overeat and count your calories as accurately as possible.

You are eating too much. Also swapping to low carb higher fat can help your body to better utilize your fat reserves for energy

This is good advice.

N-no homo, brah

The fuck? That is standard, mate.

DEFINITELY KEEP LIFTING. If you cut you'll lose what little gains you've got.

Also increase the weight of your weights, for fuck's sake.

Are those cum stains on your belly? Maybe stop ingesting cock it’s gonna throw your calories off.

>I have gyno

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You look like a candidate for a recomp, just eat a tiny deficit with tons of protien and veggies. Lift plenty and do some cardio x3 a week

T-thanks bros, I’ll heed to your advices then

My cut hasnt gone anywhere so ive changed my diet to under 30 grams of carbs a day. And of course a caloric defecit.
Ill be reducing my weightlifting to about 15 to 25 mins worth. Then 30 to 45 of cardio. Hopefully ill see results.

Why reduce your lifting? It still burns calories, and it'll prevent a lot of muscle loss during your cut.

salmon, broccoli diet with vitamin/electrolytes supplements