Cut average daily calorie intake in half

>cut average daily calorie intake in half
>lose twenty pounds in a month without even trying

why do fat people act like they can't figure out how to lose weight? it's so fucking simple. just eat less. that's literally it. eat less. It doesn't matter what you eat, just eat less of it.

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idk man, I dont eat anywhere close to 2800 which these online calculators are telling me to eat but yet I only lost ~3 pounds in 2 weeks

No user it's not that simple, you're an extraordinary being.

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health education is just generally bad, particularly in America. I learned more the first day I actually recorded what I ate than I did all of high school.

this allows dumb people to spread dumb shit. it's not EASY for everyone to cut calories but it couldn't be simpler.

Do you count calories or just estimate?

Use an app and actually keep track of what you're eating. It adds up quickly.

Also, 3 pounds in 2 weeks is pretty normal and not a bad rate.

I managed to lose so much so fast because I started out so heavy, cut so drastically and started burning an extra 5-600 calories a day at the gym.

I estimate but I google which foods have what kind of calories. It should be pretty close because everything the store sells they sell by weight anyway.
I could be more exact, I already bought a food scale for weighing accurately but havent used it for anything yet. (kinda forgot / it's a bitch to remove all the meat from the chicken, weigh it and then only eat it)

If your BMR is really 2800, you could still eat 2100 calories a day (which is a lot) and lose a pound a week. You could eat 1800 a day and lose two.

My BMR is about 2500 after losing some weight. I eat around 1200 a day and have been losing about 3-4 a week. You have to stick with it. Like I said before, 3 pounds in 2 weeks is still damn fine progress.

Do that for a year and you've lost almost 80 lbs.

>I estimate
there's your problem fatso

Fat people are like drug addicts, they have very poor perception of reality and their life is one big haze of sugar rush.

In fact most people are complete garbage human beings. Poor perception of the world, poor analytical ability and even poorer control over their actions. Most of those clowns out there waddling around are on auto-pilot, performing one ritualistic habit after another, day-in, day-out. They don't know why, they're barely even conscious of what they're fucking doing. Mankind is barely above the mimicry of lesser apes.

The more you observe society the more likely you are to conclude that there are stratas of man and that subhumans walk amongst you. The sooner we start cleansing the better.

They've been brainwashed by their parents, their education, and fat acceptance movements that there are people who can't lose weight. They can instantly be proved wrong by locking them in a room for a week that dispenses water and half of their daily intake.

Who did you vote for?

>Do you count calories or just estimate?
Not him, I got tested. BMR is 2500, TDEE is 3000 without training.

I eat 2000 kcal a day, sometimes 1800, sometimes 2200. And I weight 126 kg and don't lose weight. There is no error in here, your dogma is just wrong.

Also, I have hypothyroidism, but I take pills for that. And you know what? I still don't lose weight. Yes, on a cut and with T3, I don't lsoe weight, so clearly, it's a bit more complicated than CICO.

Now you will say
>A medical wonder! Go to the next university and get researched for a million bucks!
The problem with this is: My problems aren't exactly unusual. Nobody is interested in researching it any more because it's nothing rare at all. And yes, I asked - hey, it's money, right?

Only you think it's so easy. Because you are stupid.

>Do that for a year and you've lost almost 80 lbs.

I was hoping to lose 40lbs in 4 months so I can be normal weight by summer, I started with 216lbs.
Maybe I should do cardio every day like you do, at least a bit to get my metabolism started. I feel like shit in the morning anyway, this might be a good idea before I take a shower

Where does the energy come from, if you can't/don't lose weight?

You probably cut 500 cals/day for a week, notice you haven't lost 50 pounds and then go back to eating like shit.
Which is fine too, but don't spread your bullshit that's keeping people at death's door just because you're too lazy to get your shit together.

If you're not losing weight, just cut more and keep the cut going longterm. Like a month, if not more. You'll lose weight. The laws of the fucking universe dictate that you'll lose weight. You're not above biology.


If you drop the calories too much doesn't it make it harder to lose weight as your body goes into starvation mode?

Holy shit I'm in the same situation as you including hypothyroidism and 126kg as well.

Honestly user maybe we have to cut even more because of hypothyroidism.

>implying i'm american
>implying i vote
Democracy is a fucking joke, it imbues the weakest and least capable with decision making power. Next time you see a fat shitstain or a nigger junky remember that you have equality with that 'person'.

fuck no

Starvation mode is mostly a myth.
The only reason why eating less might make it "harder to lose weight" is that your appetite will increase. But it doesn't change shit about your metabolism or the simple biological process of converting food into fat/energy.

When you eat less, you get hungry. When you eat a lot less, you get a lot hungrier. You just have to not be a child and get over it.

people present starvation mode as
>if you cut too many calories, your body will start to slow its metabolism down and burning less calories, so you might actually start to gain weight

but starvation mode is actually
>i cut my daily intake by 1000 calories and felt so hungry that i ate 1600 calories more than i usually would. and i do this every other day. and i can't figure out why i'm not losing weight

Because I feel hungry when I eat under TDEE and feeling hunger is stressful so when I'm going through an already stressful time in my life I'll eat over my TDEE on a regular basis and tell myself I can't worry about being fit right now cuz I have more important things going on in my life.

That's how I went from fit to fat, but working on getting fit again currently.

So I can basically starve myself and as long as I'm getting enough protein I should maintain my muscle mass while losing fat?

Pretty much. Your body stores fat so that it can use it up later. You just need to get the other calories out of the way, so that your body can start burning your fat.That's the whole point of the fat in the first place. Don't overcomplicate it, it's really that simple

Thanks brah!