Be me

>be me
>want to get fit
>want to los virginity too
>I must then improve social skills
>But I want to write this book
>that means more reading
>gotta focus on my education, though
>and what about socialization
>oh fuck
>skipping gym days
>hey remember, you need to practice reading and writing

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Writing a book is retarded and you wont make any money at all

You’re s grown ass man, learn time management

you browse Veeky Forums ?

are you retarded? I know for a fact that you aren't spending 99% of your free time either writing or lifting


oh, that's it. You spend 6 hours a day jacking off and browsing this website

What the fuck do you have to say to the world at 18 that is so important that can't wait until you have more free time and experience. You are fucking retarded, you have it easier than 90% of people in the world and you are complaining about fucking shitty "problems" If you can call them that. Go eat a big fat dick.

t. 18 years old


Op. I go to college, have a major internship, have two girl friends, and workout an hour everyday. At least 30 minutes cardio at a minimum. You're just a lazy fucking faggot.

>t. Amerilard
Easier said than done
Yeah man, occasionally.
No one, and I mean one spends 100% of their time to an activity.

put on your big boy pants and buy/download a calendar

24 hours in a day. Sleep for 8 hours. That’s 16 hours of time you have a day. Grab a notebook and schedule your time out. It’s not fucking hard.

28 year old here with a shitload of things to do every day. That's nothing. Just schedule everything. Put practice socialising in your calendar once per week. Read every night before bed. Work on book every day for an hour or whatever. Just schedule everything and don't ever skip anything and it will work out.

>complains about not having enough time
>on Veeky Forums

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anyways what are you studying you faggot? Either way you are 18 and should have at least 45 minutes of spare time every day for cardio exercise or 3 or 4 times a week to go lift. The key is to create a habit, and that's pretty much it.

This. These 18 year old retards have no appreciation for how much free time they have in college.

This. Making a schedule and adhering to it will serve you well the rest of your life.

Grow willpower and learn how to manage time. "I have no time" is such a retarded excuse

>>But I want to write this book
>>that means more reading

Listen up my little nigga, the way to get gud at writing is by writing. English classes taught you wrong; being prolific is how you end up successful.

I'm a major advocate of a having a creative outlet. It makes art into something for everyone rather than reserved for a privileged few who follow the right trends in the right art schools. Plus, the lifting self-improvement ethic really aligns with the actual grind of the creative process.

Reposting since my thread is gonna archive

It's my first day going to the gym (la fitness)

I'm kinda nervous, some fem trainer said she'll suggest me some workouts when I signed up yesterday. I wanted to say "no need, I am doing Starting Strength" but that sounded autistic so I said "ok thank you"

I really hope I don't end up doing zumba or some shit.

Anyways, what's it like? I'm scared every one will look at my weak 5"5 body and laugh. I'm so nervous. I think I'm gonna vomit

Not be a brainlet obviously.

No one will give a shit, at the gym everyone do their own thing. Also don't be afraid about your height, it's about the attitude

(source : Am manlet)

>want to write a book
oh yeah people are real interested in the corny musings of a teenager

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Are you really this mediocre

Always bring a notepad with you and write when you come up with something,don't sit down and wonder about what you'll write,do just 1hr of exrrasize per day and as for socialisation small talk with lone strangers at bars and cafes and ask for directions on the street,get more chummy when you have more confidence and experiment,find out what certain people like to talk about and what you know enough about to talk about

user write that goddamn book.

Btw, don't worry about reading stuff "to inspire yourself" that's a lie, just write.

I used to tell myself "I'm gonna watch/read/listen this to get inspired for a movie I wanted to write, until one day I just fucking did it and I'm still proud to this day (was a year ago)

Don't procrastinate.

You are going to make it, brah.

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Anything ever come from your project?

> lifting for a while, have 1/2/3/4
>work part time job
>over 80% average in uni
>have girl friend i see several times a week
>have several friend groups i see and spend time with every week
>go out most weekends i'm not working
>still have time to shitpost, read, game and study.

maybe you're just a brainlet op, college isn't for everyone.

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Are you people that retarded that you have to actively assign time to socialisation?

I haven't send it to anyone if that's what you are asking.

It was something very personal.

I might check it when I fast latter this year to make corrections if necessary and see if someone bothers to read it.

>Be me
>Lose weight, gain mussels
>Looking better than ever
>Go to party
>Look at pictures next day, every single picture I'm on I look like shit, receding hairline looks 10 times worse than in the mirror, head has a funky shape and it looks a gorillion times worse in all pictures
Why do I even lift anymore?
Do I look as shit in real life as in pictures?, I could swear I didn't look that bad in the mirror, maybe I should just leave humanity behind and become a gym hermit.
I won't post pictures but I have a bump in the left side of the top of my skull, it doesn't really look that bad but somehow in pictures it looks like I'm a deformed alien

>wow why doesn't everyone has it as easy as me?
Kill yourself.

Easier said than done. Fuck off you weak willed, pathetic cunt. Organise your time. I work full time and do a full time degree, and train for rugby 3x a week and still do a 5 day bro split

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>writing books for money
Yep, it's Veeky Forums alright, peanut brains.

nice blog OP, I suggest you post to /adv/ next time :)