Is college the biggest gains goblin there is?

Is college the biggest gains goblin there is?

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No your pussy-ass attitude is

>apply cold water to burn

No. Women are.

I'm making sick gains now that I'm long distance.

No, it's Veeky Forums.

My college has a gym, and it's basically my fault that I rarely go to it. If you're dedicated enough, you can find time to work out even with a busy schedule. I just hate the commute, so I'm doing calisthenics/dumbells at home until I graduate.

What is the point of long distance. Can't fuck, can't smell her, can't touch her. Just break up.

i started lifting more than ever when i started seeing the girl i am now because she doesnt shut up about how good i look and i know i can look better. if had feelings for her it would be a different story im sure.

go back to plebbit

why? you sit around all day and get good rest

>as a licensed Veeky Forumssician I prescribe:

Because it only lasts a year and she's worth the wait.

no, college makes gains cheaper to obtain and puts you in proximity of other lifters so there's a healthy sense of competition, you're reminded to lift more every time you see the other lifters. if you're struggling with motivation in college it's only going to get worse later.

I have never in my life seen a ling distance relationship that worked, user.

Anyway, I hope your case is different.

nah man, fuck any girl you can in this year, you're gonna be the loser if you're still "together" after this year. she will get fucked during this year while you'll just be a chump who jacked it waiting for his waifu who fucks another guy. women are hornier than men and turn into cunts when they dont get fucked so she might resist for a while but she'll find some dick after a few months. you should do the same (no homo)

>gym included
>buffet with unlimited meat and milk


College is the best time you'll have to make gains the rest of your life provided you become a success and not a neet

>15 credit hours gives you way more free time than a full time job ever will (time to fit in a work out and sleep >8 hours for max. recovery)
>state-of-the-art gym within walking distance with membership included in tuition
>dining halls for all of the clean bulking supplies you could ask for with none of the painstaking meal prep
>an endless supply of coeds to admire your gains
>the only time you'll ever have this many peers your age with time to work out with you if you like gym partners
>At the prime age to make quick gains in the gym

You're an idiot if you don't recognize it as the best time to make gains and take full advantage

Collage is literally where you put your gains to use, so no.

>free gym
>4 hours of class a day
>thotties everywhere

If you don’t lift in college you have 0 self discipline and are probably just a lazy fuck. Change my mind!

Don't listen to these morons. You do you, senpai. Long distance sucks but I'm glad for it to work out for people.

fuck these haters, my best friend and his wife did long distance for a while and theyre happily married.

not all women cheat and the distance inspires discipline to be better next time you see her.

there's more to life than thot pussy. you know that, keep it up

t. kissless virgin

Are you fucking kidding me? There's the biggest concentration of fit people, in colleges outside of the gym.

t. business major with no personality

she told me that too man. im sorry brah.

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are you majoring in english literature or something 4 hour class a day lol

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No work is the gains goblin. I had the old 9-5 making good money, but they had forced overtime and i could never make it to a descent gym (the one open 24 hours has shitty members i got into fights with and planet fitness rules) It put me in a real depression and then Rich died and I went on a drug binge, which side quested me far away from making it.

>and then Rich dies and I went on a drug binge

Ignore the haters man, Put a ring on it.

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I work 30 hrs a week and do full time college and still have the time and willpower to train 4 days a week and I still maintain 3.1+ GPA.

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Im 15,000km away from my gf for 8 months. I know your feels bro we're all gonna make it.

this guy is right lol. look man girls don't really masturbate when they're alone. they either have sex with you, or if you're not there for a couple of months, they'll find someone else. and LMAO this nigga saying he won't see her for a year???

and I don't blame them! they don't HAVE to masturbate, they got dicks lined up for them. I'd do the same if I was a girl, just slut around 24/7.

anyways here's my story: I got some rash on my dick (no idea where from wtf) and couldn't fuck my gf for a month so she couldn't take the stress of no sex and left me and found some other guy in a couple of days basically. RIP relationship a.k.a extended 9-month hook-up.

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Pretty much this. The temptation is there for women, they're only human and most people give into desires.

Remember that they are either naive or low-key thirsty and have all their guy friend on snapchat. Most of those "guy friends" just flirt a little bit, it's what people do and seems harmless. Do you know how easily girls start flirting and sending pics on snapchat? It will be that she's bored someday and one of those playful flirting or compliments progresses to her riding his dick.

Not saying that always happens, but I think the flirting and sending pics is pretty common, as much from needing attention and needing to keep conversations going as trying to get laid.

KEK! Give this man a coat.

And here I thought /pol/ was funny. You guys really are something else.

>go to class
>lift between classes
>go back to dorm and shitpost on Veeky Forums

is no one gonna mention this dude’s nipple?

Maybe if the woman you are with is a lazy bitch and you allow her to be a lazy bitch. Me and my GF work out together and it's been the best gym sessions I have ever had.
>Having GF spot you
>Get to check her out as she does deads
>We push each other
>Never miss a day or else the other will get on our back

It just looks weird because it's being dragged up by his shoulder belt

I work 80 hours per week as a resident physician and still lift 2-3 days per week. Get your shit together.

>spend 20 hours a week in class
>spend another 30 hours a week doing research
>spend another 10 hours doing homework and studying

i've completely plateaued the past two years. Still make it to lift 4-5 days a week but eating and sleeping like shit. Got into a good PhD program so worth it I guess? Will there be time to recover gains in grad school?

College has been the best and most easiest time to put on gains. Even with 6 classes I still have plenty of hours of free time and can get 8+ hours of sleep each night. Plus, for me there is no better gym than a uni gym since everyone is a young college student, makes for a good gym atmosphere.

yeah, i'm in grad school now, i stay liftin

>Will there be time to recover gains in grad school?




Oh, summer child...Grad school will chew you up and spit you out. Prepare your anus. Especially if it's in a STEM field.

>grad school
As I understand it, grad school is about 3x as much work as undergrad studies. I can find time to work out no problem taking 18 credits in a ME program, but I doubt I'd be able to find the time in grad school.


good to hear. easy to work into your schedule? Although I'm guessing thats lab dependent

Chemistry. I'm already use to spending all free time in the lab, hoping I'll just have a regular enough schedule in grad school to get a good routine going

I guess I can focus on maintaining and cutting at least even if I can't make gains.

Having done grad school and seen other people doing grad school in other fields, it can be from double the work (e.g. degrees like English) to 10x the work and extra stress and being screamed at and hated by all your profs (e.g. Chemistry).

But, yes, it's more. Often a LOT more.


Stop working out now. Just go ahead and get fat and unhealthy and start hating yourself now. You might as well get it over with before you start grad school.

I've talked to multiple people in multiple Chem grad programs, and I know a Chem prof who has taught at multiple universities. All the chem departments seem like like levels of Hell.

Well the professors I'm interested in seemed relaxed enough on the visit and the students in the groups were borderline alcoholics but didn't seem miserable.

>having the money to get fat as a grad student
here i come auschwitz mode

>Is college the biggest gains goblin there is?

was for me. the stress of getting a degree/job is so much worse than working. School stress just fucking killed me it was only once I got a job out of college that I was able to stabilize. The worst part of school is the stupid fucking staggered schedules that you almost always get meaning you don't get a 9-5 type schedule but you'll have shit like a class at 10 AM and then a 1-2 hour break then another class and then a lab or some shit from 5-8 pm. that staggered schedule shit always killed me. god I fucking love my job compared to school.

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As I said, I know that one prof personally; he's amazing. So they exist, yes. But I've heard nothing else positive about the departments at a few universities.

>borderline alcoholics

That's most grad students in any field.

There is only one true Gains Goblin, and it’s yourself. Stop projecting your lack of discipline onto other people

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>tfw hate the taste of alcohol

I honestly don't know how anyone can enjoy that shit. every alcoholic drink I have tasted I pick up on the alcohol.

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Lets be real. the real gains goblin is called "the full time job" you will arrive to tired and dead inside to even think about going to the gym. It is even worse if you make babies.

what kills me is the absence of true relaxation. Always another test to study for or homework to do. The constant stress just wears on me.

well I'll be in good company then unfortunately


> "the full time job" you will arrive to tired and dead inside to even think about going to the gym.

work 8-5 and go to the 4-5x a week. shit is ridiculously easy except for leg day because I sit at a desk all day(software engineer).

>what kills me is the absence of true relaxation. Always another test to study for or homework to do. The constant stress just wears on me.

yeah I noticed that too when I graduated and got a job. I can actually wind down when I get home. the 5 years I was in college doing computer science was nothing but straight stress all day every day. I have mad props to the people who are STEM majors and can hit the gym constantly that shit takes some determination to maintain.