This is the perfect female body

Anyone that disagrees is a closet homosexual or a flat out homo

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You were born only to be wrong on this topic.

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Lil bit more thicker and then I'll agree

Thats absolutley perfect

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ass needs to be rounder and plump faggot



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looks like a boy, faggots. My dick would impale that chick so idk about you small dicked losers but I need some THICC for an optimal experience for both parties

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98,322% perfection

This is /fit, little more thicker and she would be achieving great success.


I'm in NOPORN, guise....

>slim out of shape girl

Fuck them every weekend, lad. Nothing impressive. They're easy to pull and don't have any dreams or aspirations even though they're pursuing a degree in either psychology or social studies. In other words, they're snacks for real men and dream girls for betas.

Check out this fucking retard lmao

>3d women
[email protected]
pic related is the actual perfect female body

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>literally average female
>perfect body


>Falling for fat acceptance

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>snacks for real men

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There are a few different "perfect" female types.

imagine being a farmer in america in the year of 1100 and pounding this slave every night

>likes boy shaped butts
>calls us homos

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Im attracted to big butts but have to admit i feel a bit gay

Stay cucked, faggot.

well I don’t think African slaves could afford disgustingly fake tits back then like the stripper ones can now.

I understand liking curves but that is just fucking fat mate. jigglypuff gets a whole new meaning when you look at that bitch.

not the guy but ffs, that girl's legs are five times the size of her head. when has it become acceptable for women to look like dwarves and post pics like this online?

I like ass of all shapes and sizes. This is one of my favorite shapes. If you can’t appreciate them all then nigga you gay.

That's the body of your average stripper in the 70's. You're just too much of a beta to have ever noticed.

no, this is the perfect female body

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dude, that kind of look was literally never average. I don't know what lardass country you come from but that is definitely an outlandish piece of meat right there. her proportions are way off. fat women are far more aesthetic than that harry potter goblin

No thanks, I'm not into beastiality.

She has one calf much bigger than the other. It's quite distracting

>5 times
What a stupid thing to say. You are a stupid person. Are you a skinny girl who made this thread?

I hate to admit it but this is absolutely ideal. It's not very often that an autistic makes a bold statement with such precision accuracy.

I'm not going to get mad at you. You're young, you haven't seen the world yet. But someday you'll understand.

It's ok, girls that look like that are never going to notice you anyway.

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>what are personal preferences
Fuck off underaged faggot pleb

I agree she looks perfect from behind

>Willingly doing this to your body
It's like seeing roiders leave humanity behind

>Calls someone else underaged
>Uses the words 'faggot' and 'pleb'
This is an anonymous image board buddy, trying to fit in is pointless

>doesn't use the word faggot

literally a faggot confirmed

i dont get why anyone cares about big tits or ass that much. sure its a nice bonus but if i think her face is nice i dont care about these things as long as she isnt fat

>tfw I have most probably seen more countries and women in my life than you ever will
whatever makes you sleep well at night mate. I'm just saying that the girl has some weird-ass proportions and nothing is going to change that. you are free to find her hot, I couldn't give less of a fuck about that. everyone has their own tastes but she could pass as a genetic freak (in a negative kind of way)

I don't have a problem with that

t. ugly beta that can't afford to be picky

Who wants to be average? Explain this mentality to me.

you can tell shes poor by her body type. and i can tell you're poor because you like this body type.

can't betas be picky too though? I see so many ugly retards being picky as fuck even though they should definitely try to settle for much less

I wouldn't necessarily consider myself an alpha but I am still picky as fuck. I've literally had girls harassing me because I told them that I wasn't interested (because they were dumb, ugly, or just shitty people in general).

fat black cunt

im ugly but im not beta

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>baiting hard

Not OP, but the chick is really hot compared to the mega-ass girl you just posted, bruh.

>inb4 muh western non-latin preferences


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yeah they can be picky they have that right.
It just usually means they end up alone.
Beggars can' t be choosers

Perfect female body of a teenager.
When you become a man you want a woman

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who wants to look like a dwarf though? her legs and ass look photoshopped, ffs. just cover the part where her ass is with your hands and you'll instantly see why she looks retarded. she also looks fake as fuck (tits and face) so that only makes things worse. I'd usually never look at a fat girl twice but I'd even choose a fat woman over that thing

>he's mad that preferences exist and that they're different
Fuck off underaged faggot pleb

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The fat cunt you posted is disgusting, seems liek you are trying to hard to like "femininity" to hide your love for dick
that's fine just don't project onto other people


Wheres the fucking milk?

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Adobe Photoshop


Excellent taste

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this is the perfect female haircut indeed

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Man I've never wanted to fuck an image manipulation tool so hard before

>fat stinking pussy lip sticking out the side of panties

I prefer my meals without yeast

true that. I get especially mad when girls are picky though
>be in third semester of university
>go to party with a good (female) friend of mine and two of her friends
>girls proceed to talk about how men must do all kinds of shit for them
>basically "a guy has to cook/wash for me, drive me to places, be successful,...."
>I get annoyed as FUCK and just look at the main bitch who is spouting the crap
>I ask "so that's all fine and all but what the fuck do YOU have to offer?!"
>all three girls proceed to look at me with movie-like facial expressions, eyes almost popping out of their skull
>tfw main bitch still takes sexy pics with me that evening and even asks me to visit a dance course with her a few weeks later

Thx for the reply no one asked for

Where has she gone bro's

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stinki stinki, ficki ficki

>visit a dance course
Learn English.

your welcome I'll be sure to continue!

She was never here, man...

yea... no thanks mate

that bitch is fat as fuck

>tfw you will never have sex with a depraved titcow milf
>tfw you will never give it to her so good that she forgets that her children are coming home
>tfw they will never open the door,only to find her mom being railed on the kitchen table by some DYEL (for you)
>tfw you will never bust the fattest nut you ever produced into her worn out, yet tight and moist cunt and womb, only to pull out and keep on cumming all over her belly and her huge tits the moment you see the children
>tfw you will never give it to mommy so hard that she doesn't even care and want to do it again
>"kids, this is user. He is the man in the house"

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take dance classes then, fuck my brain. from time to time, the german in me will come out, i don't give a shit

On the internet, I mean

you should post something you like and contribute as well as talking shit.

Yeah I agree most women are fucking retarded and don't know what they want.
Your average girl is too retarded and has way too many expectations be relationship material

>that bitch is fat as fuck

She is a breeder.
The kind of woman that will get pregnant if you share a toothbrush.
Her love making would drain every drop of sperm from your body.

Looking very good. But not perfect. If she worked to get her ass a little bigger then shed be perfect. Its too small right now.

kill yourself

on top of that, women most often think that they are in the right so that makes things even worse. they will never see the issues in their own behaviours. even after five years, I have to give my girlfriend reality checks and tell her that she is sometimes behaving like a literal child

not the guy but damn, dude, way to kill the mood

t. guy who hates fat chicks

Add this to your eggs for test boost

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just fucking lol at all the faggots posting fat bitches in here

you realize you betas are the reason fat acceptance is a thing, stop throwing dick their way and maybe they would lose some weight when they finally come to realize nobody fucking wants them

nah I prefer 2 ml of Test suspension and 2 tabs of winstrol with my breakfast

just a little more wobbly pls

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beta is settling for these fat cunts, justifying it with your beta friends as "breeders" and "high test" it's the same shit you can't get a girl that looks after herself so you settle for the fat washed out slut who was fucked by everyone in high school
your opinion on women is invalid because you're never going to touch one

I think it started out as shitposting in thicc threads but then people who actually like fat people started posting. Kind of like brap posting.

thats me in the back

beta people follow the crowd, it started as a high test threads a few years ago, evolved into the thicc threads now this shit. It started as a meme but became accepted by these faggots

Close but you're way off

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Not being able to handle that negress
Being this mad that you couldn't even hold eye contact with her in real life.

You're never gonna make it.

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nofap lost.

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Who is this? Fit as fuck!

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no u

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