Starting a cut today for the first time ever. Any advice from veterans?

Starting a cut today for the first time ever. Any advice from veterans?

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Get a food scale.

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avoid carbs/sugar and fast food like the plague user and i reccomend a keto diet ie it will suck but it will work. make lots of eggs with veggies and shit and get rid of bread for a while. and read the fucking sticky user that is all

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Down the street, not across it

Here is a tip. Fast till your not fat. I fasted for an entire month and have been fasting like crazy and I went from 220 to 185 in like 3 months.

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I wanna look at sexy muscular men and yell about bread and fat people.

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dont listen to this faggot, OP. diving straight into keto after a life full of eating unhealthy is the dumbest shit ever because 9/10 times people will give up after a week
take it slowly, by minimizing sugar and salt intake and not eating fast food anymore

>Starting a cut today for the first time ever.

>tfw dyl's or fatties call their weight loss plan "cutting".

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Eat less calories than you exert.
Get rid of your Veeky Forums autism while you are at it, having a shit personality, a shit mindset, and a shit body isn't (((pure coincidence))). Looks are why girls approach, personality is why they stay for more than 60 seconds.

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>Looks are why girls approach
>girls approach

Yeah, this guy's got no fucking clue.

>Eat less calories than you exert.
>Eat at a deficit of >2000kcal
Who was dropping you as a child when you were supposed to be in English class?

>inb4 I have to explain this to you

physical or mental effort.
the application of a force, influence, or quality.

a vigorous or determined attempt.
the result of an attempt.
strenuous physical or mental exertion.

a formal request to an authority for something.
the action of putting something into operation.

Solid advice

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You don't look like you have any muscle. Get your newb gains before you strict cut. Just throw away the junk food and anything high-carb that isn't a whole fresh food. Drink a lot of water, eat a lot of protein and start lifting. This is the prime time for you to gain muscle which will help you build a baseline for your cut in 5-6 months because you'll be able to eat more and still lose weight.

The trips don't lie.

Food Scale is truth.
Also, start with a smaller deficit and work upward each week if you want to go higher than 500cal/day.

loose the shirt and the pol shit. Be an individual not a sheep. Watch some jordan peterson videos, being young and nihilistic is very unattractive and damaging to yourself and people around you.

Im not the only one telling you to do this. Stop being a neckbeard, ditch the tendies. Maybe take on some sort of responsibility, like get a job while your at it. You will go from a 3/10 which is what you are now to a 5 in a matter of 6 months. And with hard work even a 6-7/10.

If you can do that your gonna make it :)

Do it on facebook live for AN HERO fame

>220 to 185 in like 3 months
What the fuck. Thats like a normal diet progress. /fast/ is seriously full of fucking retards.

35lbs. in 3 months is ~11.5lbs/month. That is average diet weight loss, did you fuck up during your fast or something? I thought /fast/ers had super amazing results?

>Be an individual not a sheep. Watch some jordan peterson videos
Can you see the irony in your meme peddling?

If you want to cut with last century tactics, listen to anons above me. If you want to lose fat and gain muscle without starving, here it is - if you have been bulking, keep your calories the same, just increase your protein to 40-50% percent of your daily calories, get around 60 to 70 grams of fat and fill the rest with carbs. Slowly introduce LISS cardio, but not more than 3 times a week and not more than 30 minutes a session. Give this protocol a try and you'll want to hug me.

Same user
Forgot to mention - eat complex carbs, if you have questions - google dietary thermogenesis and effects of protein overfeeding

>read the sticky
Also you have to be at least 18 to post here, also lose the shirt you are embarrassing yourself.

He doesn't tell you to be anything, his future authoring programme is literally just you laying out what you want to be in life and how to accomplish it??? he doesnt shill for anything or tell people what they should do to make them happy but simply says you need some sort of responsibility, whatever it may be...

Unless you're obese (>30% body fat), cut slower. The most important trait is consistency. It's better to "only" cut 1 lb/wk for 30 weeks than to cut 2 lb/wk for 4 weeks, lose a lot of muscle/strength/motivation and give up on the diet for a few months until you try again, back at square one.

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The irony is you telling someone not to be a sheep, whilst you shill for some jewtube life coach.

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>35lbs. in 3 months is ~11.5lbs/month. That is average diet weight loss

nigga what? "Average" weight loss is 4 pounds a month, or a -500 deficit. That is nearly a 1500 deficit which is extremely hard to maintain longer than 2 days

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he isnt happy. Being a overweight virgin autist who takes interest in identity politics isnt someone who is motivated or living their life carefree.

You can lose 2 pounds ez every week eating everyday if you're not a fat retard like yourself

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>Being a overweight virgin autist
Going by the op pic(which is probably troll bait but) kid looks 12-13 year old and pudgy which will most likely even out during puberty and a growth spurt.

>who takes interest in identity politics
again dude he is a kid, he is being an edgy badass teenager wearing a Veeky Forums inspired shit

Why do you give a fuck how other people live their lives?

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I dont, but if someone asks how they can become more attractive ill tell them. And I've met kekistani weeboos and im yet to meet one that isnt a weird sword wielding neckbeard that hates themselves.

220 isn't even obese you mongoloid 5'5 faggots. Yeah, it's overweight by about 20-40 pounds depending on height, but don't act like its boogie tier. Regardless, a deficit is still a deficit and if you think a 1500 deficit, regardless of weight, is healthy or maintainable you're a dyel faggot who honestly shouldn't post on this board. If you actually ever cut you would know maintaining a 1000 deficit is impressive in itself. I know since you don't lift and just eat and sit on your ass all day, you think it's "normal weight loss", but for actual athletes with muscle it's not. A 500 deficit is a healthy cut, a 1000 is pushing it, and a 1500 is not maintainable for long periods of time, nor healthy, let alone "average"

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No point in cutting really. When you dress as autistic as you do no physique is going to get you laid. to tie a shirt into a noose

Check this link out it will probably be very helpful.

I've been bulking for 3 months and got some newbgains. If I start to eat at a caloric deficit for summer can I expect to still put on a small amount of newb gains?

After 3 months? Yeah you're probably gonna get easy gains for a while still.
The problem is that you're only starting to cut for summer now.

pick up a new hobby/play video games
when I play league I don't eat cause all I want to do is grind