Who else /mean face/ here?

Who else /mean face/ here?
>people always ask me why I am angry
>when picking seats on the first day of class the seats next to me are always empty
>I can't playfully tease people because it is very often taken as making fun of them
>when I am doing a group project there is always an extreme tension unless I go out of my way to smile a lot and be extra friendly
>I was never picked on or made fun of growing up despite having bad acne and very few friends
Inb4 "You're just ugly." Everyone tells me I look exactly like my Dad and he got mad pussy when he was young.

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know the feel when my face is relaxed it always looks like im pissed

>tells joke
>has to say it's a joke
"Oh, user, I can never tell when you are joking, you always look so serious"

you're most likely just ugly tbqhf

There is hardly such thing as a "mean face" when effort is made to express feelings through facial expression, meaning you're either ugly or socially autistic

I don't have a problem getting with women though

Why do people look away?

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You look like a psycho


You look like the type of dude who takes a while to warm up to others and you look like you could snap any second. No offense my guy

Yeah I need to consciously adjust my face every ten minutes. My eyebrows and sides of my mouth go down over time. I quickly force a big smile and surprised eyebrows to reset myself but sometimes I forget.

I look angry all the time and it's alpha as fuck. People dont approach me but as soon as I talk to them it's like they're happy I chose to talk to them!

jesus christ dude, shave and get a haircut/buzz. You look like a bum

My dude, lose the beard. You just don't have the genetics for follicle density to have a non-creepy beard. It's a hard pill to swallow but it needs to be done. I'm the exact same way.


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I have this but it's makes sarcasm really funny, and women will believe just about anything I tell them. I don't like actually lying to people, so I tell them I'm not serious shortly after, but I can make up the most outrageous shit and theyll just believe me on the spot.

this. keep a stubble if you want

The problem is real. Family always ask "what's wrong with user?", I have to say that it's my neutral face all the time.
But the best thing is that once you start showing empathy to say, the cute girl in class, they instantly know you're into them.
Pic is how I look most of the time.

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>goes to Veeky Forums
>is surprised he looks like an angry beta

Get a funny hat. I knew a guy with a hostile resting face and he started wearing a fedora-like hat. Made him look ten times more approachable.

This. Esentric anime fandom pins, cargo shorts and wallet chains also help.

Same desu man. Half the time when I'm trying to be sarcastic and say some outrageous ass shit the other person legitimately believes me

I'm serious though. Doesn't have to be a fedora or maybe even a hat but something that tells people you're not a psycho.

You were not socialized properly as a baby. You should have learned appropriate facial expressions from your parents and their interactions with other people. Unfortunately it's not something you can easily fake so you're just going to have to live with it.