Redpill me on carbs Veeky Forums

redpill me on carbs Veeky Forums

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They're fine but you probably eat too many

they're stock food, eat them when you've no other choice i.e. meats and veg

if you are paranoid about them, eat them around your workouts instead of eating them all day long.
I feel energetic when training while eating fruit between sets.

Fucking delicious.
Eat them if you're trying to gain muscle.
Cut carbs that aren't fruits and vegetables if you're trying to lose fat, because they tend to be calorie dense and less nutrient dense.
People have eaten them for thousands of years and anyone that claims that grains will kill you needs to calm down.
Go for whole grain whenever possible.

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they are a food group, one of the 3 macro nutrients and comprised of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.
They are responsible for the main source of glucose in the human body

Finally some sense. Though I would say that if someone wanted to lose weight, the sure fire way would be to eat grains + veggies with minimal fruit and animal protein. Like, almost no animal food at all

Why does wheat cause acne?

Great to eat when you're exercising, less so when you aren't.

I try and limit them unless they are high in fiber. if I had no self control I'd eat nothing but homemade mac and cheese and peanut butter toast though

most carbs have a high glycemic index

beans, carrots are low
bread, potatoes are high


Stupid advice. Such a stupid diet will yield terribe nutrient partitioning, going to lose more muscle than you would otherwise, and less fat. Animal proteins are crucial for not only health but the preservation of muscle.

If you want to be a sickly thin weak 140lb vegantard then do a grains diet. If you want to diet like a normal person then lean animal meats, fish, eggs and vegetables are the way to go.

I'm a vegan. 6'2", 180lbs...I lift, run, play with my dog, and work a very physical job 40 hrs a week....No meat, no eggs, no dairy. You're being mindfucked by the various food lobbies to believe you need all of your precious animal proteins and fats. Keep eating your corpses, I'll be enjoying my bowl of lentils and quinoa

For how long are you vegan?

Over a year. I initially lost a little weight, but noticed I had more energy and less mental fog. Now...before my vegan diet I wasn't eating anywhere near the amount of fruits and veggies I'm eating now, so it's fair to say that just by changing that aspect I improved my health. But I'd recommend it for everyone. There's nothing you get from animal food that you can't get from plants. It's cheaper, too. Lentils, rice, and spinach is cheaper than steaks and chicken breast

>big cow is lobbying you to eat meat
>big grain isn't lobbying you to eat vegan
wew lad

You can cut them out and you'll lose weight quicker but you'll struggle to hold onto water and your strength will suffer

Pasta and rice aren't too bad, just avoid the sugary Jew

I was 5' 7" and 230 mid December last year. I started not eating any grains or refined sugars and have been on an entirely veggies and meat with healthy fats (nuts, avocado) diet since. I'm currently 175, and it has really felt like effortless weight loss. I've been doing a little cardio, probably running 4/7 days a week, but my weight loss has been hilariously easy.

If you think I get my info from Big Grain you're dead wrong. Besides, more than half the grain crop produced globally goes to livestock. You meatards are putting more in the pocket of Le Grainerie Jew than I am hahahaha

Also worth noting, I struggled with cystic acne my whole life, and since not eating grains or sugar I can't remember the last time I've had anything unsightly grow on my face.

I personally do far better on a lower carb higher fat diet; but there's a lot of individual variation, you just have to try out different diets and see. The reason so many wildly different diets get recommended is because they all work well for SOME people. Find your niche. Don't take my or anyone else's word for it that there's One True Diet.

Don't you have to take pills? Like for B12 and omega 3?

Don't feed the vegan trolls. Veganism is a religion, not a diet.

Bread is immensely satisfying to consume

It's also calorie dense, nutritionally sparse and if you eat it on a cut it will lay your cut face down in the road and put five bullets in the back of it's head

Equally nobody should live without cheese on toast, garlic bread and in the winter a huge steaming bowl of chicken soup with a slab of crusty bread

Limit it to one or two days a month

Dunno, I thought maybe he is genuine and isn't lying.

Take the sourdough pill: traditional sourdough methods develop and partially break down the gluten, making it easier to digest. A good rule of thumb is the spit test: does the bread make your mouth water even just eating it dry? That's the bread for you.

I take B12, yeah. I get omega 3s from nuts and seeds. I only have to take the B12 every couple of days. People criticize vegans for this, but the animals people eat are literally injected with B12 just to keep it in our bodies because of the sterile society we live in (B12 is created by bacteria). Veganism is easy as fuck. There are no excuses, really
Let's not feed these assholes. Veganism is the simple act of eating and living compassionately. I don't worship animals, I don't go to vegan rallies or protest loudly. I just don't eat animals and their byproducts. I don't want to support industry that is based on killing animals for macronutrients we could easily get from plants. It's all about compassion, not cult behavior or preaching

i only eat them the day before i lift, i try to avoid them on other days

Carbs are literally Hitler.

What about them?

Carbohydrates are a macro, they're used for aerob exercises which are usually the best way to build mucles. Some organs can only use glucose. Most plants are almost entirely carbs. Eat as many as you want withing your caloric goal. Refined carbs are shit.

Chicken breast has less calories per gram of protein compared to beans, lentils, etc.

>that guy who peels his mango between sets

Just like any of the macronutrients, there are healthy sources of carbs and unhealthy sources of carbs.

Healthy carb sources are usually naturally occuring foods like fruits, whole grains, sweet potatoes, beans, peas, etc

Unhealthy carb sources are usually processed foods like refined sugars and polished grains (white flour products, white rice)

Your brain needs simplified carbohydrates (sugar). But you should eat complex/slow carbs regularly, to have sustained energy, with simple carb snacks throughout the day. No simple carbs means you will be fatigued easily with mental activity. but avoid trash simple carbs, with no Micronutrients, and too many calories relative to mass (vitamins/minerals/antioxidants etc)

and like 1/10 of the micros

Us vegan bros should start a vegan cbt to show people in this board you can get plenty of gains without animal products

t. 6'1 190 lbs guy

Fine if lean

Not if fat

The denial is strong in a lot of people

>look alright
"Pfft, look at this example of a guy who eats meat and is bigger than you"
>look good
"Pfft, you probably did it all while eating meat and then went vegan"
>look great
"Pfft, you're clearly on steroids"

They are only good if they come with fibre

Yeah youre probably right

funny how I came to the same conclusion. glad someone shares my views

underrated post

Like most people here are saying, always go for more fibrous sources of carbs.

The factor of workouts determines any need for simpler carbs, eg:
-Post-workout restoration of lost muscle-glycogen stores
-Carb-loading: After an intensive workout, your muscles are more receiving of carbs and will load up more efficiently than carb-loading without having done shit in the past 24 hours.
-pre-workout topping off of liver glycogen stores for more optimal energy during workout.
-being so big (steroids) that you need simple carbs just for the calories and the extra insulin bump

Any other time, you're just being a fatassfatass