I've contracted chlamydia lads. i've also got no health insurance and little to no $$$$...

i've contracted chlamydia lads. i've also got no health insurance and little to no $$$$. how can i get this treated without blowing my whole life savings?

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Go to Planned Parenthood, they will help you out.

Why you fuck with no coundoum stupid boy!

Move to a non-shithole country where greedy pricks don't try to profit from your ailment.

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do you know if they offer an estimate?

>Literally Africa tier
Ameriburgers will defend this

Treatment is dirt cheap. You take one pill and don’t drink alcohol for a week.

Order antibiotics from an internet pharmacy


America has the best doctors in the world for a reason. Nationalized healthcare is a disgusting, bloated system that torches the economy of a country. Just look at the UK and how much the NHS costs the country. Everyone, especially healthcare workers, hate it and realize it’s an unsustainable system.

Or maybe you’d prefer to wait months to get surgery.

t. medfag

Doctors need to study in University for 10 years here. What are the requirements in America? An Internet course?

>Price ceilings don't cause shortages
Europoors will defend this

Not the user you replied to but the people I've talked to have always wanted to go to America to study for med school or go to America to undergo surgery. America may not have a universal healthcare system but that's not stopping them from producing very good doctors.

t. Leaf

America has the highest cost per capita of healthcare of all the developed nations. Besides, you can just get private insurance in any other country as well as being covered by the national health system, for cheaper than the US as well- why not have the best of both worlds?

Of prescribed medicine?

I live in the UK and if you get private insurance you still have to pay to keep the literal dregs of humanity alive

Survival should be the rewards of being a human being worthy of survival, not a given to any one night stand trophy a single mother can shit out

t. Coping London pajeet

And if you're in the US your insurance goes up to subsidise all the gibs me dats who don't have insurance and rock up to the ER after getting shot/stabbed etc - shit goes both ways.

I agree with you that people need more incentive to stay healthy, and money is the best, but the implementation is crucial.

11 to 15 years
you absolute retard
neck yourself and the go wait in line for a sub par doctor so they can fix it if they have enough hospital beds

>America has the best doctors in the world
Let me rephrase that for you. Some of the best doctors in the world reside in America, but majority of American doctors are garbage who's there just for money.

They should allow hospitals to turn away people who can't pass a credit check and insurance shouldn't be mandatory

People work for money?
Wow user, what a new idea!

That prescription will be 40 dollars tops.

>Everyone, especially healthcare workers, hate it and realize it’s an unsustainable system.

You ever been to the UK mate? There'd be fucking riots if the NHS was dismantled. We love it.

I’ve had the clap twice, just penicillin or some antibiotics and you’ll be clear in a week. The money you’ll spend is preferable to the symptoms I promise, since they get worse with time.

In that case just get some horse penicillin from tractor supply. Its the same shit

Just go online and buy antibiotics. They're marketed as "fish antibiotics". You can order whatever you need. Any old tetracycline should do the trick.

>’medfag’ telling British people that we hate our own free healthcare
I play rugby and I mountainbike. The amount of times I’ve been to A&E with dislocations and fractures I’d be living in a fucking box right about now if I was an Amerishart

Your ancestors were retarded, that's why you're not an American. Being incapable of responsible decision making is nobody's fault but yours. Americans aren't 5 year old europistanis, we have a society with consequences.
Grow up or you won't survive when the toilet paper stops.

America has too many nogs spics and trailer trash that can’t contribute to socialized healthcare for it to work. Your pajeets and muhammeds will ruin yours soon tho

When I was a scared shitless 18 year old they tested me and gave me antibiotics for my clap.

I couldn't confide in my parents because they were/are religious lunatics.

Daw, I remember when I read my first Ayn Rand too. That’s cute.

Dude the NHS is like, the most bargain cut rate healthcare in the developed world. Look at the per capita healthcare spending for the UK vs even other countries with socialized medicine.

For a real laugh look at the US expenditure vs their health outcomes.

t. medfag

>implying indians and pakis aren’t 90% of doctors now anyway

Medical school should be a fucking undergrad program. 3-4 years out of high school you should be done and ready to be a doctor. The insane amount of useless education involved is so stupid.

How do you get around needing a prescription

You can buy the same anti-biotic you'll be prescribed, doxycycline online, except it'll be 'for birds'. Absolutely exact same thing from same place with a different label. $20

Order antibiotics off the onions.

sign up for obamacare, it's a hell of a lot better than nothing

Dry fast for as long as you can. It cures virtually everything, no joke.

I don't read philosophy because I'm not a Eurovision who relies on others for thought newfangled dagger gag got faggot

>body is under attack, supplies and energy being stolen by foreign body
>better remove all supplies and energy!
Go ahead and let blood while you're at it, gotta remove the disease from the body directly.

>i'll just blame brown people for everything wrong with my obese old-folk's home of a country

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>‘Responsible decision making’
Not my fault I pay my taxes and wanna have some fun with my life mate. You need to get a life outside of Veeky Forums. These things happen when you’re enjoyig your existence, as my boi Sadiq Khan would say - they’re part and parcel

It’s actually pretty much old fucks who go to A&E every time they get a cold. Have family who work in the NHS and they can confirm this

You can buy keflex or doxy online fairly easily.

I’m blaming poor people actually but pretty much. Top 1% feels good mane

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How did you know you had it if you haven't been tested?

4 years of university
4 years of med school
3-7 years of residency (depending on specialty) working under the supervision of senior doctors
+/- fellowship year(s) for further specialization

That's at least 11 years of study, with the university years dedicated to foundational subjects, and at least 7 dedicated to medicine proper.

tl;dr: get fucked

As for OP, if you can't afford an urgent care/walk-in clinic, try a public health clinic or Planned Parenthood if you have one nearby. Chlamydia is generally straightforward to treat: piss in a cup to confirm it's chlamydia, then a one-time dose of Azithromycin or a week's worth of doxycycline for the chlamydia and a shot of Rocephin in the ass for possible gonorrhea (they just treat both before the results are in to ensure that treatment occurred without having to worry about losing patients to follow-uo and possibly spreading the infection around town). Should get better in a week after treatment.

I hate the NHS do I? we like the NHS ya bellend


You don't need to go that deep for antibiotics do you? I would feel ridiculous

Based Belarus

Also how is communist China a no?

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Go see a doctor dipshit, the treatment is antibiotics. It's not expensive.

I find it interesting how other countries have "free" education and "free" healthcare yet they travel to America to study at our universities, to work in our healthcare system, and in some cases to be operated on by our doctors.

If you want antibiotics, viagra, or steroids for cheap, then yes.

Also, unless laws/regulations changed, you can buy veterinary antibiotics for cheap without a script. It's my understanding that they aren't FDA controlled, so they aren't forced to be produced to the same high standards, but they are probably the same either way. If you can see a physician for cheap, the actual script will be like $10 or less at most pharmacies though.

Why would somebody do that, just go on the internet and tell lies?

where the fuck do you live nigger. If amerifat you should have MediCare at the very least. It's literally - literally - free.

How do you know I remember getting tested for it and wad clean but that was like 5 years ago


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>fish antibiotics
i got milk commin out my pee hole, and it burns when i pee

That's a yeast infection... There always come back. Enjoy your fucked dick

well shit, i tried those cranberry pills. i thought it went away but now it's back and leakin milk

and to add, how tf do i get rid of a yeast infection??

>murican doctors are da best!
>t. Fat med student

Your country is a joke, champ.

>t. insecure euro from some country even other euros couldn't point out on a map

Inject Lotramin directly in the peehole.


>”your country is a joke, champ”
>*typing from Soviet era style apartment in shitty 10 house town waiting to go into the free bread line
I shiggy diggy

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No, our schools teach us things like that. Maybe yours would too if kids didn't have to hide under their desks or get shot all the time.

Fly to a country with free healthcare for foreigners.


Get fucked eurocuck

Yeah, American building is far superior to European. Why use bricks when you can use strips of wood and styrofoam, amirite?

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Can I get another shiggy diggy

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>Implying I'm British.

They're removing their inbred genepool from the European Union themselves, thankfully.


I just picked the first thing that came up. I doubt anyone has bothered to take the village video recorder to Moldova to document how dumb they are.

>not knowing the first thing about autophagy

Enjoy your antibiotic resistance friend.

>join obamascare
>all info is saved in federal database
>any fucktard contractor dba can look at my medical history

No thanks.

Okay. 20 Leu says punching the wall next to you is more likely to break your wall than your hand.

i just got tested for it (didn't have it thankfully) and I paid out of pocket. It was like $200 in my major US city. I'm not saying its cheap but its not your whole life savings either, unless you're a poorfag.

Fish antibiotics may also work. Seriously.

This is true of every useful degree.

Try isochronic tones it seemed to work for me but not for chlamydia

America has worse healthcare outcomes than any other country in the world except for a few diseases.
America spends more on healthcare per captia than any other country in the world.
Our current healthcare system is unsustainable.
>t. medfag
Probably just pre-med.
I tutor you tards in college, I can't believe we let such stupid people become doctors.

still talk to them?


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Be sure to get all your fetuses scrambled while you're there.

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Urgent care is only like $150 without insurance I think Either way, get treated ASAP. Even if you go to the ER, you can get on a payment plan.

Also, be lucky you didn't get anything permanent. I got herpes and you don't want it. It's awkward as fuck having to bring it up to every new girl. Pretty sure I'll be alone forever because of it.

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The healthcare workers most definitely dont feel that way. Dont speak for us you stupid american whore

t. actual medifag from uk

Im from the Netherlands and universal healthcare is bullshit. I pay way to much tax and health insurance fees for someone as healthy as me and my family.
Letting your strongest horses pull your car only slows then down

You'll be happy to have it when you're older, I guess? I don't want it in the US, but that's because I don't want to pay for the 200 million fat fucks who will never change the terrible habits that caused them to get so unhealthy.

This right here
Gaybro here. Years ago when I ran amok on grindr/scruff I got chlamydia.
Had spend a few hours there bc I was a walk in but I got antibios same day

Yup but you can lie to them about income and insurance. You'd prob end up paying no more than 10 bucks or nothing at all..nothing at all..nothing at all..

you just order some antibiotics on the darknet, surely

The avarage person here is getting more obese here. Then we have imigrants who pay less and get the same care. Low budget families get money from the government to help pay for their insurance pay. So they pay as little as 5€ while the rest pays a minimum of 90€ depending on covarage. Also s9me holistic medicine is covered and bullshit like that.
An the worst thing is, just like with taxes, if you dont buy insurance you could be sent to prison.
Its a hostage situation. Pay or loose freedom