How do I achieve this mode?

How do I achieve this mode?

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his new album is trash

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Miss the time when Bethesda was good.

Eat less. It's literally that easy.

calisthenics 2 times a week, and cardio, running wont make you big as swimming or rowing, and always cut

jesus that's disgusting


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Nah. That routine will still get you bigger than OP's pic.

I'd say a couple of times of basketball with Jamal and Tyrone will do the trick. Also, don't forget to smoke weed everyday till you pass out, wake up have a beer and repeat.

cut at 1000 calories deficit, aim to lose at least 2 lbs of muscle a week

i got sick of being a big guy and decided to shoot for something along the lines of this physique. i’m gonna jump from 180 down to maybe like 140 and see what happens.

Start as a dumb nigger. Stay a dumb nigger. Get tattoos. Use drugs. Dye your hair. Say "shiggy" and other such nonsense. Listen to noise which is not music. Do drugs, specifically stimulants.

be 5'6 manlet kek

you must be fun at parties

Bull shit, it's great.

Beat your ex

I seriously doubt that this guy can bench more than 50kg, so I guess you could try not lifting

First post worst post

>all the white trash in that pic

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I swear every time I see a new pic of him he gets another face tattoo that's uglier than the others.

There's a limit, X.

To answer OP, be low body fat, pull your shoulders back, only train lats and delts a bit. The most important part is being a 5'6 turbomanlet which almost immediately gives you that aesthetic. He doesn't even need the neckpill because his jaw already looks proportional and aesthetic, despite being way smaller than any average dude.

X is essential Veeky Forums core because he manages to break all the rules of chad requirements and still manages to be an aesthetic chad millionaire drowning in pussy

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You know what’s crazy and the worst part about this and that 69 fag? It’s actually white people that eat this shit up. It’s whites man. Blacks aren’t really into this. I work in Houston sometimes and have black drivers that drive us around young and old and when they’re listening to music it’s the fruity lovey dovey goofy old school R&B from before the 90s. Not once has a black driver had this faggot I’m not even sure what this stuff is anymore with the face tats and whatnot garbage music on. It’s whites and it’s discouraging. The Jews have us and culture by the balls.


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yeah I don't hang around subhuman scum that listen to shit like this

U dont know what the fuck ure talking about.

Any successful artist is gonna have mainstream fans, X is fucking mainstream since he plays on commercial radio stations, but only the "acceptable" normie tier songs. Any rage rap or depresscore goes unplayed, and who the fuck is gonna play that in public if you're driving strangers around? Do you see any uber drivers driving around blaring death metal?

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Adonis belt and no lower stomach fat is the hardest part. Otherwise this is close to skinny dyel. With a chest like that you likely don't even bench bunch more than your own bodyweight, rest of the body hard to say.

Im not white and I have known of X for like over a year now. I only listen to his old rageraps for gym energy.

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