Milk increases your estroge-

>milk increases your estroge-

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Eric is not on steroi-

Should I stop milk or not? Is there benefit to milk i'm going to miss on if I starts drinking almond milk instead?

Yea, you're gonna miss a lot of money. It's worth tho

Yes you're gonna miss out on that sweet IGF-1 and HGH gain

how is it worth it?

>talking for 11min proves he's not roided up

>milk only has estrogen and no androg-

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it's healthy and shiet

>almond milk
All non dairy milks are shit senpai.
Either drink actual milk(skim or whole, up to you) or eat something like almond butter or peanut butter for the calories and minerals and protein.
Almond milk has almost no nutrition in it, it's water with like 1% almond in it.

plenty of pre-steroids strongmen drank tons of milk, it's hard to find better macros for gaining muscle, not to mention it contains virtually every micronutrient essential for human survival.

the amount of hormones it contains are negligeable.
vegans are convinced than any non-vegan foods is unhealthy, and cobble together any flimy argument they can get their hands on. first it was saturated fat and cholesterol, now it's hormones, microbiota and amino acids. they try to adapt their arguments to match the current areas of research, but their conclusions are so laughably simplified and biased that anyone with a brain can see right through them.

I only drink the milk of the noble almond cow,
I wake up at 5 am every day to milk them myself

>wanting to take in as much estrogen as test
enjoy being androgynous

>more total androgens than estrogens in shitty commercial milk

Literally most of it doesn't even survive digestion since it's not in pill form, and the little that survives doesn't even make a dent in your hormones since it's such a pathetic concentration.

IGF1 doesn't really give you gains, mostly just cancer. There's no HGH in milk. Having just googled this, I'm probably going to cut the milk. Thanks user.

so which one is better?

>not drinking raw organic grass-fed whole milk every single day

it's like you hate gains

>Pathetic concentration
Let's say someone was hypothetically drinking a gallon of milk every day... hypothetically

How much a gallon set you back?

>world record lifts in his basement
seems legit

where you lift the bar matters? basement or gym its the same

>if I don’t make an argument but greentext it becomes valid

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I would drink milk if a quart of raw milk wasn't $8. Pasteurized milk seems unhealthy now.