>just over 8 inch dick
Feels good

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>those birthing hips

Yeah i know, i like em though, full fridge mode mang

> and skinnyfat

how do you manage to be skinnyfat at 6'4 is beyon dme...

I just don't have shirtless pic mang

>full fridge mode
Not with that hourglass figure.

I'm 18 leave me alone

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Nice arm zits lol

Actually a small bloody cut from a piece of shit door with a loose nail

Show dick with a ruler and timestamp.

skinnyfat with bitch tits and birthing hips + narrow shoulders
inb4 lanklet coping by calling me a manlet, I'm taller than you

>just over 8 inch dick
In you or on you?

what’s the point of these threads?

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this basically, you better hope you weren't larping about your dick otherwise you're never gonna make it

because i’m insecure and want to feel anything (hated) (loved). i just can’t feel emotion anymore so i need to feel something user. please say something about me

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he’s dead inside

nice shirt bro would probs go pub with

do you play fortnite?

your shirt says yes

head back to /v/ friendo

imgur link to proof of 8in

>one chance at life
>only 11 inch dick

Kill me now, bros

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those stats are a true meme
all that matters is the face, stop eating the stat meme pls