Already eaten a fuck ton today, not even remotely hungry

>already eaten a fuck ton today, not even remotely hungry
>only at 1072 calories

Jesus fucking christ why is my skeletal body so shit

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>olive oil
>peanut butter

Nigga what Did you eat that was "a shit ton"? Just one pizza is like 1500, and that is not much for one day.
I hope this is a troll thread like everything else here. Fuck i hate "hardgainers"

What are you actually doing?

Make some carbonara, spaghetti Bolognese with loads of olive oil, beef stroganoff

just dirty bulk once ur body get used to consuming large amount of calories switch to a clean bulk or not

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Hardgainers and fatties are the same. "I CAN'T change my eating habits! IT WON'T WORK!!! MUH GENETICS!" One says they can't eat enough. Then you find out they eat crap. One eats too much and says they can't eat less. Then you find out they eat crap.

It's mostly mental. Very few things, besides congenital defects or severe food allergies, affect it. They just need to shut the fuck up and put in the work, whether that be to eat more fucking real food or to stop inhaling Twinkies. And both need to weigh and count every fucking thing that goes in their mouths.

all you had to do was eat nuts OP

Hardgainers require work to achieve their goals. Fatasses require literally zero effort to acheive their goals.

I'm pretty sure that's all OP eats though >;^D

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>eating food is harder than starving yourself and working out
Sure buddy

Gaining muscle is harder than losing weight.

If you literally do nothing besides breath and drink water you will lose weight.

Eat more pizza and burgers friend

Retarded argument. Not doing something is easier than doing something.

>not breathing is easier than breathing

Are you pretending to be retarded or what?

this is gonna be a good thread

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as someone who finds it incredibly difficult to gain weight, I agree for the most part, with the caveat that I'm fucking broke and literally can't afford to gain weight unless I put in a ton of effort.

It's fairly simple to lose weight on $30/month, it's almost impossible to gain it.

if u live on 30 bucks a month ur dead


Here's how I broke through the calorie barrier and unlocked super saiyan bulk:

>100g peanut butter in ~400ml whole milk, blend that shit

>2 tbsp olive oil in some warm water, down that shit

>eat incredibly calorie dense foods; anything with visible fat on it is top tier as long as you eat the fat (bacon for example)

your biggest issue isnt gaining muscle its trying to get a fucking job

>two bagels w strawberry cream cheese
>one scoop whey and milk

>yogurt and oats

>chicken and rice


>two scoops whey and milk
>chicken and rice

Over 3k calories ez.

I used to think this as a lanklet myself. I would've swore to you that I eat like a king all day and still not get a single kilo on me.
I started eating 3 good meals a day and drinking shakes and i've gone up like 4 kilos in a month. Yeah it's a bit hard to get used to preparing meals but it's nothing compared to lowering your calorie intake by half for 3 months or something.

Here's the cost breakdown:

Tesco British Whole Milk 2.272L, 4 Pints
>400ml used
>£0.19 per shake

Tesco Everyday Value Crunchy Peanut Butter 340G
>100g used
>£0.21 per shake

>>£0.40 per shake total

Tesco Olive Oil 1L
>~30 ml used
>£0.11 a drink (water from the tap)

The above costs only half a quid a day and nets you a total of 1154 calories; 884 for the shake, 270 for the oil.

It also gives you:
81.8g Fat (this is where the calories come from)
29.4g Carbs
36.6g Protein

Bulking is easy you just have to plan it out.

I'm a skelly Too and just recently fully embraced the bulk. It takes a while to get used to eating more. Have different snacks prepared whenever you're peckish, when you wake up fist thing is breakfast and keep eating regularly. Also light physical activity especially outside makes me more hungry. Good shake user shared that has lots of protons and few hundred calories:
Peanut butter