How much did becoming more physically attractive (physique,body fat, skin haircut etc.) help with your confidence...

How much did becoming more physically attractive (physique,body fat, skin haircut etc.) help with your confidence, especially social?

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Getting fit has made me more approachable. My attitude hasn't changed one bit, but people around me respect me for putting the hard work into sports.

It's funny because I feel the exact same way I did years ago when I started lifting, and even though people seem to like me more based on looks I'm still the same asshole, but no one seems to care as much and most of the time they just laugh it off.

Social skills are a joke. Working on yourself puts you above all this bullshit.

Drunk people (gay guys and straight girls) approach me more often. That's it.

Since my skinny body was my only insecurity, a lot. I can do whatever the fuck I want now knowing that I'm better than almost everyone out there.
I win

>I'm better than almost everyone out there.

Lol you're still just as insecure, faggot. Get rid of that ego. It's probably the only thing holding you back.

Vastly, but the far more significant realization was that nobody's opinion matters do whatever the fuck you want

Just shows how much the social game revolves around good looks

It's made me much more approachable and less anxious / nervous about myself and how I look to others. I feel like I've become more of an asshole but I'm not sure if that's a common thing or just me being a dick.

I also don't look gross when I eat large amounts of food when I'm at family parties or at dinners. So there's that too.

How did you get to that conclusion?

Just started actual lifting but 37kg weight loss from keto and fasting showed me this:
I used to have the reddish, bloated fat face with no visible jaw line and a double chin like a frog.
My was fat, round body, fat ass with man boobs. wearing XL clothing ect.

I didn't reach my at least goal but I can this by now:
I wear s to m tshirts, sweater and jackets.
Not much love handles and man boobs anymore but still to much fat.
I have a visible and good jawline, checkbones start to show ect.

People are nicer, women look at me and smile, this morning the cashier complemented on my hair.
guys show more respect.

I think that the confidence many people lack are because they are ugly and there is not much reason to not have any confidence if you are attractive




Worked for you because you had an good looking face beneath the fat.
If you are not fat and have an ugly face the only face gains you get are from plastic surgery.

Generally it’s only a small percentage of people who are still truly ugly once getting to a low (think 12 percent or lower) body fat

I'm almost certain getting Veeky Forums got me my promotion. You respect physically fit people more, even if you don't realise it.

A trim guy with a wide chest will seem more respectable and confident than a tub of lard.

Most men will look better with a low body fat percentage or other in a other way said: they look the best possible with a low bfp.
Some fat people might look like chad without the fat, other look average with the best bfp.

Yeah but again only a select percentage of the gene pool can still be called truly ugly by girls after dropping to a low BF

When I'm alone? Great super proud of myself and can't wait to get even better

When in public/with friends? My brain forgets all my work and reverts to calling me a worthless slob.

Down 50lbs, 20 to go till I hit my target weight. Hopefully it will get better then, cause this just fucking sucks.

this guy is such a twink, legit child frame, i feel bad for him

He does but he probably has a much better body than you

there is for me the "normal", the attractive and the ugly.
Some are truly ugly and some are "normal" and will look the best at low BF and some get "hot", attractive, "chad" or whatever.

Even at best some look far better than others.

This is true

Yeah like poster above me said, society places so much value on physical attraction so yes

Gym bro got another friend to start lifting after he lost something like 60lbs.
In the first 6 weeks he lost more weight and without much gains the qt. trainer started flirting with him every time.
I remember him as a ugly fat fuck so yeah, some fat people might have a "hot" face but skinny people don't get much better

I bet you're some sub 200 lbs (probably even sub 170) guy with sub 15" arms. When you get legit built people start getting jelly/passive aggressive rather than treating you better (I went through both phases, your experience matches mine when I was dyel ottermode at best)

Low body fat makes a world of difference

Confidence? Sort of. Now I know I'm attractive even though I still have low self esteem. Night and day on how women treat me now

You can be a pedo and get laid like a warlord if you're a jacked, 9/10, 6' Chad.
I have the source for the tinder experiment where a guy did that but Veeky Forums thinks it's spam

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Becoming muscular made my arrogant haughty personality intriguing and attractive to others rather than annoying and weird.

Fuck, so much this.

The gay guys approaching me was pretty offsetting at first. Now I just fuck them in the ass, no homo.

in uni

Stepped up my fashion game, relatively fit, and changed up my hair to a marino divaio/nick bateman type of hair.

Cute girls (especially soygirl types) stare at me. so i got that market down. The gay guys seem to stare at me a lot for no reason.

i may be a manlet, but i feel confident as hell with this meatball physique

>You can be a pedo and get laid like a warlord if you're a jacked, 9/10, 6' Chad.
>I have the source for the tinder experiment where a guy did that but Veeky Forums thinks it's spam

There was also that one guy who took a male model and put a swastika tattoo on him, and tinder girls fell for him everytime. Some of them even said they'd be willing to look past it, or that they would be with him as long as he was willing to change in the long run

Found it

That’s unbelievable

Maybe you're just not hot enough to be a fuckable Nazi.

Discipline. I don't hate myself anymore. Guys and girls at the club/bar talk to me more often. I still get declined when I approach some girls, but it's not a hard pass like before. Life is kinda easier now since everyone is nice to me.

That’s the end goal user

Maybe I am

Probably not though user let’s be honest

Great social skills



yeah people get jelly af when you're Veeky Forums. did wrestling and bb during my high school years and my old friends didn't talk much to me anymore. after hs, I went downtown with a friend and two guys bumped into on purpose to start shit. last time I downtown lol