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>What is /fast/?
Fast is a thread for the discussion of intermittent fasting, fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting.


While you're at it watch the rest of this guy's videos on nutrition.

>Weight loss
>Better skin

It's when your body takes apart useless, shitty cells. (Cancer cells, cells with broken protein, acne, loose skin, etc)


>take around 4700 mg of potassium per day max
>2000 up to 3000 mg of sodium per day max
>MIX THIS INTO AT LEAST A LITER OF WATER, sip it through the day. This will keep you hydrated.


If you're lean, 5:2!-- OMAD (one meal a day, 1-2 hour eating window) 5 days a week + 48 hour fast a week
If you're a fatass, FAST UNTIL YOU AREN'T.

You don't have the willpower to fast to death. Now look down. See that large bulbous gut? That's food. Thousands and thousands of calories stored and ready to be consumed by your body.

This is the coolest part about fasting. Your body remains very anabolic when you fast.

"Our results suggest that a fasting program in conjunction with resistance training can decrease fat mass, and maintain muscle mass in resistance-trained males."

>Sugar is more addictive than coke

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not this guy. but when you fail your fast why dont you just binge on broccoli and cucumbers? they will taste amazing after even a 48 hour fast.

>fasted first time for four days
>broke fast last night
>sense of taste dulled beyond belief
>didn't enjoy my pizza
>barely taste my gummy vitamins

Is this normal

Nobody can fast for you ffs, you have to take responsibility for your actions.

It's a choice every time you binge after failing. This time make a conscious effort into what you do when you fail, plan for your failure and execute that plan. Do not lean on willpower, make a plan ahead of time for what is inevitable.

It's real work getting yourself into your own control if you've cast aside responsibility for a long time, but there is no other choice. Make small changes incrementally towards your goal.

For example; calculate a regular meal sized amount of food and prepare it so that it's ready when you need it, make it something that you might enjoy. Set a goal fast, fail after hour x (or complete it even), eat the prepared regular sized meal with plenty of water and nothing else, wait 30min to an hour and see if you're still hungry enough to not be able to control yourself.

Then repeat that same process, maybe even failing the first few times, until you get used to doing it. After you can do it (you're basically doing OMAD or one meal every other day at this point) start spacing out the meals even more until you eat as infrequently as you'd like. Don't run before you can walk. Don't let failure stop you, it'll easily become a habit. Every time you fail START AGAIN.

A tip for "resisting" hunger is to learn to be friends with the sensation. Next time you're hungry, revel in it, meditate on it, become friends with the feeling, purposefully concentrate on how the hunger feels in your stomach. The feeling itself is not objectively unpleasant and the fact that you're feeling it is a testament to the fact that you're closer to your goal. Think of your goal body when you feel it. After a while it ceases to be uncomfortable, it is just a state of being like any other. You will be able to separate the physical feeling of hunger and your ill habits of satiating the "hunger" from another, and learn to not listen to the habits, after all they are not in control.


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That's the gist of the post, plan what you're going to eat when you fail.

Broccoli and cucumbers are a good idea, but binging itself is best defeated with a regular sized or small meal and then waiting until the feeling of "fullness" takes effect and creating a healthy habit out of that.

You "binge" when you answer the call in your mind of "holy shit I'm hungry, gotta eat" and you don't stop when you should as you don't feel full yet, even when you've already eaten enough to sate the hunger. Your mind needs a moment to "catch up" to the amount of food you have in your stomach

That's why it's really good to make a plan or a meal schedule for the occasion of failing a fast. During the meal you could keep eating (binging), but after a while you would feel plenty full with just the planned meal, so aim for that. It also ingrains into you long-term a regular eating habit for a single meal, this is how "normal" healthy people eat.

Your mind and especially eating habits have not been created for this kind of environment of constant food sources, so you have to train yourself to do what you want and not be dependent on the whims of your fickle drives.

TL:dr Binging is just shit habits and need to be fixed for good, not evaded. Fasting becomes easy as you fix your binging problem

I feel flattered that someone copied my post :)

Is it true that fasting makes your skin and lips look better? Anyone got anecdotes about it?

Depends on your skin problem.

My atopic dermatitis got way easier to handle with long term fasting. ( I fast at least once a week for a day and multiple longer fasts every year).

I "dodged" mandatory military service that I really wanted to do because of the atopic dermatitis. Now it's manageable enough for army and I can't go there anymore :( Fucking rip, wish I knew about this beforehand.

My problem is that my skin is oily as shit and get frequent breakouts no matter what treatments and lifestyle changes I do.
Also my lips are dry even after using lip balm.
I heard that dry fasting helps a lot with the dry lips and oily skin but I wanted to hear anecdotes.

seems to help with dry skin at least, don't know about oily.

read thisand maybe this

anyone with knowledge please weigh in. There’s no way I intend to fast down to 115

>you can't be strong while faste---



How short are you?


>212 fat ass
>Down to 196 after a week
Broke my fast today with some fruits and am going on another 7 day fast soon. Thanks /fast/

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God speed

Mate, I was the same height when I started fasting.
I went down to 115 and was lean as fuck, NOT skinny. Then, clean bulking made it go up to 130 in 6 months.
You can do this, it's easy.

How do you guys handle headaches? I get severe headaches from the evening every day while fasting. Goes away next morning though

Fucking lol, you're fasting yourself out of existence.

But for real, you don't have to fast to 115 pounds do you, nobody is forcing you? Just do what you want, nobody can set your goals for you and we don't know what is your end game. If you want to "look good", there's no special need to go that low, but if you want to be exactly 12%bf then 115 pounds it is. Do omad keto or fasting or something until you are where you feel comfortable, you'll make it and plans can be adjusted on the fly. You'll know what you want when you're closer to 115 pounds. See what happens.

You drinking snake juice? You need electrolytes, not much else to it.

Practically a kilo a day, damn user that's pissening.

Great job man.

But yeah, everybody's body is different, I was 5'6 and tiny. What might look good on one person could look horrible on another.
Do it untill you're satisfied with how you look.

nice user. You got the weightloss other CICO for month.

Lol bro I can’t thats too small. It’s not that I don’t think I have the willpower, it’s that I seriously cannot comprhend what life is like sub 120lbs. Like that’s girl weight. I got some belly fat and titties I’d like to see disappear but I also need the weight for my job. I may need to just fast down to like 130 and start lifting hope it levels out eventually.

Fair enough. I think I may just cut until I don’t have tits then lift

This is what ascension looks like.

I lost 60 pounds in 18 months on CICO. I now lost half that in a month, feels good but also shit as I was fed horseshit about fitness when I was younger.

one of my mates is 5'6 127 pounds and he still carried some blubber on him. It's all relative

at least you didn't SS/GOMAD yourself

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Was told bullshit by "professionals". Lost 80lbs so far with fasting and keto.
still some weight to lose but their "methods" and diets never worked on me.

I'm looking to lose as much weight as possible before summer (I'm very very fat). Would it be feasible if I did dry/wet fast alternating every other day? Maybe 2 days dry 1 wet, or would that kill me? I'm ready for extreme measures and willpower isn't a problem. Anyone have experiences on something this stupid?

Thinking of going on a prolonged fast (20 days) im currently 105kg/ 232lbs. my only fear is the refeeding syndrome that affects long fasting

how do i avoid refeeding syndrome seeing as how you are ar risk 10 days from the day you break your fast

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So I thought maybe having some MSG during a water fast would make for some nice taste change, and it being a salt, wouldn't be a problem. However, this study says it does cause an insulin response when taken with glucose. Do you guys think it would be fine to take it and that it won't trigger an insulin response without having anything else?


"Professionals" are there to make money. If you are successful and can continue on your own, they lose that income. So, by their nature, professional trainers and the medical industry don't actually help you. They give you just enough to see it works and then they keep you hooked.

If you don't have the discipline to just eat healthy and make lasting changes you are never going to make it. inb4 it takes so much willpower to stop shoveling food into my fucking face that I am practically a god.

Start with broth and then add something small, preferably no sugars etc. carbs. It's really not that bad, some may even just eat regularly from the start (I do and no problems)

You should try to look as good as possible for summer 2020. Trying to extreme diet down to this summer will only hurt your body and make you gain back the weight after 3 months. Loosing weight is a lifelong changing of habits, not how much you can starve yourself.

Thanks for the sentiment, but I'm just looking to see if it has been done before which could give me some valuable info. I've lost a lot of weight before but recently depression etc. life problems got the best of me and I gained it back, I have a plan and enough knowledge now to stay the same weight when I lose it, but I now just need to lose it again.

I'm going to fast till summer anyway (it isn't my first time, I know how this works), but I was also interested in whether the speed could be augmented with dry fasting in between the water fasts.

I know the idea of regular fasting not being fast enough weight-loss is straight up stupid, but I am interested in the possibility and not afraid of the consequences (to my knowledge there shouldn't even be any)

The summer thing is just that I'm moving cities and starting school so I want to start from a good clean slate, feels shit to be a fatso again so I'm looking to toss that all behind once and for all and a "shortcut" back to a healthy weight which I now know how to maintain is needed.

Hey guys, trying to get into fasting by accident (i.e. no money till the end of the month)
Is having a 400-500kcal meal in a 23:1 fast a bad idea? I'm thinking of doing so for the next 3 days and doing a 24h fast on Friday.
The meals are just chicken + veggies.

I'd just go all in until Friday. I've done that kind of thing before, so I know how easy it really is. If you haven't had that experience it may be daunting.

115 is pretty tiny. That's the smallest weight division for women's UFC and they sure as hell aren't as tall as you. I'd say 135 is a good number to shoot for, but it depends on your body

If you'd have to eat only that little, don't eat at all instead. It might not feel intuitive, but it's way easier on you to not eat than to eat a little.

Thanks bruv. I feel like it’s too small as well

I have to visit my wife's family (inb4 larp) out of town and that kind of thing always comes with big meals.

I can probably go about 36 hours between meals for the week that I'm there, am I wasting my time trying to fast for that short of a time vs. simply eating with a deficit?

Why worry about it now? Continue to approach your goal. Continue evaluating as you go. When you are closer, you'll have better data with which to make better decisions.

any advice/tips you can give?

Actually I feel encouraged by doing the 23:1 today and I'd like to go full fast, I just don't want to waste the food.

Is it gonna cause more hunger or less effects? If former, then I don't mind I guess.

I'll still be going to the gym on those days btw.

Posted this in the previous thread, but it didn't get answered so posting again.

I'm doing OMAD everyday while lifting every other day. Should I fast while not lifting? I've gained about 4lbs (dry) since I started about a month ago. I'm worried that fasting on rest days might hurt my gains.

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I’m just gonna do OMAD as far as possible when I visit my family over Easter. It’s the best holiday in terms of food, at least where I’m from, so I’m going to enjoy myself without going completely overboard.

My only issue is I work in LE so the weight I have is actually useful for me despite it being fat atm. Obviously I’d like to trade it but I’m afraid to get down that low then have to wrestle

how does a fatty fast?

what supps do i need

how much do you weigh

Read the sticky dickhead

literally just don't eat. why overcomplicate it

It should be less hunger if you don't eat at all.

I weigh 280 pounds

I know I said very very fat in the original post, but I forgot this was a USA based website.

you are, though

Hmm... I thought It'd be about the average American. :D

I'm 6'4 so it isn't like I'm a ham planet the width of my own height, but yes i'm very very fat.

no, this is completely opposite. when i fast, everything tastes like heaven

Snake juice prevents refeeding syndrome.

I just learned that the taste wasn't worth it. The taste is still good or even better, but I always have in mind the amount of effort and time it would take to repair the damage to my physique.

Right on. Will the food keep until Friday? Several days at 0 cal with one day at 2000 > 4 days at 500 cal

will fasting cause any problems with someone who has fatty liver? Common sense tells me it would be a good thing

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So I'm about 5 lbs to lose before I hit my goal. I havent thought of what to do afterwards. Do I keep fasting or no?

yeah, why not? Incorporate it into your routine. Fast once a week or some shit

is it the lack of sodium or potassium that gives headache?


Started my first 24 fast today and I have had:
>2 cups coffee
>many cups water
>one cup of water I put in 3 pinches of sea salt for dat dere sodium

Am I doing it right?

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no it doesn't you dumb fuck

When you go back to carbs you'll hold more water. It depends on body type, but to be at goal weight on carbs will likely require getting 5 to 10 lb under goal weight on keto/fasting. Once you're there, it's maintenance via omad, 5:2, or whatever works for you!

your body wanted nutrients and was like wtf is this garbage.

I'll start fasting tomorrow. What can you tell me about calcium and bones? Is a multivitamin enough?

You dont need any of that for a 24 hour stint besides the water

I think you're overdoing it for 24h fast.

That was the plan, I was shooting to level off at 150 so I was gonna take myself to 140 just to give myself that leeway. Thanks

you don't need a multivitamin

Can I take potassium caplets instead of diluting it in my water for longer fasts?

I haven't eaten anything all day. I'm having some serious trouble- should I just do 18:6 or 23:1 intermittent? I'm not even high bodyfat- six feet tall, gym rat, I look skinny, just a bit of a gut you can still see my abs through.

No, just push through it, pussy. It'll get easier

how do i make snake juice
ive been googling but they all seem like memes

just broke 30 hours of fasting
first time i did it in my life, i think the initial hypoglicemia hit me a bit too hard

going for 48 the next time
im 1.80 and 70 kgs

Yeah, I took long walks everyday to burn some extra calories. Dont do any high intensity cardio or youll just burn lean muscle mass. I was also taking cold showers all week and I assumed that helped.

How am I supposed to take my 3-a-day vitamins if I only eat one meal a day?

really shouldn't be talking shit you fat waste of life


Any muscular dudes on Coles Face book group?

I've done some OMADs and even a 36 but fuck muscle takes forever to build and Im skeeree

The funny thing is that it wasn't really even shit talking. Where I'm from it's super rare to see someone 280 pounds and in the US it's really common, even normal in places.

Fatties like to pretend they have a sense of humor, but it's all deflection and lashing out at others to protect themselves from criticism.

How the fuck do you "take" 4700mg of Potassium without greens? Is potassium chloride powder the only option?

You could just let yourself be deficient for a while.

ended a 60 hour fast about a day and a alf ago, am i still tired and weak after it...

gonna do OMAD now with 3x hours in the weekend from now on

>unironically got some of my coworkers into fasting
>got them eating salt today
>gave them resources to look at
>we joke about how people don't even need to eat

Fasting is boosting all aspects of my life apparently, and I'm on day 3/7. We're all gonna make it.

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You seem pretty mad about something really minor man :DD. How would one need to handle criticism in your opinion? I don't think having a sense of humor protects you really.

>3x hours

What do you mean,

He is saying he'll fast for 180 hours every weekend. Pretty simple really.

30 something hours... like 36 hours, but could be anything else in the thirties

You're never going to change if you never admit you're wrong.
fat ass.

Wrong about what though? You "lashed out" at a random guy on the internet about nothing really and now are giving life advice. Amerifat