Dream Girl Thread

I'll start with pic related - also post your favourite deadlift accessory exercise

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I have blond hair and blue eyes but would flush down these genes for this.

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Is she Venezuelan? I was hanging out with a girl for a little bit that looks a lot like her.

fight for the blondes

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the only better looking girl on the internet is Ukrainian flag cheek girl who has mysteriously disappeared from Google images

Neck curls.

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Short hair girls are best girls

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used to have that pic, but not anymore

Is this Grace Victoria Cox? She doesn't look nearly as pretty in her other google images.

found her on Bing

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holy fuck.

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If I could only meet her I'd let her know how I feel...

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Perfection... God she's beautiful

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>horse slut
>chugging horse sperm
Yup thats the dream

>tfw she doesn't know i exist

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As far as I know she is shepardic jew.
Anyhow, cute face, black hair and very dark eyes does things to me

Redhead Master race.
>Girls with eyepatches

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I'm worried I'm going to be too old before I feel comfortable enough to start looking for a girl. Maybe finding a girl first and then trying to become comfortable together is the right option though. I'm 25 and can't even just drink water and workout every day, I can't drive, I'm not healthy enough to be a good partner right now.

iktf bro. I'm 28 but feel 10 years behind mentally.

Literally this girl.

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Enji Night. I lift for qt weeb chicks.

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Considering size of my qt folder I might have a problem

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oh my god who is this?

These threads will make you even more miserable lonely cucks than you are now. You should never put a woman on a pedestal if you want to have a relationship.

Dumping my folder

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You want to date a teenage boy, don't you. Admit it.

Come to Denmark, this is what 70% of the common girls look like here. But I warn you, they are terribly feminist.

I don't know. I wrote her a song though.
She was gorgeous, she was boyish, she had an impish smirk.
Her eyes told lies, she dressed like one of the guys, and when she winked it hurt.
She was my world for about twelve seconds, when I clicked that web-m.
If I could have lived with her forever, my dick would definitely extend.

I'd ask her out, to the park, in the spring, the trees with budding leaves.
She'd never guess, as we talked, that it was just to see her sneeze.
And in the winter I would hold her, to feel her shiver in my arms.
And in the summer you can find us visiting the country, well be fucking in the barn.

I fell in love with a girl in a web-m.
Someone I'd never meet.
She was so cute that I'd call her a godsend.
Though we'll never speak.

In twenty years, we'd have three kids, and a house of our own.
And on the couch, I could vouch, that we'd definitely bone.
Our son would visit home from college and see us rolling on the floor.
Caught in the act, like two kids, our faces both beat red, and he's seen it before.

I swear to god, to the father, the son, and the holy ghost.
That if there ever was a path to heaven, its through her, because you love her most.
She clearly is your greatest creation, she is your pride and joy.
I'd even make a bargan with the Devil, just to be her toy.

I fell in love with a girl in a web-m.
Someone I'd never meet.
She was so cute that I'd call her a godsend.
Though we'll never speak.

I fell in love with a girl in a web-m.
And I'd like to repeat.
That I'd like to live with her forever.
And I wish that we could speak.
If I ever could get a way to find her,
I would change my life.
If I could get this gift of god to love me.
I swear she'd be my wife.


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>I fell in love with a girl in a web-m.
>And I'd like to repeat.


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>you, white man with Aryan features
>her, a literal Jew
Sounds like forbidden fruit, like a kid who hates his mom but jacks it to momcest

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t. Roodypoo

>Horse has semi in bottom pic
She just jerked him didn't she

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How else would she get her protein? Think, man.

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I'm glad I could make you anons happy with that.

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>And on the couch, I could vouch, that we'd definitely bone.
particularly choice line here user

hon. mention to 'my dick would definitely extend'

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