Shes gone bro, move on already

>Shes gone bro, move on already.

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asian girls are so ugly though

when i sense that a girl isnt really that into me i take the nuclear option and ask them if they want to be fwbs. when i get outright rejected i forget about them in a few days, but if they dont reject me i still cling onto hope. i suggest you do something similar to this if you have oneitis. make her reject you and your ego will do the forgetting for you

jews did this.

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This. Light skin with milk dub nips are a terrible combo.

>hockey players


>hurr but whites r superiur look at civilzatin all whites did this
>fucken jews ruinning everythign

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>hurr but whites r superiur
>the best shysters in the world are white
really makes you think.

>jews are white


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>Asian girls are ugly
>Never fucked one before

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Yeah, in photos they look cute but in video they seem kind of unnatural and almost creepy. Half asians tho shiee

Plus they’ll give you autistic school shooter children

>Half asian
I see you're a man of culture.


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Looks like a M&B character

god whoever put a child in that is fucking blessed

pray it’s not a darkie

there's no way the new york rangers have 3 black guys on their roster.

Kek, the point of the photo was that shes going to do her own thing, you need to move on and accept you got played by a thot. You were just another conquest for her.

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My thoughts exactly. Why didn’t the artist just use the Knicks? What an odd choice.

Fuck it, maybe some of you bros can give advice. I met a girl a couple of days ago while travelling, we clicked and now I can’t stop thinking about her. She’s just flown to Bangkok and I forgot to get her contact details, and I can’t find her anywhere online. I’ve got a first name, age and old universities, what’s the best way to find her? Help me bros, you’re my only hope.

>pursuing a woman

Why do they antagonize guys with big cocks?

>post a meme about thots
>people start debating about the teams


I had a korean gf for a few months. She was a qt in the evening, but hideous in the morning.

Shes going to bangkok to bang some cocks. In another country she can get away with all the repressed sexual shit that goes around in her head all day that she cant get away with in America.

Just forget about her and move on, don't ever waste your life on random women

God i wish i was the father

Forgot to say, she lives in Bangkok because of work, I only met her because she was on a visa run.

I’m going to Bangkok in a few weeks anyway, I was hoping to meet/potentially bang her while I was there.

Well yeah because he chose hockey players and then specifically depicted them as black. It was just a strange choice.


Qt pi
Tightest vagoos
Low rates of STDs
Lowest average number of partners
Giggles when you make a joke
Melts when you give her an Eskimo kiss

You forgot that most of them are starfish in bed

How do you ask to be fwb, just outright? Does it ever work

Wasn't this the plot to forrest gump tho

What do you have to lose in that case?

This is so fucking creepy holy fuck why are you like this?

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Shi.t man just regular insecurity haunts me with it. What will people around me think etc. Not much bugs me but who I associate with does

She's never gone if she never existed to begin with.

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They're white in the original coming but this is Veeky Forums so obviously they're black now.

Nice Chinese girl.

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They're canadian.

Lost it

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just forget about her nigger, by tracking her down you make it impossible to fuck her because it's creepy as fuck

Nice, so you can teach her sex and how to enjoy her body. Fantastic

I feel like most of Veeky Forums would want to be in the girl's place

Married to some virgin who was shot down by another girl?

asian girls are at least just as promiscious as white girls, especially in the US

t. a european who has fucked 3 asian girls

Thats why you get yourself an authentic one. My girlfriend is from China and im also her first. I had to teach her but because of her culture she really tries to please. They have white boi fever over there

In the Asian girls place, absolutely. To be a swole domestic goddess raising strong beautiful children is the dream, user.

They do. Girls of Asian heritage but western culture are just like western girls, but real Asian girls are a dream between the sheets.

but asian girls who are actually from asia tend to be so fucking retarded and clueless, plus they have disgusting habits

the most disturbing part of this is the fact that whoever made this is so socially inept they don't realize that niggers don't play hockey. literally there are like 2 niggers in all of the NHL, it's the most whitewashed sport there is. i don't think there's ever been a nig on the new york rangers.

The only thing ive noticed is that theyre a bit of neat freaks. But the kicker is they do all the work themselves, they bitch at you and make you do it while they sit on the couch getting fatter and complaining because they think its just from having a kid. Not the pint of ice cream they eat everyday. Im fine with the clueless, the fact that theyre kinda needy means they will always need you and try to keep you around.

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Sounds like you only met country girls or something.

Just like how the rural, low population density areas of America are full of the stupidest hicks going, same with China.

they dont bitch at you lol, wish i could edit my post.

i mostly met chinese as exchange students in melbourne australia or when i was in the US on exchange where there were some too... they were like aliens to me

based strat


>but asian girls who are actually from asia tend to be so fucking retarded and clueless, plus they have disgusting habits

>I had to teach her

So, have you ever had an untainted fresh pussy, and when they do learn all they know is you so whats to lose.

• subjective
• r/incels misses you lad
• wrap your dick
• why are you so insecure?
• "evry1 in skool is dummer than me xDDdD"
• try actually being funny
• stop being such a faggot

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>have you ever had an untainted fresh pussy
I don't use /r9k/-tier autist language, but yes.

Most are but that can be said for every race

milk truk arriv

wots dis