No matter how much you work out you will never look like this. What's the point?

No matter how much you work out you will never look like this. What's the point?

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No matter how hard you work, you'll never have Bill Gates money.

No matter how much you work out you will never become the sole commander of the universe. What's the point?

Dios Mio La Creatura

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No matter how much you study you will never be Einstein. What's the point?

he made it

Stop posting my picture you creeps.

You are not gonna make it

No matter how much you work out, you will never become a Navy Seal sniper, have the enemy in your sights, get the JFK shot, the pink mist.

>Never improve
>Never be the best version of yourself
>Never gonna make it

Is this some sort of meme I don't know about? This guy is 8/10 at best. Good-looking, sure, but hardly intimidatingly so.

Jesus christ why do people have to cope so much? He can get ANY girl he wants with a click of a finger. He's also 6'3". I fuck plenty of girls but I can still admit he's a god

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imagine actually spending time and effort to post this

holy fuck, look at those skin gains
we out boys

I don’t even know who this guy is. I feel like that’s probably a good thing.

He’s pretty but not masculine at all. Remember this dude is in his 30s.

to self improve

Looks like he's got some ingrown neck hair. There's still hope for me guise.

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>not masculine
lmfao, cope.
>inb4 height =/= masculinity
2018 people still think you need to be a robust chad thundercock to make it.

I legit can rival this fucking guy, just need to looksmaxx for like a month longer

whoever the faggot on this board is who sucks this guys dick is, needs to stop. He is nothing special, he shouldnt even be a model. Looks like thats typical who would be considered attractive but not anything above an 8/10

You're right, thank god I do work out then. I don't wanna be a twink.

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Now this is cope

He's one of the highest paid models. Explain

Most female models aren't what men's ideals are unless you're a closet homo. Same for this guy, he's a low test twink that attracts "women" with fucked up hormones. Any legit high test man is of higher value.

Oh no, he can only get PTP and not some 30 y.o. single mom roastie, how will he live

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And yet he looks 19

He'll be slaying JB until he's 60

Nah dude I think he has a good balance of masculine and fem features. It's his balance that sets him apart

honestly cutting is the only thing i need to do to look like that
>mfw i do everything but cutting

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