Good feels thread

Just asked out a girl that works with me. She declined, but I'm still proud of myself for having the confidence to risk rejectiin in the first place. Is this what making it feels like?

Also: what are you training today? For me it's chest.

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Drank some coffee and took a nap, I woke up and felt like pic related, I'm also starting my herb garden to learn on how to grow plants and start being more self-sufficent. I have to go to work in about 26 minutes but at least I'm going in on a good mood
>mostly leg day, back acne kind of killed my squats, did 20 sit-ups, and 8 clap push ups and 2-3 pullups just for the hell of it. Doing Chest and Arms tommorow, and back and shoulders near the end of the week

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>Wahh it’s so hard to eat food which my body instinctively want to do :(((


Was doing squats today, just got up to 5 reps on 2pl8 and was going back down. Set myself 12 reps at 50% of my max, got to 8 reps and then recalled a quote from Arnold about surpassing the pain barrier to make it, pushed through and got 4 more reps to finish.

>ust asked out a girl that works with me
don't do that again

>caring what coworkers think about you

Spot the spineless beta.

God what i would do to fuck Octavian, reading about Rome gave me wayy too many fetishes that cant even be fulfilled, just end my shit, Rome was a mistake.

Found this the other day on my internet folder... I needed to read it again.

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Kek faggot


>not falling for Theodora, the great empress of eastern roman empire who single handedly stopped a civil war and was known as the sexiest creature at the time

It's not about the co-workers you donut.

>Caring about THOTdora and JUSTinian
>Not Belisarius
Tfw never marry Belisarius, tfw always stay by his side and never cuck him, tfw have and raise his children, tfw love him, tfw all i can do is think of rome and try to lose weight for my Veeky Forumsbandos.

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Don't shit where you eat

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>fat acceptance faggots are trying to take this feeling of success away from people


Literally why

Unless you are a partner at a big law firm or some shit what the fuck do you have to lose?

>"""eastern roman empire"""
into the trash it goes

It's the difference between fatties and hungry skellies.
skellies are retards who whine about needing to eat.
fatties are retards who whine about eating too much.
Both have a hard time fixing their eating habits
Both whine about how the other has it easier.
Both should kill themselves.

Unironically I've been with like 3 girls at work and it's never been a problem.

If you're both mature enough and handle things like a fucking grown up I don't see the issue.

It is a risky move nonetheless. It could work, but I have little faith in most women. If you slip up and end up with a crazy bitch, it could really make your life sour at work.

Had my first "real" strongman training day. Older guy who's competed for a long time even going to nationals as a master's and a younger, new guy. I destroyed the arm over arm pull, which I have a lot of practice even the older guy was taking tips from me. I or owned by the circus dumbbell, pressing is already my weakest area plus the awkward implement and a high weight (he only had 100lbs) made it very unpleasant. I could clean it ok but couldn't press it. Did really good on the stones, never worked above 150 before but destroyed 190 and was able to do 240. Shit ripped up my belly though. Really excited to be able to train for real and with people too now.

True, if you're not to the point that you can identify and avoid the crazies then I'd advise against it

But that can be said for any place that you routinely frequent and you gotta meet someone somewhere

I'm lifting chest today too. Shooting for a new pr on incline. Hit 175 for reps last week, going for 185 today.