You have exactly 10 seconds to post a better physique than mine

You have exactly 10 seconds to post a better physique than mine.

Pro tip: you can't.

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Your arms are too big lad

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show us your legs faggot

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Hey what's his blood pressure you think?

No they're not.


See pic related, "faggot".

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Can you run 100m without stopping to catch your breath? Also, judging by how often this post is made....either this is a shitpost or you are desperate for attention/validation

I'm not desperate for attention, I just want to show off my gains. You idiots always say negative shit though, so I have to back it up.

Well here's my opinion:
Your physique isn't that impressive. You look like you can pick up some heavy stuff and move it around. Big deal. On the flip side, I can guarantee your heart is suffering and that you have the aerobic capacities of a wheelchair-bound diabetic. In other words, you don't look healthy

Get out roiding phaggot.


I don't use roids you fucking idiots.

How tall are you?
What's wrong with your head?

Other than that, not bad. I'm sure you get some thicc bitches

>When his height starts with 4

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Trying to go for the swimmer mode

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You don't.
The guy in the OP clearly does.

Did you train at Westside? If not, why are you wearing the shirt?

Because it's a nice shirt? Idk why does it even fucking matter?

Disgusting. Do you sit and lay down 23 hours a day? Use your body

you say that as if hes 300 pounds. Just a normal skinny fat dude. Fast achievments incoming if he'd be trying for real

>too big
No such thing. Get the fuck off my board, soyboy.

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everyone laugh at the roiding manlet. are you even over 5'4 bro? lmfao

You’ll never be bigger than the blacksmith in Wand of Gamelon

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Boy you look like an average boy who lifts and has a considerable amount of body fat. Nothing special. Congrats bud you’re strong but not aesthetic

>Mom I'm not fat, I'm a "powerlifter" physique

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ITT: give me validation

You're a fucking retard, congrats.

rate me guys

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>zipper abs
>babby arms
>no chest
>pubic facial hair

Mirin traps

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when did the Veeky Forums i knew turn into this barrel of crabs? you dyel fuckers hating on literally anyone with more gains than you are the worst thing to happen to this board in its history. look at this dumb motherfucker ; he's so fucking envious and pathetic that he looks for the most unlikely, pathetic shit to criticise in order to justify his total lack of gains (themselves the purpose of this entire fucking board).

why are you chumps here?


you objectively look worse. guaranteed

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when exactly is someone a manlet? i am 5'11" (180cm)

Anyone under 5'9"

Well I'm mirin bruh. What's your workout?

>t. 5'10 manlet

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You have the opposite proportions of a bobblehead.

Dude comes in sucking his own cock and expects others to jump in too. Maybe if posted on a current body thread he'd get real responses, but instead he thought he was so special that he deserved his own thread. What a faggot

Arent you that guy thats like 5'0?

I think it was 2.5 plates tall

> roiding for this

Someone get a height estimate based off the size of his phone

daily reminder if you have an ugly face you will never make it

It goes like this friend.

guess which two of those you lack.

He is a turbomanlet based on the dimensions of an iPhone 6/7/8 Plus

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Lmao hrs like 4 feet tall

combine that with

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Manlet exposed ahahahaahahahah

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Go home Brad.

You look like shit you fucking roidmonkey

>5pl8 with wraps


[screeching laughter]

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all those roids won't fix your face