You will never be fondled and drawn by Satania

>you will never be fondled and drawn by Satania
Why even lift?

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idk what ur talking about dude but anime is for literal faggots kys lol

you do know what this site is dedicated to, right?

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That anime looks well underage
Are you a pedophile?

>he doesn't know who bestania is
It's over, kid.

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they are not real ROFL. Somebody get this faggot some pussy asap

Not him but come on. Just looking at OP's screencap, I'm embarrassed that you guys watch this garbage.

this is Veeky Forums you weaboo faggot, take your faggoty childrens cartoons elsewhere
again, kys lol

>take your anime off of my anime image site
Im tired of this bait

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>complaining about anime on an anime based website
The surge of newfags from pol is so cancer holy shit

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I can absolutely guarantee there are many live action shows that are more worthwhile than whatever stupid crap OP posted.

>flavour of the year(?) waifu

Then go find one of the billions of forums out there that gives a fuck about live action trash you faggot.


>Veeky Forums - Fitness

>Upon passing a school in heaven, graduating angels are sent down to Earth, where they must learn about humans and guide them towards the correct path in order to become true angels. However, Gabriel White Tenma, the top angel in her class, becomes addicted to video games upon arriving on Earth and turns into a complete slob as a result. The story follows Gabriel, along with other angels and demons who have descended to Earth, as they attend high school.

Jesus fucking Christ. It's so embarrassing that you watch this.

Why do you leave the comfort of reddit to come here and get upset at people posting anime? It makes no sense.

>Veeky Forums
Really makes me think

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user, Veeky Forums is an anime site and has been since that glorious little queen moot created it.
Did you skip the hundred banners that flash anime?
The thousand shots of Yotsuba& when a thread 404s?

I'm more embarassed by the fact that you think you're cool for shitting on anime. That you're an actual adult who is that concerned about fucking maturity on this kind of website.

The fuck? Oh and yeah that sounds bad, but not because of the medium, but because of the premise of the work within the medium.

t. /pol/ user

>Satania posters

Just go to pol or r/thedonald or something, and make sure never to come back

Yeah I'm sure I'm really missing out some deep, thought-provoking stories. Stop watching this crap, you dorks.

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>Forgot picture

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>Oh wow a single anime has a story which i dont find intresting, better get mad at anyone who watches any anime

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>unironically watching anime past the age of 12

lmaoing at your life

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Slice of life anime is across the board terrible.

When you get older you'll probably realize that people like what they like and that is ok as long as it doesn't hurt anybody. Let people do what makes them happy even if you don't quite understand it.

Or you'll continue to be emotionally stunted and judgmental, I've seen that too.

Anime is fine here, just not smugposters, or anyone on a discord with an anime profile pic