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Am I balding or is it just a mature hairline coming in? I am 22. Hair is still thick at the hairline itself.

Help me

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dunno man, do you have any before photos as a teenager?

its over for you

lets see ur crown


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hard to say, watch ur crown and hairline

ive had this hairline since i was like 16 and it hasnt changed

You are a goner man

My hair looked like yours, just rogaine it now to stop it if it is receding. Mine has even come back a little bit, it'll take time so be patient.

yeah youre losing a bit in your temple area

take propecia if you want a good chance to stop it in its tracks

I've been putting minoxidil daily on there for the last 2.5 months but it has progressed slowly.

Is there a chance of regaining it if i add finastride (propecia) to the mix? My forehead is fucking massive I'll never stop being an incel if I lose my hair.

If you have to ask if you're balding, you're not balding.

Have the same, went to trichologist, said it´s normal, lvl 0 of balding. Unless you are lvl.1-2 it´s not balding.

Minoxidil is supposed to take months to take effect. And no, no regrow, only woman are able to regrow hair. Dead follicles are dead, unless you transplant.

Guys Today I just buzzcutted myself

Im not sure what to feel.
>I dont have good beard as in its not dense
>balding on the front and a little in the crown
>5'8'' manlet
>Max STR so no visible abs
Dubs decide how I become an hero

Isla Vista Rampage 2: Electric Boogaloo

>mature hairline
there is no such thing buddy
shave it, we welcome you into the jason-stathem community

duasteride and spironolactone will help w/ some hair regrowth

>>my hairline at 38
kek I'm not even worried.

bad news user your will be bald in the next 10 years, its not a bad thing tho in the long run you will look more mature and badass with a smooth 8ball so just embrace it. but i do feel your pain im on the same road and aslong as you have good facial hair genes your better than golden

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same, I'm 29 now, I've always been told I have a receding hairline but my crown is fine and there's been no change whatsoever

also forgot to say im just 21

Get on fin and pray to Lord Brotzu. We will have more info on Brotzu lotion in less than 3 weeks

Minoxidil is wierd in that your hair will thin out and then come in thicker

Keep applying, you'll be good

nice boob gains

I didn't know guys started worrying about hair in their early 20s kek


Mine started receding at 17

>thick nw1 at 28
>father went costanza mode in his early 20s

Did I luck out or should I be worried

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Time to cacoon mode, lifting weights, trading crypto. You’ll come a beautiful, rich, bald butterfly

being bald is a sign of high test. low test means more hair

I think mine might be receeding. And im only 18. Am i fucked?

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Nice try Cryptostein
Crypto is a gains goblin. Holding doesn't work in 2018 and day trading is gay

This looks perfectly normal to me. I get that everyone itt is trying to troll but isn’t this what everyone’s normal hairline is like?

i know its easier said than done, but genuinely if you worry about it the more it will recede. Take action and move on my man

nah brah hair loss is X linked so look at your moms side of the family. if your maternal grandpa, uncles, etc. went bald then you're fucked

i'd be more worried about those forehead wrinkles bucko

You're basically already bald. Shave it off, that's embarrassing.

ahahahahahah got to be bait

Looks alright to me

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Honestly these hairlines are perfectly normal though you should keep an eye on them if they recede any further.
If they do recede further then start dermarolling and applying minoxidil or peppermint oil. Also make sure to keep stress low and get your cardio and vitamins and such.
If that doesn't work then consider hopping on fin or shaving it off.

You’re fine. Veeky Forums is filled with weirdos that want to be ageless babyfaces their whole lives so they never go out in the sun.

I have had that hairline since I was born, no idea why looks odd as shit

Is that semen in your hair?

>receding hairline
>take propecia
>kills libido
>orgasms dull and almost pleasureless
>hair loss doctor tells me to wait a few years before hair transplant


I guess I'll stop taking it and just hope I lose it faster so I can get a transplant. Kill me.

Just shave your head man. Nothing is more pathetic than a balding guy like you trying to hide it. Man up.

That person was just being nice to you. You are definitely balding to the point that it can no longer be reversed.

Grow a beard shave your head get jacked women that aren’t little girls prefer MANLY aggression looking men not the soyboys with combovers

That's really not that bad, man. You're fine.

I am 18 years old. My hairline has always been fucked, seems to have gotten worse in the past several months.

Forgot pic

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This is my situation. My dad was bald at 25, ive got a funky hairline but its been that way since i was 20, turning 30 next week. Ive got crowns and cowlicks and all sorts though, i got fucked with hair genetics


>tfw almost every male from mother's side is bald
>yet here I am still with a full head of long hair
What now niggers.


I have plenty of money, what's the best way to inconspicuously bring my hair back? What procedure do i have to look out for? A lot of them seem like they shave everything off and then regraft some shit making it look super obvious. I just want to thicken my hair back up before it looks super obvious I'm balding.

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propecia and Rogaine retard

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You're just getting your adult hairline. Chill out.

fug that shit, I want actual solutions, not that shit where if you fuck up your routine you lose your hair a lot faster. I have money for real solutions, I don't want applications or drugs that might not work at all.

The beginning of the end. I'm so sorry, you will find a way my friend.

Receding doesn't always mean balding. Most of the guys in my family have a lot of hair but have recessions; they're not always connected. Pic related is me, you'll get recessions with age and it's just kind of how life works.

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Lost around 80lbs so far and have been hitting the gym. Should I keep the receding hair how it is until it's too gone, grow it out to some sort of sleaze-core or buzz it? I know the correct answer is buzz it but I think I need some severe bullying by you guys to convince me.

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Here is what I look like with I think a #3 all around, plus my glasses, minus my beard. Probably going to keep the beard desu and I hope it makes the buzz look better

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The answer is always "buzz it", lad. No-one is looking at you and thinking "that dude totally still has hair" and, weirdly, growing out that wispy shit just makes you look ten years older, like some comfortable married dude who doesn't have to make an effort.

Buzz it.

Don't buzz it, it honestly doesn't even look bad on you with the beard and all. Just rogaine it to keep it where it is and you're golden

TFW these are the people that visit Veeky Forums...

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My dad hit Norwood 2.5 at 18 and it hasn't budged since. Still has a full head of thick hair.

Some people just don't have chad hairlines user.
I'm 25 and have had a similar hairline as you for 10 years. To take mindless hysteria out of the equation I started measuring the distance between a scar and the beginning of the hairline, and it's been the exact same for 6 years now.

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Then get a transplant

you look much better with a buzzed head

almost every guy is receding at the temples. very few men have a perfectly straight hairline.

looks fine

OP I think we might be brothers
separated at birth. If you didn't have that mole I would honestly think that was a picture of me. We even have the same shitty hairline

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HCell, fly to South Korea

OP, you have male pattern baldness, 100%. You can tell because in the front, in addition to the recession, your hairlines is gradually losing its angle and rounding off. In the second pic, although it is very faint, you can see the beginnings of loss.

So although it's bad news, you can really keep it at a good level if you work on it now.

Check out Harklinikken. It's a little expensive, but likely the best you can get. Don't bother with Rogaine, you'll likely just ruin your scalp.

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dont do this. literal bullshit.

What do you want? Do you ever stop to wonder what the fuck you are doing with your life seeking anonymous validation?

you're definitely balding but I've personally have seen much worse.

i dont know, i just wanted to fill the thread. more pics = better thread

u look awesome buzz that shit

You can go bald literally whenever. There's no "safe zone"

Dw op, i'm more fucked then you and i have no idea what i can do about it accept comb it so that i don't look like a balding 23 year old

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are you on meds?

I had my test checked and its quite high (800) but nobody in my family is bald so I guess its the test? My life is not stressful

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Is there anything that actually works?

Was looking online but every hairgrow product looked like a scam or there was lot of forum FUD

drop the glasses and keep that shit shaved. look way better

>widows peak at 25
>only person in entire family (on mom and dads side) that shows signs of balding
>also only one that lifts weights an ungodly amount, takes creatine/whey daily

Price you pay for gains I guess.

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How long do i have left?

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Might just be a maturing hairline like OP. No way to tell



Holy fuck shave your facial hair and you would be Saitama.

I'm actually Jealous. I would walk around in a yellow jumpsuit with a cape if I were you.

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Thats exactly why i wont shave it. I need some definition.

it's over

based lord brotzu poster

Well I hope that goes bald too.