"That guy" general

>That early 30's guy who still goes to the gym

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>that late 20's guy who still goes to the gym

It was over before it even began, buddy...

>that guy that wears fingerless gloves

That will be me in a few years. I swear, an anti-ageing cure would remove 90% of our mental suffering

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>that guy whos balding in his early 20s
literally me

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>That guy who lifts his knees up on the benchpress to try to hide the half-boner

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>that guy who gets mogged by people older than him

>that guy who brings his own barbell to the gym

> That guy who quarter reps

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>that guy who hates on people who are trying to improve themselves
kill yourself

>an anti-ageing cure would remove 90% of our mental suffering
So would growing a pair.

just shave your head grow facial hair and move on you gopnik

i dont care desu, I'm rocking a power donut

I don't get it. Are you supposed to stop going to the gym at a certain age?

>that guy who doesn't get the point of that guy threads

Yep, at the age you die

I'll bite.
then tell us please for we don't know anything, what should a man in his early 30's do instead?

>that early twenties guy that looks older than an early thirties guy

same guy?

Yeah, older people working out are pathetic. Why would you care about your body when your face is wrinkling, your hair is falling off and younger girls wont even look at you.

I looked like I was 25 since I was 14. I still look the same over 2 decades later.

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When you’re old as fuck just bang milfs are you trolling or something?

It's over for us. user. I'm only waiting to bang a 6+/10, ride Panigale V4 and drive Rimac C_Two. Even if just two of those and I'm gonna neck myself.

Did Robert take your girl or something user? Who hurt you?

I am going to lift till I am so old that my body is no longer capable of it.

I know that exact feel

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Most 20 year old girls will fuck a 30 year old married guy before touching a guy younger than 25.

> That faggot who keeps making this same thread

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>that guy thay brings his slut GF to the gym.
>that guy that throws hard looks at you immdietly after she throws you some mires

I swear to god its a joke they do on purpose to mess with people.


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> implying young girls want anything other than mature, confident dick

lmao incel faggot, dyel?

I'm probably going to look hardly different after another 20 years as well going by the men on both sides of my family. Then I'll turn into old man winter by 65.

If I haven’t made it in 10 years (34) I will give up entirely. Not sure if I’d ever kill myself but I won’t waste time trying to make it anymore

neets dont want to accept that male market value rises as they mature and acquire careers and capital

>that guy who keeps sneaking out plates under his sweatshirt

switching to baggy tracksuit

It's the newsest epic meme

> that guy who goes to the gym do his entire workout and does not leave with his shirt completely soaked in sweat

>that guy that does lying side lateral raises

you're gay, we get it

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>That DYEL that leaves the gym in a soaked shirt everyday.

>that guy who's twice as wide as the second buffest guy in the gym and has a prison tattoo

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>that guy that works out for hours with an insane amount of volume to the point that he's doing 1/8th of a rep after his 30th drop set and has had to change his clothes at least once
I'm worried about that guy.

>that early 30s guy who covers his ears when a police or ambulance siren drives by

Fucking pa thet ic

lel if you actually believe this....

>that old man who works out in proper trousers and a polo shirt and does golf-swings with the dumbells
i know winter has been long, but you'll get to go out on the court soon

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>basing your entire life off of HURRRR BENIS IN BAGINA

>that guy who goes to the gym at like 4am

Good luck, buddy. 10 years goes by real fast.

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>that guy who lifts more than you but looks significantly worse than you
I kek every time I see him

Incorrect. NEETs are the failures in their 20s who think that in 10 years they'll suddenly be desirable.

>That 20-something, ugly kid trying too hard to get pussy, little does he know he'll never make it.

it can be both
neets have many delusions aboue achieving impossible things while remaining neets

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>that guy with a mega hot GF, that can't help but hit on every women he lays eyes on.

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>that one 2 meter tall super-swole-yet-in-good-shape guy who outlifts everyone and has a beautiful face and a beautiful gf cardio-bunny

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there's two of these of these guys at my gym and both of their girlfriends are conventionally beautiful but not model-tier like the guys
I think they're on to something

>How to trigger insecure old farts

>that guy who uses nothing but free weights

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never gonna make it

>that guy who comes and talks to you while you're working out AND wearing earbuds

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Mental gains don't reverse ageing signs, lowering testosterone, and being considered "too old" for many fun youth activities.

I wish I were born in the future where we could stop ageing at like 20, you could live the university life over and over, and cycle different careers through the decades

The chad jock from my primary school days started balding. Saw him back in our hometown a year ago at a shop. He looks like the /sp/ meme NFL guy Peyton Manning with a huge fivehead. Probably around 28 like I was

I'm so happy, he was a bully

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>that guy who keeps glancing at you for some reason

stop looking at me you annoying faggot

make fun of me all you want , but my hands are SMOOTH

>ywn be like this

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this guy is way better looking than the girl, does that somehow reverse him back into betaness

Why does that picture exist

>that guy who WANTS smooth hands
Wew lad talk about never going to make it

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>Yeah, he pounds me every night.
God I hate that cunt. Look at her stupid grin she knows he's way too good for her.

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>that guy who wears a hoodie in the gym

>Just be confident bro ;-)

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>that guy with a hyc, who never speaks to anyone and just stares at nothing and no one during his rests
that guy is me

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>that 20 something year old who works out constantly but is still poor as fuck

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>That guy who goes to the gym
>That guy who goes to the
>That guy who goes to
>That guy who goes
>That guy who
>That guy
>I hate
>I hate that
>I hate that guy
>I hate that guy who
>I hate that guy who goes
>I hate that guy who goes to
>I hate that guy who goes to the
>I hate that guy who goes to the gym

>that guy who literally does anything, including eyerolling and completely turning his head to avoid looking at the gym thots in the gym

oh my, how will they deal with this decrease in attention?

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But user. The noble way to train your body is with free weights, machines are heresy.

>That dyel who asked you for a spot one time and now says “How’s it going buddy?” every time you see him
Find someone else to be your gym buddy, I don’t want to put 1pl8 on each side every time I swap in on bench.

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>even his shorts say GEAR on them
Maybe this is me just coping but I bet he’s dumber than she is

Are people unironically hating on someone in their mid 30s for going to the gym? What

What's the best way to do this after you made the mistake of chatting to one? Now she won't stop shoving her pierced nipples in my face.

>that guy who does ab isolations

I know right? I guess once you hit 30 you're not supposed exercise any more.

>that guy that is under 6’ but still lifts

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Die. When you're in your 30s your old and should accept it. Basiclaly one step away from being a oap.

Also not go on Veeky Forums or play video games or any of that

When in reality there's more reason than ever, since a 21 year old being inside all day gaming is missing out on a ton of youth wild excitement while a 33 y/o probably has peers who no longer party or are even raising families

I bet your boyfriend loves it when you give him a handy bro

Same bro. I would get extremely bad calluses. But no gloves I use these gym pad things. Looks like a gym floor cut in Palm shaped squares. Same purpose but looks less faggy

> that who changes shirts because he's embarrassed of being sweaty

>That guy who licks people's shower slides while they're busy working out

Jokes on you, I'm in my mid 30s

t. danberu nan kiro moteru reader

It really only matters if you're making money or not

>that guy doing dips

this meme needs to die, the self improvement mentality should never go away
you should only stop going to the gym when you genuinely don't have time (family is the only excuse)

>that guy who doesnt pull his boner out while becnhing

Might as well just juice and bang, make it in 2 years tops.

the fuck

>Why would you care about your body when your face is wrinkling, your hair is falling off and younger girls wont even look at you

That doesn't even start happening until you're well into your late 40s.

Protip: It doesn't

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Family is not an excuse, pussy.