Tfw penis is only 6.4 inches long with 5 inch girth

>tfw penis is only 6.4 inches long with 5 inch girth

What is the point of lifting if once you get a girl into bed she is just going to immediately get up and leave once she see's how pathetically small it is?

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Just turn gay and get into small penis humiliation

That’s a good size though, idiot. You should start worrying when you get under 5 inches.

No it's not. You have to be at least 7.5 inches long to get a girl to orgasm.

Go get a girl into bed first then make this thread
Even with 8 inches you would'nt get girl, just lol at finding excuses

protip: your dick isn't the reason girls don't and won't want to fuck you. it's that you're pathetic

You're right, better give up lifting and never post on Veeky Forums again

if you genuinely feel this way i feel sorry for you

Can someone tell me how the maths of the girth work.

I'm super confused, plz explain in centimeters.
I have autism.

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i'm the same but 6.6 inches length
waiting for parents to die so i can kill myself without making them sad

Jam that thing in her ass and she will NOT think it is small.

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You fucking faggot, if you're below 12 inches you might as well kill yourself

Self bump

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>take measuring tape, string, piece of paper
>wrap it around dick at shaft's thickest point
>look at tape to see girth or mark the point onto paper and use ruler

Fucking brainlets I swear.

>tfw penis length is only 6.23 inches
>tfw girth is only 6.23 inches
>tfw my dick is a square

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Always these insecure dick threads who cares just get your nut off and ditch

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my penis is 4.5 inches long with 4 inch girth and I've been in one long term relationship and slept with several girls
basically - as long as it's not micro most girls don't care.


you should be more embarrassed about that understanding of shapes you geometrylet

>t. porn addict

Your dick is fine OP, just know how to use it and use your mouth and hands on the girl and you'll be golden. And stop being a sadsap.

>4.5 inches isnt micro

You're the man

I didn't know

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You can also find the diameter(length from one side to the other) and multiply it by pi(3.14) if you have no acess to string

if your dick is a perfect cylinder
christ this fucking board

>tfw only 7"x6"
hate being a dicklet, all the girls I slept with tell me it's too small

>having the audacity to reproduce with a dick anything less than 10 inches

What is this sorcery

The small inaccuracies caused by your dick's deformities are less than the inaccuracies caused by human error when doing it with a string

Its just I never measured my dick.
Last time I checked I was at 5.9 like 2 years ago at 18
Now 6.2

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Girth or length?

Dude what? I make a Mexican milf cum with 6x6 through penetration, I’m not sure what you’re on about, she’s had two kids too.

6.5" here with 4 inch girth

pencil dick is truly suffering

I have sex fine, get girls to orgasm and all, but still feel inadequate because of porn

No kidding

>these are the people who give you advice on Veeky Forums
Dicks are closer to oval shape than cylinder and even that would be way off. Just use paper, string or best yet, measuring tape.

No wonder everyone on fit hits 1/2/3/4 in 2 months, everyone has retard strength.

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girth obviously

Didn't check yet. But I know it's stick level.

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>7x6 dick
>Only 5'10''
What's the point?

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Lmao buddyboy try doing it both ways and be as percise as you can. After that come and tell me that it doesn't work

You're dumb an oval is a 2d shape whereas cylinder is 3d, also your dick is weird

Shes gonna laugh at how you fail to use it.

weak b8

Gained 1 cm with your meme maths so there's that. Time to e-stat some more in dick threads on Veeky Forums :^)

Well yes I meant the cross-sectional area. It exactly isn't circle what I meant. Ie. more wide than thick. Which again gives you larger result if you treat it as circle in some maths.

How do you know that the 1cm gain wasn't how big it actually was?

Going to leave you with this pretty cool diagram to drive my point. If you happened to have near perfectly cylindrical dick then sure that would be great way to estimate it. But in case it isn't, as most likely is the case, you'll just give yourself some extra padding. Surely you are not saying that red circle and blue oval are not same in circumference when width x is the same.

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Is the toilet paper roll test a reliable means to find out if you're a dicklet?

5.8 here, not sure about gurth but is good. Had a 3 year long relationship as well as a few flings and I've never had any complaints. My ex was a skinny girl and could barely walk after our hour long fuck sessions. Ive struggled with doggy with a woman previously who had a giant ass, but otherwise don't worry user.

My friend confided with me that his member is 7.5 and girls he's been with struggle to fuck him without pain. (Some, not all). Wonder if any of you well endowed fellows had a similar experience.

Girthlet bros hold me

benini is literally irrelevant, it's 100% face

just measured lads
17cm in length and 13.5 in girth
(((google))) says im above average but is it reliable source by any means?

So many insecure people here. Like really? Porn has destructed you all.

Troll thread, do not reply.

No, only Veeky Forums tells the truth on the matter.
Do you honestly think anybody on Veeky Forums would lie about the size of their dicks?
10x6.2 btw

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BBC porn has warped your mind

Are you supposed to measure bone pressed or what? I'm bloatmaxxing right now so there's some fat around my johnson. Does that effect anything during sex? Last time I had I was a skinnyfag twink.
>t. haven't had sex in two years

It's a meme for trying to see if you're big but if you fail it you should kill yourself desu

Yeah there's a lot of stopping in the middle of sex to turn around and suck my dick even though I just want to run train, it's not like I can fuck their face any easier, also needing a good amount of lube


>haven't had sex in two years
I went through this once, it made me incredibly nervous about approaching women
It gets better though senpai

I think if I can break my dry streak even with a 2/10 it'll get me back in the swing of things. I just don't know if I can lower my standards that far and I kinda fell for the love meme as well.