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Where does fit meet women?

I use bumble/tinder but I'm looking to start meeting girls irl cause I want to find a wife able girl...

Any ideas, approaching tips, dating tips?

Preferred input would be from slayers, married men, and femanons that don't use dating apps.

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Family friends

I met my wife at a bible study group.

why, Veeky Forums dot org of Course. You'll Find Only The Highest Quality Women on !

Makes sense. That's where ex-sluts go to meet betas to take care of their sloppy seconds.

Can someone explain to me what is wrong with the dude in pic

also herniated ab or some shit

i met my bf at school

did this kid get on gear and only do crunches or sth?

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i go out a decent amount, and i don't mind striking out in bars. so it's not too hard to meet a chick there. out of maybe 5 numbers since the beginning of the year, i haven't taken a single one out for a date. they've all been duds.

i use tinder/bumble but honestly haven't had any luck with them. i tried hinge, and have been getting a lot more matches, but half don't respond, and then the other half just wanna sit there and trade messages for a week before they go out. i've still taken a few out on dates, but nothin significant has come of them

to be fair to everyone though, i'm really picky, and probably a 5 on the looks scale. i usually only end up hitting it off at all if the girl thinks i'm funny.

Met my wife on OKcupid.

Also fucked a tons of sluts from okcupid.

I found that the questions they have you answer and explain were an excellent way to find people you really clicked with. I'd look through a girls pics and find her attractive, then I'd go through how she answered the questions and I realized that I'd hate her in a week. So I just went out with them and had sex with them instead.

Wife had the most logical answers exactly in line with my way of thinking.

really really shit genes

I have no problem fucking chicks off apps, I'm apparently quite attractive, atleast that's what I've been told

I'm looking for a girl I can wife

Do girls want to meet a guy at uni? What's a good way to approach them here?

The selection is stale and you can barely find attractive women genuinely looking for relationships online.

Dif user but be in their classes, same clubs or have a similar shedualed task where you see them often enough (Wednesday at 12:30 you always catch the same bus).
In a small class or club you can just start sitting closer if possible and start casually talking to them.
As for always seeing each other around you might Be able to make eye contact and smile or nod a lot and then after a few times make small talk. “Hey I see you always eat lunch here alone. Maybe we can sit together next time” Key is that you guys make eye contact/notice each other a few times. girls don’t always like getting approached by strangers

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I didn't find this to be the case. I met several woman who were worth dating.

However this was like, 2011 so maybe things have changed for OKcupid, which is too bad...

Delete Tinder and other dating apps. Go to church, get involved in your community. That's where you'll find a keeper. I've been married for four years, we've had our ups and downs, but I'm happy.

Tinder and bumble will both work as long as you aren't stupid.
Met last gf of 3 years on tinder

within 3 weeks of brekign up I had 3 girls wanting a relationship.
I view it as, I can look at your profile and see if you are a slut with a bunch of near naked pics or if you have all modest, normal, respectable pics.
That right there is a good reassurance that she's not a hoe. no way to know for sho tho.
Can't do that to random girls you speak to in public

And this is the story of how I met your mother

I have had sex with 46 women and have hooked up/made out/dated countless others. Here's where I've met them and you can do this too

>In class (High School)
>In class (University)
>In the smoker's area (University)
>Library (University)
>The gym (University)
>Cold approach on the quadrangle (University)
>Charity events
>Friends of friends
>Parties (University)
>Parties in general
>Coffee shops (My local coffee shop where I am a regular)
>Grocery stores (Whole Foods and Trader Joes so far)
>Music festivals
>Work (i do not recommend fucking your coworker but I'm just adding it to the list because it happened to me)
>On the street outside the club
>Smoking a cigarette outside a restaurant (Don't smoke)
>Alcoholics Anonymous (Yes, I have been sober for 5 years and I have fucked maybe 6 chicks from AA. I do not recommend this)
>Girl who lives across the street in my neighborhood
>Cold approach on the street
>Meetup dot com events
>Sister's friends (heyyyoooooo)
>In the alleyway outside Mellow Mushroom once when I was parking and she was drunkenly walking past me, she told me "You're hot" and we made out on my car
>My co-ed rowing team in high school
>Billiards hall/bar
>Standing outside a food truck
>Dog park

Fuck lads, I'm blanking at this point. I know there are many more examples I can give but the point is that you can literally meet women anywhere. Just beeeeee yourself =)

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Post your photo

Not true man I found a girl with ONLY super modesg pics and she was the biggest thot I’ve ever encountered

not him, and im around 25 but I think I can speak with some authority on the matter, especially since im also friends with some guys that are in the 3 digits or have done other stuff like fuck four girls within 24 hours, multiple threesomes and so on.
once you reach a certain level of attractiveness, the number of girls you had sex with is kinda arbitrary because you can safely assume that most women would have sex with you. obviously things like the occasion you meet them, if they are in a relationship at the moment, all are variables that determine whether you can fuck that one particular girl or not. but again, if fuck +40 girls that arent warpigs or landwhales, you can safely assume other women would fuck you too, given the right circumstances. so after a while it becomes kinda trite to try and up your numbers, since it in some way becomes redundant.
and from my personal experience, there are some fucks you hardly even remember.

Singles for Bernie

>I'm looking for a girl I can wife

friggin' LMAO. Number 1 red flag for a guy is going into a relationship "looking for a wife". You're never going to get into a meaningful relationship with that intention. Just mess around and have fun, the right girl will show up, you won't know shes the one the first day, week, or even month of knowing her

its true. see how you get along, and everything will solve itself. its stupid to set expectations this high as you will destroy any chance of a meaningful relationship like that.
you get some experience, and learn a lot about yourself during those relationships.

I'm approaching 30 and looking for a mother of my future children is my main goal now. I can't afford to fuck around for 10 years more until I can settle with a 35yo roastie and only start making babies. It's going to be too late

have you ever been in a relationship? you need to get to now the future mother of your child, and you dont achieve this by checking off a list with all your requirements for marriage. you'll only scare the good ones away

>its true. see how you get along, and everything will solve itself

This a hollywood meme that you've been brainwashed with. Relationships take effort, and anyone who says otherwise is setting you up to fail.

For example, if you never have a discussion with your prospective partner about your values, and it turns out you don't share some fundamental worldview, then how do you think that's going to play out in the long run? You're fucked.

I've been wondering the same thing, user. I just pick up girls on Tinder these days. That's it. Where else could I go -- the bar? I don't know. Someone, please halp.

I've been married and had multiple girlfriends before and after that. So yeah, I know that the time is precious because it can take up to years to know a person. So better start sooner than later, so you always have time to try again with someone else

Mate I'm 33 and dating a 24 year old. By all means put effort into finding someone, but how the fuck did you come to the conclusion that you have to date a roastie your own age?

Can you advise me on dating younger women? I'm 26, and I'm interested in dating younger girls -- like 22 or 23 years old.

Really fucked up posture

where are his traps wtf?

don't let the first couple of dates last long. trust me the last thing you want is to run out of topics on the first date


What this user says is true. Although I have fucked a few warpigs and heard their battle-screeches

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Women are reactive and they look to you for how they should feel about things. So your attitude about the age difference is vitally important.

The only time my age has been a problem is when I've been hesitant to say how old I am, then suddenly they feel weird about it. If I simply don't give a shit then there's no problem. Its a psychological barrier that is pretty normal when you turn 30.

Girls generally like their partners to be older, however I imagine as the age gap increases, the daddy issues are going to be more obvious. Mine seems ok though.

But you're 26, there's barely any age gap to speak of, what the fuck are you asking this for?

Learn pickup

Its SS for girls. It'll get you started, but as you get more advanced you will have to move on to something better... such as fixing your emotional issues. In the meantime just approach a lot and learn game.

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Four year age difference is a big deal in my book.

Well you're wrong. And you will get more and more wrong as you get older.

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I'm beginning to find out.

>Four year age difference i
m8 there are people in their mid 30s dating 18 year olds. they get a bunch of shit for it, but the girls themselves do not are at all

just do it
I'm 27 and I've been seeing a 24 year old for a few weeks.
though I guess 24 isn't super young anymore

I'm thinking about going younger than 24. Perhaps 21 or 22.

I wouldn't really recommend it unless she is kind of mature for her age.
if you just want to fuck them then it doesn't matter, but I've gone on super long dates with the 24 year old that would have KILLED me if the girl were like 21.

I go to local hipster music shows
It's usually whores but every once in a while there'll be a decent girl that got dragged out by her whore friends
If there are any anons in college use that to find a smart gf and then marry her so you aren't me one day

How old are you? I have a thing for trashing, inauthentic hipster girls, and there are plenty in the city around which I live.

I met my qt azn gf through a mutual friend. We both play rugby (shes a wing and im a lock, for any ruggers that might be interested). After a few weekends of partying together, we started sleeping together. Started dating about 2 weeks after.

nerve gas

White genes

Is there anyway to leverage my autism for dating? I've heard girls with BPD or who were abused in childhood are more likely to select mates with autistic traits. I'm not sure what that means because my autism is less about flying into a rage when I don't have my beer and more about impulsive actions, obsession with truth/facts, being naive and having a child-like attention spans.
That doesn't make me sound like a catch but I assure you I'm worth it

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I'm 27 and started seeing an 18 year old about 2 weeks ago. I don't want it to get too serious but I don't want to hurt her feelings either

Thanks for pointing no traps out. I knew something was off but couldn't place it.

Damn how old are you? I look a lot like you but not quite your age

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top kek holy fuck

like said. Just go to church and meet someone there. I meet my current bf at church during welcoming time just before they do offering.

>tfw you remember the good smell of yugioh cards

I was literally planning on doing this hoping to find a girl that isn't a slut.

Sluts are everywhere, no where is safe

you may as well keep hitting up bars and talking to chicks until you find one that's competent

modern society simply encourages whoredom, you may have to settle for the fact that perfect girls don't exist

>tfw you remember that fuck man eater bug.

I’m 25

I met my bf here on Veeky Forums.

I'm an actual fag tho

>tfw 24
>Only fucked 3 girls in my life
>None of them were particularly attractive
>never been in a relationship

You will honestly never understand this feel

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how to get sober for 5 years?

I'm 22 and only fucked 2, but they were both 8/10s. One I came in two seconds and was too beta to keep going, the other one we had sex a couple of times but she was graduating in a month and that made me sad.

this. knew a chick from church and we began sexting. she then accused me of sexual harassment and got her family involved. Should've showed her family the pics she sent to me, fucken bitch

not really anything other than that he is young and clearly never done a deadlift or clean in his life.

Why do they look disproportional?

how old are you guys?

Why didn't you?

didn't save the pics, it was through snapchat

He would look pretty decent if his arms weren't disproportionately smaller than the rest of the body, idk how is it even possible to be that big for his age and not have arms to match?

Oh. Why the hell would she accuse you then? Her friends/family find out? Did you send her a sex pic when she wasn't wet? Did you pressure her into it?

probably because everytime I hit her up, I just asked for tittie pics maybe she wanted something serious but she never let me know, in the end she changed churches and got pregnant

Alls well that ends well I suppose. I'm curious because I'm involved with something similar and want to know if it's common to be persecuted for having a sex drive.

well I guess I was at fault since I was 18 and she was 17 at that time

If you were a virgin, and you're on Veeky Forums so yes, it wasn't your fault. She's been getting male attention since she was 15 at least, she was probably just sick of it.
Roasties remember: you cant turn off males eyes like a light switch.

lol i actually lost my v-card from a whale that i met on listing of the craig

>Dog park
Beastiality is a sin, user

ive had sex with 132 women and this guy is right. just be confident in your approach.

A sin? Yes. Illegal? ...Depends on your state.

[spoiler]>moralfags will never know the feel of bottoming out in a tight husky's cooch, gripping its neckfur and jackhammering it until it can barely stand[/spoiler]

Coincidentally, it's a great way to tighten those abs and get some glute definition.

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I met my current gf through mutual friends. Matched with my ex on tinder. Honestly you just have to see for yourself. My ex was way cooler than my current gf but also a total psycho. I've only had sex with my current gf but I dont think I would've had trouble with any of the other girls I've met.

OP do you go to uni? I'd just join a club or start getting to know the people you sit with in your classes.

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One day at a time

It depends on the girl. At Orthodox Christian retreats (not saying where because the community is so small), I don't think I know a single one.


outside middle school

Canelo alvarez?

>those legs


ask me how I know you don't lift

>How do I achieve greek statue obliques