Over the Easter Break, I want to get a load of work done.

Any of you guys ever use Study Drugs before? What was it like and do you have any tips for taking them?

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Crush them up and snort 1/4 pill at a time. You get way higher + you save money.

>study drugs
They’re just called amphetamines you fucking child.

Eat a bit before you take them and chug water like a mother fucker. I grew up taking 25mg XR Adderall. Fuck what anyone else says.

did it destroy your ability to have fun and enjoy things?

This could work but the high doesn’t last as long. When you crush the pellets you’re destroying the XR binder.

They work. but then you're taking pills to study. Elon Musk doesn't take pills, and he can work 100 hour weeks for a decade straight. So you don't need them if you have high enough mental fortitude.

Just man up and motivate yourself dude.

Everyone I know who did really well in college didn't use drugs to help them study.

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Good for tedious work like cleaning. But you have to be decided on what to do and determined to do that before anything else. Or you'll end up just pissing your time away on the internet or something.

For studying it's alright in small doses (10mg IR) but too high dose makes you not retain what you read.

What kind of work do you plan on getting done?

If you dissolve even 2.5 mg of dex/amp under your tongue with no tolerance you should feel it enough to help you study. More than 5mg and I started to be distracted by the euphoria.

don't listen to this guy unless its regular adderal, if you snort the extended release you are fucking retarded it already lasts 12 hours normally

full size doses are bad for people with no tolerance, you'll end up euphoric and opening 50 tabs on your computer and cleaning your room and having six text conversations and spamming whatever groupchats you're in instead of getting any work done

Similarly, don't snort for studying

Either find low dose XRs, or take your standard 10mg IR and chop it into 4ths and take one 4th every 3-4 hours or when you start to come down.

You can also use derivative amphetamines (which are also cheaper) such as Provigil, Modafinil, etc that last longer and have less euphoria. Another tip is to alternate taking an addy pill with a caffeine pill + L-theanine pill

Hour 0: adderall
Hour 6: 200mg caffiene + 200mg theanine
Hour 12: adderall

Dex/Adderall is an old school stim

Try modafinil instead, much longer half life, less jittery. Less is more, start with maybe 50mg just to make sure you can handle it ok. Remember it takes about three days of dosing to get to a steady level

you will end up not being able to do anything on your own without drugs.

At least with modafinil I can't take it long term without getting brain fog

of course speed works, but it takes quite a bit of discipline to use them "only for study" since they are habit forming.

If you -have- to resort to drugs, please say hi to the XXI century: use shit like modafini; less side effects, almost no physical stimulation, not habit forming (unless you're a faggot) and definitely works for studying/working. Also, it lasts longer and is not neurotoxic like amphetamines.

Crushing the xr beads essentially turns it into instant release. What do you think the purpose of the beads are? Better off parachuting or mixing the powder with juice because shorting is fucking bad for you.

I'm on adderol right now. My advice is, turn your phone off or you will spend hours shitpostig instead of hours studying. I picked up my phone to Google the difference between kussmaul and cheyne stokes repirations and now it's been 20 minutes and I'm jacking off to thicc bitches and shit posting instead of study time.

Ir is fine but dont snort xr. It's got a lot of filler shit that cakes onto your nostrils and fucks you up. It can also cause minor cuts. Speaking from experience.

Adderall is fucking fantastic for getting shit done.

- Stim dick
- Ruins appetite (fucks your gains)
- Fucks with your heart

holy shit that first sentence could not be any more true. Brings back good memories. Miss feeling that good

>you'll end up euphoric and opening 50 tabs on your computer and cleaning your room and having six text conversations and spamming whatever groupchats you're in instead of getting any work done
This rings so true, I liked to take them an hour or so before a large exam because when I was forced to focus one thing (the exam) I would fucking kill it

Another one is pseudoefedrine. OTC in some places. Effects similar to Adderall.

I wouldn't personally come to think of to try abuse XR. If you want a high kick, take IR and snus it (keep under upper lip until desolves).

If you have tendencies to get arrhythmia I would highly suggest to remain in modafinil instead of amphetamines.

you're thinking of ritalin, adderall is a one time pill. take it once and feel the effects for a short period, and then take it whenever needed. ritalin is taken daily and takes about a month to build up enough to feel the effects. I was on ritalin as a child and it was legitimately child abuse, it destroyed any personality I had and turned me into a machine

very false

Fucking faggot degenerate. Kill yourself.

Anyone know about modafinil in asia (particiularly south korea)? Is it legal and what sort of restrictions are there? Probably easy enough to get some kind of prescription from a doctor though here..

They will help you focus if you have ADHD, but they also made me irritable and my heart race

Where to buy modafinil (aus btw). I used to have it ages ago but my friend would buy it and I'd pay him. Discrete shipping is good because [spoiler] I live at home [/spoiler]

Modafinilexpress (dot) com