How do I approach thots? I feel I could talk to a gorgeous girl but thots make me feel insecure...

How do I approach thots? I feel I could talk to a gorgeous girl but thots make me feel insecure, how does one break the ice to these airhead bimbos?

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Get drunk and just fucking talk to them you cuck.

They do the best anal
Bleached anus and arent afraid of going ass to mouth and deepthroating.
Its degenerate as fuck but that kind of woman will leave you dry.

Enter a pyramid and get into Egyptian New Age shit or something.

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If you treat pretty girls different than any other girl you're never going to make it

these women aren't human. You're actually trying to engage them from a mindset of mutual respect and civility. Simply put: you're entirely putting too much though in it.

These women exist in a world where they experience constant interactions of zero-sum games and using people and being used.

You can't approach them in a fair and balanced way. Instead you have to prey on them, and give a fuck less about what they think or say about you, just like chad does

Gotta work on them obliques for dat sweet, sweet lean.

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Underrated post. OP, outlook determines outcome, and playing scared ain't gonna get you there

Heptup is a Chad. The guy on the right is a beta.

stop finding these unattractive women so attractive and then you won't have issues talking to them like regular people

Holy shit where do I find women like that.
Sometimes im jelly of you USA fags.
You have the best thots

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None of those girls are marriage material OP.

when did I imply such a thing? and btw I don't consider girls in the pic to be "pretty"

Slap the blonde on the right's ass to establish dominance.

How do I stop? Pretty girls have higher value.

Does anybody else imagine walking into a party like this with a shotgun and an high caliber rifle like an ak and just blow these innocent girls and guys brains apart? Hearing their ear piercing screams as you fill their bodies with lead and destroy their skulls and pretty face with a shotgun shell too the face?
Wounding a guy in the leg and walking up and aiming your rifle at his face as he fills up with terror at his demise and just unloading in his skull cavity until he’s nothing but red gunk on the floor, unrecognizable from the happy person he just was

>actively seeking to get married

Christ dude. Marriage is something you let love fool you into or something you do when you stop wanting to try so hard.

user I...
apparently a common teenage fantasy

every college campus in america brah. Be 6ft +, muscular with abs, and have a decent jaw. I get so much pussy so easy here and curse myself when I visit my home country (Greece)

Sit near them and introduce yourself. If you're attractive enough to get anywhere with them, intro doesn't really matter. Honestly, playing certain tricks is usually just cringe.

You just have to be naturally confident. You gain confidence by practice.

you’re fucking disgusting faggot

You should get laid it might help your autism bro. Also,
>high caliber
Try again noguns.

Bulgarian here, even though we have a lot of thots here, none are as thicc and slutty looking as american thots.
I'm jelly

>high caliber rifle like an ak
At least we know youre nogunz

You have to believe that you have value yourself and realize that being an attractive woman isn't all there is to value. Are you intelligent? Handsome? Cultured? Successful? If not these are all things you can work on. Cultivate your interests, recognize your own value and others will too.

Try jokingly insulting them
Lets say you walk by these thots in your pic just say something witty like nice pants. But they seem to be a little small on you arent they?

Settle down soy I was just being edgy

>dehumanizing is counter-productive
OP know your place

high funcioning advice!

tfw this isn't a copypasta

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Elliot pls go

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your pew-pews wont have anything on how destroyed their sides will be when they see your dyel body shake under the stress of the recoil kek

fucking faggot thanks for derailing my thread

7.62 is high caliber wtf are you on about

You may not like it, but this is what peak edge looks like.

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he's got a point tho

I'd marry any 3 of them, all 3 of them if I could

Yeah, that's a real psychological problem that comes from a fear of rejection

7.62x51 or x54R are, x39 is not. They're being pedantic though


I do consider this to be true but I do not find these girls truly beautiful, I think they're porn material and I don't want porn to overpower me in this way

>mfw people like this exist and their rate is increasing

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come back with x54r

no no no you should take the time and just smell their braps bruh

Interesting. I moved to America over 4 years ago and still find it almost impossible to attract white American girls (no problems with other races).
But I can easily get many pretty slav girls when I visit my slav homeland.
I'm 6'0 fit and stylish btw

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Don't talk to them, go get comfy on the couch with a beer and try to initiate a heated political discussion which you then win because you're talking to dumb normies who shut their brains off. Once there are enough guys around you talking the thots will come and try to steal attention from you

He didn't make a single point.

tracksuits don't fly over here, maybe with nignogs

You have to be 18 to use this website kid, enjoy your ban

Not about how you break the ice, it's all about the mindset you have when doing so. I don't know if you can be taught that mindset though. I think you have to develop it from experience.

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you make it sound hard

The only gun I own is in 54r (an 80$ Korean knock off mosin)

>that pic

Right over here officer...

Women that dress like this unironically have stereotypical thot personalities. They're the sort of woman that will leave if they find out where you live and its not in a good part of town.

Not just because they're hot but because their pussies and ass are basically hanging out. Actually, the woman on the left I could see not being so bad, if I saw her out and about, it's not AS thottish.

Also I've noticed that women who wear thigh boots out and about are usually a certain type; not in a bad way, but a type i'm not very suited to chatting up, for some reason. It's a shame because they're a fetish of mine and I go crazy when I see a hot girl in them.

I dress better than 95% of American males, so clothes are not an issue here

yeah you just got reported


If you do not have at least one of those three don't bother. These type of women have an ideal male in their mind and it is not a 5'8" soyboy who has an 'amazing personality'. A women would drop 2 of the 3 items above if he is 6'0"+, decent facial features, abs and a full head of hair.

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To be honest its not that hard.

>decent fitting shirt
>decent fitting/cut of trousers or even jeans (as long as they're not the incredibly bright blue shit most americans seem drawn to)
>shoes that aren't trainers
>don't be fat

I've been alive for 27 years and fucked over 40 women, and I would still drop my spaghetti if I had to approach left or right.

I could probably approach center without too much spaghetti but it still wouldn't end well. I only feel comfortable approaching solid 7's and below. You have to be naturally confident in yourself/successful/naturally good looking to approach a girl like left or right.

Maybe it's your sminem face

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Lmao faggots

>announcing a report
gg ez

FBI tip submitted

Pretty much my life.

I would love to be like Chad but I'm just not personality wise. The mental damage is done. I won't stop improving myself and trying to build my confidence but i'm fucking 28 years old now and we all know Chads are born, not made, so obviously i'll never reach the ideal.

Who knows. Just sucks that I can get all slavfus I want, but I live in America so I stay alone.

don't be a sad cunt user, some chads have it easy but some chads are made. And those are the biggest chads of all.

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>self-improvement is Reddit-tier
he >implied, in the main self-improvement board on this Malaysian goat-herding forum

learn to talk like an airhead.

these bitches aren't clever and won't enjoy conversation much, so don't try. They don't give a fuck about what's true or false. Instead, learn why they talk the way they do. Everything is innuendo, everything is suggestive, and everything is sexual. Learn to operate purely on dopamine, just riding pleasure to pleasure. If someone gets in the way of your fun, THEY'RE wrong, not you. You're just having a good time, and they're trying to bring you down. If the world itself tries to bring you down, the world is wrong, not you. You're a hedonist in the worst way. Talking to thots when you're in this mindset is not only easy, but a lot of fun.

If I'm being honest this is a fucking awesome way of living until it catches up with you, it's why so many teenagers and college students do it. It's also really dangerous, though, and you can get in a lot of trouble doing it, for obvious reasons. Society tends to be really forgiving to young people though, so if you're still in college or whatever then go for it. After that, be really careful about it.

i think the jordan peterson part is what he implied.

You cannot deny how popular Jordan is on reddit at this point.

I don't think it's hard, it just takes time and deliberate practice.The first couple of perfect looking chicks I ever tried to sleep with didn't go anywhere because I was so excited I was hanging out with legitimate 10s that my mind was in the wrong place. The stakes felt too high. After a few failures though, you just sort of realize "there's functionally an unlimited amount of opportunities" and that more relaxed mindset gets results. You can tell someone that though and they'll nod their heads, but I don't think they'll truly believe it until they experience it. Who knows though.

reported :^)

you seem to be into something here, where did you learn this?

I didn't touch the YT link. So idk, maybe.

In order to do that you'd have to be invited to one user.

>there's functionally an unlimited amount of opportunities
What? I see maybe 2-3 pretty girls in a year. Where do you find them in "unlimited amounts", colleges?

Do yourself a favor and suck start it.

Not him, but it's something you can pick up on if you happen to have one charismatic/popular friend and you take the time to observe how they operate.

I was talking to a girl in a club one time, dude (prob BF) swoops in and starts tongue fucking her. I wasn't even trying to fuck her but my friend was in the bathroom and I was bored. What an insecure faggot.

getting drunk to be able to talk to girls. kek. you have no right to call other people cucks

Soooo. What you're trying to tell us is that you don't like yourself much and blame your problems on others.

Gotcha. You might wanna work on that for your own benefit.

More details please. How do I talk like an airhead/instinctual without seeming inauthentic?

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>without seeming inauthentic
You missed the point. The entire airhead persona is inauthentic. But actual airheads won't notice, and the people that would notice enough to give a shit stay up until 3AM shitposting on Cambodian whitewater rafting imageboards.

It's the nigger DNA in them

>This post is now considered highly weird and out of place
You newfags are so boring.

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Near me there are a couple of good bar towns, one of them being a college town. There's also Philadelphia which is a little far away from me, but has all sorts of different little ecosystems. I also travel so I see some in Miami, Manhattan, etc. I see some at the gym sometimes, while at the grocery store, etc. Then you also get to a point where you have friends who are girls who if they are attractive generally have friends who are bartenders, burlesque dancers, etc. and they get invited to parties or especially "events" (beerfests, private concerts, fundraisers, photoshoots, etc.) that they then invite you to where you meet more attractive girls.

>while at the grocery store
I lived in Austin, TX and now live near Denver, CO. I almost never see young girls at grocery stores. And I've been to them all, from Walmart to Wholefoods and other hipster brands. Living here for over 4 years I still can't understand where all young people hiding at

It would be "weird and out of place" if this shit didn't happen every month on the news. Now it just reads like a legitimate threat.

Busy cities/nice suburbs

>They're the sort of woman that will leave if they find out where you live and its not in a good part of town

>friend is chatting up a thot
>he's some incredibly unkempt looking, poorly dressed iranian cunt
>makes mid tier office wageslave salary
>somehow convinces ultra thot he's a rich saudi or some shit
>he gets her into a taxi
>when he tells the driver where he lives she tells him to fuck off and immediately gets out the car

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all seriousness just learn not to give a fuck. Thots like that when a guy doesnt care about what he says. like having no filter.

Young people get out of cities as fast as possible and suburbs are the places they escape from.

>people don't like being lied to or otherwise decieved
fucking thots!

what this guy saidprotip: everyone is inauthentic to some degree. I actually admire the thot lifestyle for giving up all pretensions of authenticity and just having a good time. Paradoxically, it ends up being the most authentic personality of them all.

A sure way to attract female attention and maybe even find a lifelong partner/wife.

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