My shoulders are fucked after bench pressing

gee thanks for telling me about The Bench Press™
now i've fucked up my shoulders somehow and i can barely bench 50kg without feeling like snapping my shit.

dont do the fucking bench press, its not worth it.
cant even do flies anymore or dips without having to stop.

this sucks so bad. anyone else?

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ITT: idiot has terrible form

don't blame us for your shitty form and ego lifting

fuck you fags.
i always tuck my traps in and warms up.
this shit is ruining my life. seriously considering suicide

do it faggot

Your fault for doing it with poor form.

There's a potential to injure yourself doing anything physical, especially if you're doing it wrong. It sounds like you're more suited for sedentary activities, user

why don't you fix your shitty fucking form?
if you can't move light weights without feeling like you're going to die, you're an idiot who needs to start over and learn some proper fucking form.

Maybe your grip placement was wrong?
Try incline pressing instead.


Why not something you're actually conformable with?

If you spend a lot of time on the computer then your posture is probably fucked in more ways than you realize.

Fix you posture and improve mobility before lifting weights.

You should just stay out of the gym and actually just never leave your room, it's a dangerous world out there
Fucking traps has nothing to do with bench. And why don't they tuck themselves? Worry about yourself

you tuck your traps in for proper form you fucking retard

not op but maybe u shouldnt give advice when u cant even bench 2 and a quarter

how the fuck do people do this? What kind of bad form even allows for shoulder pain during bench? Is this retard just talking about the wrong exercise altogether?

bench press hasn't been trademarked, you must be mistaking it with The Press™

I once fucked up my shoulder on bench somehow when i put the bar rest way to high up and really had to reach for it.

Uhm no you dont fucking tuck your traps omg Veeky Forums has so many retards that are sure they know best "hurr durr not natty hurr durr muh form"

Bitch be humble

You activate your traps for stabilization but at 50kg that shit is not necessary really. OP is probably benching with the bar above his nipple line, putting excessive pressure on his shoulders

>tuck my traps

This post makes me think you're a roastie and if not then will be transitioning at some point

this, what the fuck does that even mean. You lift the fucking bar off the rack, drop it to your nips with elbows tucked in then push the shit back out, literally nothing else to worry about and 0% chance of hurting shoulders

I reread this with traps being a feminine boy instead of the muscle and I loled.

Well this isn’t entirely true but I sure as tuck know your traps aren’t involved.

I'm 93% sure he means retracting his scapula, which you ARE supposed to do. If you don't know this I can nearly guarantee you've never benched above 2pl8. Learn to lift before posting on a fitness board.

You probably did the bodybuilding grip.
Wide and flare

You have shit form

>seriously considering suicide
>do it faggot