Hey Veeky Forums

Hey Veeky Forums

I have a sexual health and Veeky Forumsness question.

I am 33 years old now. I lost my virginity quite late, when I was 22. I was very shy and introverted.
Since I had sex for the first time I indulged in the most depraved sex life. I had sex with about anything except animals and kids. I had straight sex, gay sex, straight orgies, gay orgies, I was both top and bottom, I did BDSM both straight and gay on both sides, both receiving and giving. I had sex with women and guys and I cannot even remember the number of people I had sex with. Living in Berlin for a couple of years of my adult life didnt help with tempering me down... on the contrary.

The thing now is that I have a girlfriend that I actually love. But I cannot get off with her. I keep my erection and have sex with her as long as she wants to, but I cant ejaculate. Normal sex does nothing to me. We did some crazy shit (crazy for her experience) but still... nothing.

What can I do to become "normal" again... does anyone have good advice? This thing is damaging my relationship...

inb4 fag

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god is punishing you for your sins.

i wont say i was in your spot before but id say something like depraving yourself of sex and porn if you fap might get you thirsty to the point where normal sex would be good for you so id say do Nofap and maybe hold off the sex for like a week or two and see if anything happens.


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have u talked to her about it?

Will try the nofap thing. But I believe it will take more than two weeks..

I don't fap that often tho. Maybe two times a week. And If I have constant sex with my gf I don't fap at all.

Will be hard to explain to her that I don't want to fuck for a couple of weeks... but I will give it a try.

why are yuropoors so degenerate?

No I didn't. She knows I fucked guys also but that's about it.

Because our continent was not founded by some puritans fleeing persecution in Europe.

I lived in the US for a couple of months also. And I have to tell you that you are no saints either. You are just to prude to talk about it.

Tell ur GF that ur gonna give her a major irreversible STD soon becuz that is what is going happend you degenerate freak.

talking about things within relationships usually work.

she prob think she aint hot enough (which she kinda isnt i guess) and its prob gonna tear the relationship apart.

the problem with talking to her about it could be that it could sound like "yeah sorry u're just not hot enough"

but it could also turn itno something like "hmm, he wants me to more of a slut / sex-toy, okay lets try" and u gradually faze it in u know? start with like a thumb up her ass and before u know it u might slap her while ure choking her and then flippin her around on her stomach and fucking her hard in the ass

u know, women are pretty slutty too

>inb4 you have given your gf aids

I'm STD free.

Was on PrEP for some time... I had gonorrhea once but that's about the only STD I had.

That's exactly what I thought.. about her thinking she's not hot enough. She is hot, but the stimulation of being hot is not enough.

To tell you the truth I am afraid of her leaving me if she found out what kind of person I was. And that would make me shit brix.

how long have you been together? maybe you just need to lay off the heavy stuff, don't watch crazy porn, let your mind regenerate

you wanna live with that fear the rest of your life?

haha oh wait you are obviously not capable of having a serious relationship lmao

if u dont talk to her you prob gonna fuck it up cus she doesnt know who u are and u gotta be 100% honest in relationships man...

u dont have to tell her "lol i fucked a bunch of men in their skulls while smearing my face with shit and blood", you can tell her in a normal yet truthful way

i had a kinda late debute, so i tried to make up for it by having kinda hardcore sex and the thing is i kinda like it that way... so i would like to have a little rougher sex, or atleast try, you might like it

or something

We've been together for about a year now.

Will try that. As the user above suggested. Take a pause from sexual activities and just enjoy life with her in other ways.

Have to get some courage to tell her.. She seems open to stuff, but you know... openness has a limit.

Thank you Veeky Forumsiziens for your insights and for taking the time to reply to my thread. I'm off to sleep now. Have a nice day/evening/night.

it's always worked for me with porn, after cutting it off I could get hard just from seeing a woman's shoulder

90 day nofap does wonders

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>living in Berlin
go, die in a ditch after getting raped by the nearest turk, you fucking degenerate

Try only focusing on her for some weeks without pleasuring yourself. Go down on her a lot

Shut up. I lost my virginity when I was 24. With my wife. You will never be normal.

>22 is considered late


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