I posted here about two months ago, I thought I wasnt going to make it, I thought I'd just quit after a week or two...

i posted here about two months ago, I thought I wasnt going to make it, I thought I'd just quit after a week or two. but I kept going, thanks Veeky Forums for all the great people on here, lots of you Inspired me to lift and lose weight (still losing more). I feel so thankful to this board, you're all great people.

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Well done breh, keep going

Good work, fella. Give me your hair as compensation.

Keep at it man!

makin it

I feel really great, I used to be depressed and shit but now I want to live life to the max. im starting my cut in a few weeks

Did you just fast?

no I basically just did exercise and eat better. of course I'm not going to lie I did eat a burger here and there. I did a lot of cardio on my stationary bike and did a lot of push ups, sit ups and basic dumbbell work.

That's great progress dude, keep it up. Curious, what's your weight, height, and calories per day on average?

I'm 5'6", I'm currently 161 lbs, and I eat around 1200 calories a day, I eat mostly veggies and water and chicken and fish

So you bought a shirt fatty


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hey Im not ashamed of my height lol I could be 5'0" and own that shit. only betas worry about height and think it will magically make them better.

Any progress pics of glutes brah?

cont. You can be a hulking mass of muscles but as long as you let height bother you or you think your height makes you superior it makes me think that you're weak. Although you could be fit "physically" it shows me that you're still weak mentally because you care what other people think about you or you think I would care about my height and that's whats really sad about you user. think about it and maybe be less of a beta?

you're cool and not insecure
you're a faggot and extremely insecure, kys

just IMAGINE coping this hard

nice, congrats on the weightloss AND not being a pathetic loser

stay mad lol

whatever helps you sleep at night dude. worry about yourself lol

Holy shit, man, you look great!

I'm 5'9" and look about like what you did on the left, but maybe with a little more muscle and definition in my shoulders and arms.

I'm about 5 days into a 1000-1200 calorie diet, supplemented with some HIIT runs and kettlebells. Wish me luck.

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You might as well be 5’0

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I think a 1000-1200 calorie diet is way too low for 5'9. I'm pretty sure you can hover 140lbs with 1800.

Dude I'm fucking 4'7" and life's tough but you gotta do what you gotta do. Although sure, I think I'd do a fuckton better if I was 6'1" but shit dude.

MyFitnessPal is giving me a roughly 1650 goal in order to lose 2lbs a week. I've been eating anywhere between 200-500 calories below that. Black coffee and water seem to carry me fairly well through any cravings.

I'm not sure I'll ever be as low as 140. I don't think I'll even want to dip below 170. I'm 210 now.

there's people who don't have arms and legs and do pretty good. just do the best, you can do with yourself.
lol better than being a loser like you.

Can you post body and lifts? Legitimately curious.


Don't listen to these bottom feeding faggots. cut down and hop on a cycle of dbol and deca and you'll look like a monster at your size in 3 months. God speed user

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that's a nice ass

My friends 5’4” and he pulls 8/10. Height doesn’t matter as much as people say.

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Left looks like Bloatmaxxx what happened why did you regress?

manlet detected

You're doing it well. I can't stop eating candies and chocolates. This is a how's your progress thread now. I'll be posting 1 year into workout (two months from now) and I'm dieting. See how we go.

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Good fucking job man and thanks for the inspo.
My progress is going slower than yours but I'm trying to pick up the pace. My birthday is next month and I want to take nice pictures with my family.
Since January 1st to today I went from 245lbs to 208lbs thanks to this place. I'm getting a lot of compliments from friends and family too which feels so nice.

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no progress.