>28 hours into my 50 day water fast

I just need to lose 60 pounds (220-160(at 5-11)). Then I'm going to start lifting. Is this a bad plan? I've been keeping under 1,000 calories for a week now and I'm not seeing the results I want fast enough so I figured I'd fast.

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>fast enough

>Why fast for a month and a half when you can take 6 months to lose the weight instead!
Wtf is wrong with wanting to just get it over with so I can start lifting?

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This diet sounds unsustainable. If you want to stop being a fatass, eat 500 less calories than your BMR every day and stop making excuses. You can't immediately jump into a crazy diet if you aren't used to it, so start off by cutting out certain foods one by one each week until you can realistically stick to it for the long term.

>50 water fast
>50 days
>no food

>The human body needs food and water to survive. A human can go for more than three weeks without food — Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation

Are you insane or stupid?

There's a case study on a dude who did > 1 year fasting.

I mean, the thing that's going to kill you on a very long fast is electrolyte imbalance.

If you have the bodyfat you can fast for as long as those reserves last.

What do you think fat is for? As long as you have fat in your body you wont starve.

lmaoooooooooo, your typical soyboy coping mentality

YEARS of shitty eating habits, tons of calories, 0 excersice, and somehow you think a few weeks will get you the results you want?

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Its not just body fat that your body is going to be eating away at to survive, its muscle as well. OP wants to do this fast so he can start working out but that makes no sense. If he wants to lose weight he needs to be patient and consume less than what he burns. I would recommend only eating within a 12 hour window minimum, if he can cut it to 9 even better.

>Mahatma Gandhi survived 21 days of complete starvation

That little cocksuckerCLAIMED he survived 21 days of complete starvation. But it was probably a lie concocted by his Brit owners.

You're a dumb ass going from one extreme to another.

>YEARS of shitty eating habits

I gaurentee you will fail

Just make gradual changes and start going swimming

because the faster you lose weight, the faster it will come back

>"Calories in calories out bro"

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Heres the plan, man:

1. Lift often, lift heavier and heavier. It will never be easier than now to build muscle.

2. Start eating clean

3. When, and only when, you have built up some actual muscles should you start thinking about fasting/cutting whatever. If you have no muscles to burn calories during a fast what's the fucking point?

4. Ignore all of the above and fast if you just want to improve your self-control and burn some fat before proceeding with #1.

Thank you for the genuine advice and not just shit talking me.

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Maybe you should look at it differently, as someone who lost 30 lbs. and then started lifting.

Eat less as well as eat healthy food. Cut all soda and sugary snacks, eat MUCH less carbs than you used to. No alcohol either.

Do cardio and core exercises at LEAST 4 times a week. Build yourself up to a 5k assuming you cannot complete that already.

Once you hit being able to do a 5k, every time you do it from here on, try to cut your time by 10 seconds AS WELL as sprints at the end of your workout.

This will build your muscular endurance and stamina, and its better than the retarded fasting bullshit you're doing now.

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your body isn't stupid.
If you starve yourself for a while, as soon as you resume a regular diet he'll be like ''Oh shit that sucked... better start packing fat asap for the next time this asshole wants to starve me''

>ITT fat-ass dies from nourishment
>everybody laughs

That's not true.
I've lost 70+ pounds with intermittent fasting and being very strict with what I ate.

Cutting out bread sodas snacking of all kinds and only occasionally indulging in a bag of chips or small bowl of ice cream.

The problem isn't losing weight. Any fool can do that. Every single diet that won't lead to instant death works 500% of the time.
The problem is that no one knows how to maintain outside of those crazy ass diets.
They don't lay the groundwork for life long maintenance and have it in their heads that if they get slim once they can keep getting fat and getting slim again over and over again or simply just want to prove something to themselves before they go back to their food abusing gluttonous slovenly lifestyles.

And lord knows no one wants to talk about simple eating strategies for keeping off larger amounts of weight and simple weight loss stratagies. Why? Because that means depriving themselves of things and that means that the yo you dieting that many fitness places depend on and food companies depend on will stop.

Literal meme advice.

>literally starving yourself to near death just to lose some weight


my only advise is fasting in order to lose weight and start lifting has to be the stupidest idea I've ever read

I was Skele mode after I did this for 3-4 months, weighing 150 and a year later I now weigh 170 with even less fat than Skele mode.

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you're not fat enough to fast for almost 2 months, you would last like a week at most, but since you clearly have no discipline, you will last another day, maybe 2

The fact you've given your current diet a week before getting fed up tells me you have zero will power and there is zero chance yous stick to fasting.

Stop posting disgusting gooks, thanks.

>Lifting at 25% BF and eating enough to end up morbidly obese
>the year of our lord 2000+17+1

>dies from nourishment

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>Decide eating a 1,000 a day is stupid when I'm ok with fasting
It's not like I went on a binge or some shit, I just decided to cut even more calories.

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How about just fast 3-4 days a week

You should be eating 1000 calories and lifting. Why the fuck do you want to lose so much weight before lifting? What is your thought pattern?

>What is your thought pattern?
Lose most the fat before lifting.

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Thats stupid. Keep your 1000 cal a dat diet and start lifting now.

better drink that snake juice nigga

You mean like starving yourself and eating below bmr for a year?

this dude is onto something

What benefit does that have vs. cutting and lifting from your goal weight or BF%? If you're untrained, you won't be sacrificing that much muscle mass.

I'm not shilling one way or another, I'm genuinely interested in why you think it'll make a difference?

Your body fat will help build muscle, then you can cut when you want to get lean. If you cut first you'll have to increase your caloric intake to bulk up and gain muscle.

Read the sticky McFat

Don't let everyone get you down, OP. I'm 41 days into a lenten water fast right now and I can say it's without a doubt the best dieting decision I've ever made. I've lost 70lbs from 285 and still have five more days to go. Dropped down from wearing size 44 pants to size 36 and went from wearing XXL to L. I had literally zero experience with fasting before this and I'm doing just fine.

The first week will feel kind of weird, but so long as you take a multivitamin, a magnesium supplement, a 1g salt tablet, and 4700mg of potassium mixed with water you'll be good to go however long your body fat stores let you. Don't listen to the people on /fast/ obsessed with Snakeman. You don't actually need to drink salt water with your potassium, that's just retarded.

Easter can't come fast enough.

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So you have eaten no solid food in the last 41 days? Is that what a water fast is?

Do this shit so you don't die OP.

Yes, only water and the supplements I mentioned. Because my digestive system has been inactive for so long it will also take some time for my body to get adjusted to eating again, so I'll be mostly sticking to my favorite veggies and some water down fruit juices for the first week.

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>Dur it just eats the fat
No retard, it takes from muscle as well. That's why ketogenic diets aren't recommend to be on for a very long time, because eventually it starts to take it from the muscles, specifically the heart since it's the biggest

you might as well do a snake fast so you dont have to worry about re-feed syndrome
1-3/4 teaspoons nosalt
about 2 teaspoons himalayan pink salt
mix into a liter of water and sip throughout the day
then you get an extra liter of fresh water you can drink at the end of the day
make sure to stay somewhat active throughout the day

You realize the ratio of muscle loss to fat loss is like 1:10, right?

I fasted back in December for 31 days and I only lost 45 pounds from 350.6. Please tell me how did you lose more than me.

this 100%.
actually fairly tasty.
but only need 1 flat teaspoon of each per 1 Liter of H2O.

>get some extra T.P.

yeah but what about the flex fresh water?
the faggot might want to have some fresh water at the end of the day

you're pretty fat but not nearly too fat to lift. fasting does work, is better for you than the restriction you're currently doing, but has a really high chance of failure. maybe start with keto/nocarb and at the very least 1200-1400 calories, or short 24-48 hour fasts

12 hour window are you serious?
I'm on a 500 calorie deficit and even I'm giving myself an 8 hour window, it's perfectly fine for a fat person to fast for weeks on end, if he wants muscle he can start lifting now with a 500 calorie deficit.
From what I can gather, OP would rather be skinny in 2 months then lift for 10 months and be decent, rather than spend 12 months going from fat to decent. If this is true then it'd be better for him to do a water fast for 1.5 months then start going the gym after he's reached his goal weight.

Good to know you understand how to get back into eating, usually people just start eating shit right after 1.5 months of a water fast, their organs can't take it and they end up throwing it back up.
Spend the first week eating a very low calorie amount, 500 or so calories, let your body get used to eating food again, slowly and gradually raise the calories you eat per week as your body adjusts to eating food again, until you can eat the recommended 2200 calories.

This also this fasting diet my lower your bloods PH and become fatal.

By what mechanism does it lower your blood pH so much that your body cannot regulate it by blowing it off?

You're retarded. It has risks but that is not one of them.

>t. PA-C

just do omad

You should work yourself into fasting, see how your body responds. Start pushing intermittent fasting hours up. Start at 12-12 then 16-8, 20-4, omad, etc.

Are you a NEET that did nothing but sit around all day or did you have a job? Lifting is both a hobby of mine and a regular part of my job, I work in a warehouse.

I was 99.6 kg before I started lifting I went cold turkey and changed my diet dramatically from fast food and processed food and went al natural only meat and veggies and fruit and ate nothing without nutritional value I lost 13 kg in about a month and no this is what I look like 6 months later if I were you start lifting and dieting now so when the fat disappears (which it will your willpowers strong) you already have some form of muscle to start making serious gains with

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