Gorilla gains

how do monkeys and gorillas get so muscular if they dont even lift ? Why cant humans be like this ? and how much can a gorilla bench ?

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BBC genetics

Try swinging from a tree and see.

gorillas aren't even the most muscular animals. Lion mode is end game

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You do realize they have to support their entire body with their arms when they walk, right? That's why they're so strong because they're lifting their gorilla mass when they move their gorilla ass

but thats high rep which doesnt build muscle

they don't lift but do what you'd call sports all day long

well why are my legs small then ?

They bulk 12 hours a day and their genes put it into muscles

Tldr edit ur genes for gorilla mode

Most of them barely do anything except calisthenics, stretch, hiit, eat organ meats and the occasional veg and rest and bang his harem of whores.
He also OCCASIONALLY fights off other lions, helps with the kill, and fucks the whores of lionesses from other prides.

because you are skinny and light

leave this board and go lift some weights

well gorillas are also skinny and light relative to their size

humen have fat storing genetics, they do not

nigga, that still doesn't take away the fact that there's alot of gravity pulling them to the center of the earth, thus, heavier

so if i use my arms to walk i can be a gorilla ?

yeah go ahead

Humans didn’t evolve to become strong and muscular, we evolved to be intelligent

>how much 4 da bench brah
probably a lot. i'd say 3 plate at least. chimps are retard strong. gorillas are FUCKING strong
because muscles and big brane both require a lot of energy. you can be incredibly intelligent compared to other animals or be holy shit levels of strong with. when we take natural food supply into account, you certainly can't be both.

Have you ever watched a documentary on gorillas? They sit around all day eating leaves. Fucking leaves. Not even real protein. Sometimes they walk to the next patch of leaves.

Their digestive system can break down the fiber rich leaf diet into raw fucking protein bro. It's like cellulose or somethign

This must be how 'tards are so freaking strong.

low fat diet

lmgtfy.com/?q=How much can a gorilla bench press?

it's more about their tendons and the lack of fine motor control in exchange for brute strength