Who do you lift for?

Who do you lift for?

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I lift to make my dad proud

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>the only answer

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I lift to escape failiure. I ended up taking a 2 year break from lifting after losing 70lbs due to a combination of my son being born and a new, stressful job. Those legit reasons became excuses for myself over time and complacency turned into depression. After I realised that my self esteem hit rock bottom and it wouldn't matter even if I put on another 50lbs, I couldn't feel more low about myself. Now I lift fuelled by the anger of the past 2 years that I wasted.

I also lift to set an example to my son that anything can be achieved with motivation and dedication. (I won't tell him about the burning self hatred part tho)

Race war


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Self improvement, pussy, the usual stuff. Oh, and for pic related ofc.

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I lift to control my destiny.

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My future wife

Also this.


I lift for Captain Sharpe

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Myself, I'm all I have.

My nigga

Definitely for girls, but ultimately for how I feel when I get the attention of girls.

For you.

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For my future son

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For anybody who will join me in the conquest against talmudic jews