Lifting for white women

>lifting for white women

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Hmm thats one thicc pelvic tilt

>lifting for men with wigs
black women a shit

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>all that flab and cellulite on left
>monkey face to boot

You can find much hotter black girls than that OP

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I have a kazak/russian gf. Does that count?
T. Finnish spurdo

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>lifting for bestiality

You have access to ethnic Finnish,Swedish and Russian women and you are with a Kazakh mutt. Sad.

fuck off back to your containment board you inbred faggot mongrels

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Back to the hood, jamal

>Lifting for women

He means cossack I think.

There's a 99.9% chance that the person you are talking too isn't black.

Even if he isn't black physically, he's black mentally.

there's a bunch of black people on Veeky Forums, there are even black people on pol somehow

Fuck, I've never seen a black person live in my life.

t. jelly becky

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girl in the OP looks like a man. you're a straight up faggot if you find her hot

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>not knowing how to cherry pick a photo to prove your point

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All black women are either fat or a couple years away from being fat. They're also somehow even more insane and stupid than regular women, and more prone to outbursts of screaming and violence. Wouldn't touch one with a 10 foot pole.

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Nigger lol

>being so morbidly autistic that he can't recognize objectively attractive genetic factors

Serena might be hit or miss but black women are FAR from shit tier you soyboy

who is this goddess

They have an STD rate above 50% mate. You're literally less likely to correctly guess heads or tails than find a non-diseased nigger. That's not even taking into account their monkey features, awful culture, demeanour and sheer fatness.

Yeah, but there's a 99.9% chance that the average white will get a herpes or the clap from another white person who got it from another white person.
There's a reason why they've had a big LOL HERPES IS NO BIGGIE thing going on for a while in popmedia.
Well, have fun with your skewed statistics that back your narrative and racism.
Don't worry, the chads might decide to put their seed in some random 4/10 who just so happen to have blonde hair and blue eyes and protect your white race rather then continuing to fuck their way across the rainbow.
Jamal will even decide to continue his eternal lust for white women simply because of your post.

>talking too
okay nigger-chan

Look at that post. Denying the CDC and actually claiming facts are racist. I genuinely hope you're just a typical WE WUZ nigger instinctively getting defensive of his own monkey kin. If not then you're the most pathetic creature I've ever seen.

>tfw never caught anything but a nut from over 15 black women (several of which were absolute fucking sluts), but almost caught fucking herpes and clap from two different white women with barely any bodies on them

but then again I don't fuck poor women like you might have to so I probably don't have to worry about STD's anywa-

>hurr racist buzzwords

ok user

why are you so mad user there's nothing wrong with a little variety
not every girl has to look like taylor swift to be attractive y'know

Of course not every girl needs to look like Taylor Swift but fucking things that look like monkeys with poo coloured skin is the absolute lowest a bar can go. Nigger.

heheh nice !

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Serena williams is nice

thats fine, friend
different people like different things
more delicious shitty monkey pussy for me then I suppose

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Am I banned from that last thread?

There's no niggers in my country so that wasn't exactly a concern of mine. Just pointing out that you're into bestiality with a side of disease.

God I hope this is bait.

Out of curiosity, what country do you live in?

t. Nigger (you)


probably some eastern yurop shithole that ends in "ia"

they don't have niggers but they do have gypsies, the latter of which i've never seen in real life

What's wrong about lifting for men with wigs?

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/pol/ isn't a trump circle jerk. It's anti progressive circle jerk yeah.

I don't live in Eastern Europe. I do think all gypsies should be killed though.

m8 now im curious too, where do you live

I want to find a cute gypsy and blow her back out ngl

Fuck off we're full.

There is no such thing as a cute gypsy. They all look like fucking gargoyles.

56%, if he/she is American, actually

>this terrifies the testosterone deficient soy boy

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fucking disgusting

>he actually fell for a meme
This is as embarrassing as the faggots on /gif/ into cuck shit cuz it was memed so hard that idiots took it seriously.

t. tiny penis soy boys

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>how can I prove I don't just let memes dictate my life?
>I've got it!

Needs more sniffs

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Well maybe you should go back to sucking Trump's dick, it sounds like that's more what you are into anyway.

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Nigger lol

Lol i cant believe you used the n-word, man. That's so offensive! Specially on the 4chans... I'm just baffled. Wow! Wow.

Nigger lol

>/pol/ isn't a trump circle jerk.

fucking lol

Not even american, I'm just honest about my preferences. Check the stats for any dating website and you will see the majority agrees, black women are not popular. Not even with black men.

t. rice fields

Wrong again.

> not knowing basic shit like the Williams sisters
> thinking his opinion matters

Sneaky lul

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>Dating websites
>The opinions of the absolute bottom of the barrel

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I'd pound that boipussy
No homo of course tho


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>tfw skinny ugly jew who finds ethnic girls way more attractive than white girls (latina, light skinned black, middle eastern, even light skinned indians)
>too ugly and autistic to talk to any girls anyway
>25 year old kissless virgin


>make lazy race bait thread
>get mad when people start laughing at niggers

what did he mean by this

so according to this thread you have to be a /pol/ack to dislike nigresses?

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>white women

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There are many threads a day shitting on him you retarded faggot


I'm not scared of no shit skin I'll fuck the shit out of her make her call me her slave master

Black women are nearly always butterfaces. They always seem to have 8/10 ass and tits and a 3/10 faces.

I don't think so at all.

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like he said bro. mixed and still got them simian lips.

Full black and those simian lips are what every other model your people worship spend thousands of dollars getting installed aftermarket.

i just know my dick is probably not big enough to go from the edge of her buttocks to her pussy if i take her doggy

that's why i fear big thicc girls

OP wasnt a fag today

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>I don't live in eastern europe
He is polish for sure

women buy all kinds of stupid shit, that doesn't mean anything

i lift for brown qts

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pct + upturned eyebrows. thats a beautiful eye area

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>lifting for women

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>hurr look im a retard

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Niggers aren't human.

At this moment what is the point of her fucking hijab? How does she honor her deity like this?

> full black
That absolute cope. I bet you think american blacks are black too when they're all mutts.

who dat on the right/


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It's a circlejerk you dumbass

White women are disgusting, Latinas and light skinned black girls only

How the hell can you lift for anything except yourself?

>trying to subvert a right wing meme about a year too late
Leftists truly can't meme