Why are women such normies?

Why are women such normies? Seriously. Plenty of dudes are normies as well, but I swear, like 96% of women are normies with no hobbies. Why?

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they're herd creatures

Little do they know, binge watching Netflix does not count as a hobby

Humans are a social organism and women even more so. Their whole identity is defined by their relationship with other women. It’s like asking why all krill look the same.

I don't understand how so many people can just sit on a couch for hours and hours on end, eating junk and watching episode after episode of some unimaginative show.

Is this actually true? How would you describe men?

Women don’t need to be interesting to get a man, just like they don’t need to be funny to get a man

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The humor thing I understand. But guys can be funny around other guys. Is that not where it comes from? Now I'm questioning the whole humor thing.

I'd say most people are uninteresting, honestly. But at least most guys have an interest that can hold a conversation for an extended period of time. Most women I come across can hold a conversation, but it's about nothing.

>I don't understand how so many people can just sit on a couch for hours and hours on end, eating junk and watching episode after episode of some unimaginative show.

People have been doing that since the inception of the television.

Because women literally don’t need to develop personalities to find a mate

Women are born to be mediocre.

I feel this and it annoys me that I’m still attracted to them. Is there a way that I could rewire my brain to become gay? Was thinking of having an acid trip and showing pics of tits/vaginas next to scary images or something

>why aren’t women as autistic as me and spend their Saturday nights watching anime

Conforming to a prevailing successful social strategy and co-operation and submitting to strong protective men/ideals/socities is their greatest survival strategy.

It's also how they are genetically wired. Women tend to have a purely perfect baseline of mediocrity. Fewer retarards and fewer geniuses. This is not a knock against women, although women have been trained to see it as such by women who hate women and themselves and men who want them to be their perfectly easily manipulated slave class.
This is a fact.

My girlfriend is into raving. Is that a hobby?

Quads confirm. This board is proof. 96% autists, and the rest are women.

Women, by and large, are not funny by any yardstick.

Amy schumer for example, her entire act is about being a slut and having a gross vag. It's not a case of my being a prude either. I like quite a few "blue" stand ups (joey diaz comes to mind). However, they have variety. If you cut out her gross vag and whore gags an hour long set would literally be 5 mins tops

neither does binging on anime and vidya, dude

i'm not a femoid but to be fair on them..

>tfw met a girl who has actual hobbies, convictions, and an actual non-cookie cutter personality
it's a good feeling knowing that they exist

>clockwork oranging yourself to become gay
Never change Veeky Forums.

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>Went without human contact for 5 years
>Full-on gay now
Isolation + trap porn over a long period of time will turn you gay, user.

Never change Veeky Forums

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She's into doing random drugs and guys, not much of a hobby when compared to the life style of a fitizen

They literally exist to make babby. They have no individuality. Men are performers, women their audience.

Kek, c u c k e d

Think about it like this

Men who are funny are more likely to produce offspring
Therefore men are genetically predisposed to being more funny than their female counterparts because females that are funny are just as likely to reproduce as those which are unfunny.
Remember that the genders have different chromosomes and it’s likely that the genes associated with charisma and funnyness are more likely to be found on the Y chromosome, hence more men being natural leaders.

Stay on this board long enough and it's bound to happen.

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Their normal distribution for most things is taller than the one for men due to different evolutionary pressures. This explains almost all the differences between men and women, both positive and negative.

>tfw ladyboy gf, soon ladyboy wife
[spoiler]Under the premise that she won't cut off her penis for me.[/spoiler]

>best sex I’ve ever had with active broad who enjoyed hiking, yoga, concerts, down to earth, super chill
>most fwb enjoy active hobbies: kayaking, skiing, socializing, checking out breweries
>most women I know have active social lives, hobbies.
>involve yourself in these hobbies and no-strings-attached sex at every turn.
Sorry you’re autistic.

Active chicks also have tighter pussies. Which kinda sucks cause I have a fat cock and it gets me off fast, but take the good with the bad.

>isolation for 4 years
>fapped to futa all those years
>can't "progress" to traps even after making attempts
Pretty sure you were always gay user.

>Is there a way that I could rewire my brain to become gay?
Start mentally conditioning yourself, start watching anime and gay movies, I would highly recommend "Free" and "Call Me By Your Name." Slowly introduce gay porn so you have time to get used to it and eventually you will only be able to get off to dudes. Honestly though if you have no gay tendencies to start with it might be pretty hard and I'm not sure if it's possible.

I miss him

Some of us are

Have hope, user. You'll find your irl waifu someday

>Tfw Free unironically turned me gay
Can't wait until season 3 comes out, also Nagisa best boy

Tumblr is Veeky Forums for women and Harry Potter is their anime. Men just make their autism seem normal so they can still fuck.

>good goy - dont reproduce rather become a gayfag

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Based quads of truth, fpbp
autism is higher in men and women are sheep



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Because they're scared, so they flee to popular/accepted behavior. Everybody is fucked up deep down, though. You just have to learn to unravel the things they say from the things they do and have done and you'll see what's up.

Dude same, I'm so pumped for the next season. That show is so good.
>tfw no Nagisa bf

Watching anime made me fall in love with 2D instead.

Remember OP, 3D girls suck but 2D girls are love.

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