Fictional goal body thread

Fictional goal body thread

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>ywn be this high test

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I'd like to ravage his body too.

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>*cucks you*
It's all about the face, Guts.
No amount of lifting can un-rape your girlfriend, you gymcel.

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I too would like to look like Casca.

either is fine

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is this achievable natty?

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me on the left

this is why manga/comics are so shit tier. that level of deterioration would cause the body to go into shock and would have shut down long ago

not necessarily true, people have survived extensive flaying, one example is a british trader in Africa in the 1800s who was flayed by a tribe but was rescued soon after and survived, andl also some people who've suffered steam burns in boiler ruptures have survived massive skin loss.

What i dont get about this picture, how can your pec's be below your ribcage...


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Daily reminder.

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pubes are not safe for work

Either is fine.

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How many eggs, steaks and cigarettes do I have to eat before I can into golden age superhero mode?

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Can I obtain this natty?

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And there is literally nothing wrong with that

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>ywn be a slim fit brown girl

Golden age supes you can do natty. But how do I into sneeze-away-an-entire-solar-system silver age supes?

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Jesus Christ...., how dumb.

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your ribs end around the clavicle area.

Fuck cripples and Neapolitans. I need Jesus.

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Jesus told me to kill the president

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I don't want to look like I don't lift.

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I have never seen the anime, but I decided to look up that scene out of morbid curiosity. I really don't understand what the fuck is wrong with Japanese people.

it's common for women to fall in love with their captors/rapists. it's a survival mechanism and happens with most animals

Bad guy comin thru

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You think that's bad? Look up the troll rape

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I want to achieve ultimate being mode

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what scene is this? from what anime?

What program/diet would you need to follow for this?

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a combination of clean and dirty bulk foods in very high quantities, tons of strenght training with weights, calisthenics, gymnastics and of course martial arts

Is krokodil natty?

Scream for 3 days x repeat to exhaustion

Is there anyone out there (a real person, obviously) who looks like this?

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-being old man (though it'd be nice to still have this body in old age)

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you'd need a hyperbolic time chamber

his torturer peeled the muscle off his ribs

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How do I get this body?

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Literally swim

if u are serious this is really easy to get

tfw i will probably never look like pic related

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that feel when you will never be hisoka

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All Might mode

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>inb4 not natty

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>My dad's name is Bryan
>He fucking loves Tekken

I want his jaw more than anything. How do I achieve jaw gains?

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Fuck you buddy

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yeah, just lose sight of your dream, fuck the virgin daughter of an obsessivelyprotective father with massive connections and a private underground prison and get put into the care of a sadistic midget for a year.

is this achievable natty?

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Read the manga, stay the fuck away from the recent anime.


Unironically. It's very athletic, toned, and sustainable.

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that weird advertisement was better than the actual game

>hypertrophy test chamber

Nah, the Black Dog chapter is worse.

Fuck, it set perfectly the tone for the Eclipse.

The troll chapter stills fuck me up tho

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It's King Regis having a vision of the future - Noct's future. That's why he sends the chocobros with him, because he's seen what happens if Noct goes alone

Fight the strongest dude you can find and get your ass beaten by him, then kick his ass.

Repeat until your hair turns golden.

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Get someone existing in one dimension more than the one you exist in to draw you like that.

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Last time I posted this some autist said it didnt count because it wasnt canon. I have no idea what its even from.

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Always go for this.
Only villains do that.

How can you not know One Piece

Maybe because he has a life.

I dont watch anime.

standard training x100G
space monkey heritage x1

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hopefully we get some dark and brutal in the next few chapters.
Just wish he'd keep this quality of art every time. His art took a dip during the boat ark.

Why does the bridge of his nose look like testicles.

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>mfw I can only find one doujin where Guts fucks Griffith
>all the rest is Griffith fucking Guts

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what is happening here?

Look at .