Anyone Else horrified of having Fat kids?

Anyone else lift to inspire their kids to be fit, healthy and energetic? One of my worst fears is my son becoming "That Fat Kid" You know exactly the one I'm talking about, the one that is overly sensitive, scared of everything, anti-social and fat.

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give him healthy food and teach him about the dangers of being a tubby faggot. Fuckin EZ

I lift purely to give someone the life I never had. One with a father that is actually there and doesn't let them become a fat, autistic piece of shit.

my little brother is getting fatter and fatter. he plays fortnite all day and today i caught him eating jam with a fucking spoon. how do i help him?

>today i caught him eating jam with a fucking spoon. how do i help him?
give him some peanut butter

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Why would you be scared of something that you're ultimately in control of? You can lay the foundation for healthy eating habits when he's young and lead by example by having healthy foods and meals available at home.

At the right age, you can teach him even cooler stuff about eating, like macronutrients, how to cook, how to fast, ketosis, etc.

if i have a boy im going to drill him like he was in the army with a strict diet/workout regime. If i have a daughter im just going to rape her and whisper in her ear that i have a fetish for fat chicks, hopefully she'll be to traumatised and not eat in the vain hope that i wont rape her as much

>One of my worst fears is my son becoming "That Fat Kid" You know exactly the one I'm talking about, the one that is overly sensitive, scared of everything, anti-social and fat.
wat do if your dad pounded you in the booty when you were 5 and as a result you have been "That Fat Kid" your whole life despite the attempts of those around you to encourage you to be active because if you don't stuff your face to numb the pain then you can feel him plunging back into you every day

Probably see a therapist.


More scared of having a girl desu

I am that one, overly sensitive, scared of everything, anti-social and skinny kid.
I have started to take every opportunity I'm giving by my friends to improve by saying yes all the time.
I unconsciously say NO all the time.

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I don't know which is worse, having a boy who grows to become an overweight soy boy or having a girl.

As a former fat kid my kids will at least know all the shit they need to not be fat and I'll make sure they don't get fat as long as I'm in charge of what they eat.

Then again I started getting fat when I started hanging out with some obese twins in elementary school and every day they would give me a twinkie or something else from their lunchbox at lunch every day plus whatever they fed me at their house. Then I got older and just started eating whatever I wanted in the house.

I think keeping my kids active beyond just doing a sport such as running some might be the key. Also making healthy food that tastes good would help I think. My parents didn't eat meat so I ended up eating way too much food once I was able to have as many delicious burgers, shakes, pizza, and other shit as I wanted.

As soon as I have kids I'm calculating their tdee, starting them on calisthenics and cardio and getting them into a sport of their choice and forcing them to continue with it. I want olympic athletes not fucking autists who go on Veeky Forums

If your kid is fat, it's your fault. Parents are 100% to blame for their kids weight. Give them a healthy, balanced diet, and it shouldn't happen.

Personally, if I have a kid, I'm going to indoctrinate him into loving football. I'd take him to football games, enrol him in the local footy team once he's old enough (we have classes for like 5yo kids here). Make him love it.

I think being fit as a kid can basically set you for life. Just having the higher testosterone from being physically active will make him a chad.

I'm not surprised you like anime.

>I want olympic athletes not fucking autists who go on Veeky Forums

Any extreme is going to fuck up your kids in the head. Let's be honest, you don't have the genes to produce a top-tier athlete.

Encourage them to be active and sporty, cook healthy meals, don't buy them junk, limit screen time, but don't make training something they dread or something that keeps them from having a social life. Kids whose parents force them into athletic stardom instead of normal socialization are almost as bad as autists.

My dad was never nice to me. Called me names and it all stuck in my head.
I'm pure soy.

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>I'm going to indoctrinate him
>Make him love it.
>forcing children to like shit as you see fit
people like you are the same kind of freaks as those that force their offspring to follow their own religion against their will

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Are you really not at all concerned that football will fuck up his brain? I wouldn't wish CTE on my kid.

Horrified? You realise that a good 80% of fat kids are fat because of their parents, right?

I've got 3 generations of diabetes in my genes, yet I've never been 'fat'.

The fattest I got was when I thought I was bulking at the gym, when in fact I was just consuming 5000 calories a day with little understanding why

literally me, it works but my daughter turned into a little slut.

Yes but I will very strongly encourage team sports over lifting.

My parents shit the bed with regard to parenting my little brother. He was a fatass with a garbage diet and he was sedentary. I took a semester off and moved back home and marched his ass down the war path. I was never cruel but I would not budge. I literally dragged him to the gym with me, on bike rides and jogs and just out of his room every day. I had to cut the power to his room and take his smartphone just to get him to go to sleep at regular times. All the while he was throwing a prolonged shitfit about how horrible I was and saying the most inane shit that only someone who was utterly pampered could come up with. I never budged even when my parents were getting in the way at first. I had to constantly tell them what he and they were doing was bad for his health and how everything I was forcing him to do would fix it. He's doing a lot better now and he's grateful. He plays rugby and he's getting huge in a good way. When he had his last physical he had some xrays done because he had a small wrist injury. The doctor said he has really "young" growth plates and he's due to grow even more which should make him taller than me who's 6'3". I think he'll make it.

tldr; discipline and a steady hand

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You're responsible for your kid's diet. It's hard to fuck that up unless you're a retard.

How about you indoctrinate him into a better sport and not one that shortens his life span and wrecks his CNS?

>how to create a vengeful person: the post

I find this thread ironic. Every kid I know whose parents kept them on strict diets or forced them into sports ended up rebelling and becoming fat pieces of shit as soon as they were old enough to get their own food.

Everyone I know whose parents gave them a reasonable amount of food choice and let them do their own thing ended up just fine.

This so fucking much
people who think they can just force their children into any habit they deem "right" are no better than any other nutjob wanting their kids to be just like them

tl;dr let your kids make their own choices faggot