Are weighted pushups better than bench press?

Are weighted pushups better than bench press?

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No it's annoying to have people stack on plates every fuckin set. I'd have a dude throw on 3 plates and they'd be falling and bashing in the back of my head and shit as I would rep. Stick to weighted dips.

Obese race reporting in , I can do 20 push ups weighing 312, but I can only bench 245 for 1 rep max, wtf?

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>not being strong and flexible enough to put the pl8s on yourself
never gonna make it

You create a vector when you pushup
ie you push less weight at the top of a pushup

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For overall athletic development, I'm sure it is better. For chest muscle growth, probably not.

You could have a person out the weights on your back for the first set and then rest with the weights still on you while face down on the floor.

i just lately had idea

cant you just put barbell on floor, and crawl under it and do weighted pushups with bar on your back

Bar rolls
And space too small to crawl under

You know, this might actually be doable on a smith machine. You'd still need somebody to rack the weight for you though.

Fuck you're right. I never will

funny because it's true

cant you place the bar around traps rear delts like fro low bar squat

bigger plates, like the wagon wheels

How do push up with big wheels. You no get depth needed

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Or what about have the barbell sitting on a rack, and then you lay down on a bench underneath it and elevate? It's the same thing as a weighted pushup, but in reverse.

Just put the weights in a backpack, problem solved bois

>Retarded enough to stuff his face in up to 300lbs
>retarded enough to not know the basics of a fucking push up
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