Why the fuck are shorts so expensive?

Why the fuck are shorts so expensive?
How the fuck do I get workout cloths for cheap?



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nigga just go to walmart and buy some 5 dollar shorts, dont fall for the compression and ultra dri fit memes

Don't buy the ones with a brand name on them, you absolute fuckwit.

They're literally all made by the same slaves in Bangladesh anyway. Do you think anyone would buy a Lamborghini if it was just a VW beetle with a horse badge on the grill?

thrift shop

>fucking lululemon

gee oh pee i dunno why expensive brand names are so expensive desu

Go to a walmart or a fucking thrift shop or even a department store. Alternatively just go on amazon.

And if you can't afford to pay $9-13 bucks for shorts I don't know what to tell you

Nigga, dri fit is not a meme. Dri fit shirts keep my nipples from abrasive cuts. Example: the friction from jogging for long periods of time.

If you look around on Amazon sometimes you can find legit bootlegs of these styles. I recently found some lululemon bootleg that was extremely good quality for 1/4 of the price.

Just go to Ross or JCPenny or TJMaxx and buy their cheap as fuck gym clothes

Just wear footy shorts from previous teams you've played for

There's your problem.

The last shorts i bought were some shitty home brand from a sports store when i lived in japan. 3 years later they're still going strong and comfy as fuck. 400y on sale (around 4 burgerbucks)

dont buy brand name

not gonna lie, nike and lulu lemon make some real good shit, but you don't need it

literally just put some tape/a plaster over them

I’m hairy as fuck tho

t. Hairy southern Italian blooded nigga

Walmart sells a generic drugs fit shirt, there like 5 bux a pop


Why aren't there any gym shorts with pockets. How do you keep your shit from falling out of those ejecting pockets.

Lululemon master race checking in.

why don't you just... not have shit in your pockets while working out?

To everyone saying wear no name shit, you look poor as fuck.

I bought one of thous Nike dry fit shirts and it looks 100x better than some old tee shirt.

The amount of girls mirin increases 10x fold when you wearing nice cloths.

Has anyone had luck with ordering from Ali Express?

Go to ross, you will often find brand name nike, adidas, etc.

>doesn't want to look poor
>uses aliexpress

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That site is garbage. All the clothes are fitted onto manikins with pins to make them look nice.

>Do you think anyone would buy a Lamborghini if it was just a VW beetle with a horse badge on the grill?
Not him, and I hear ya, but people probably still would

pics of japanese shorts breh

is this nigga for real?

thinking your nike shorts will impress girls in the gym? what the fuck?

>poorfags lmaooo dude lmao
are you retarded?

they're expensive so they can hire cute girls in their stores at south coast plaza

A lot of items on aliexpress are made in the same factory with the same material as name brand items. China doesnt give a fuck about getting sued since they can just shut down a company and keep creating more companies in its place

Veeky Forumsggot, shoo, go on! GET!

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>nice clothes
>gym gear
are you even old enough for the 'ch0n?

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>not putting spackle on ur nips

No they aren't. They're all cheapest knockoffs. If you want best grade copies they won't be THAT much cheaper than original but are harder to comeby, mostly sold wholesale. B too but can get it but not on aliexpress or prices will be higher.

I find soccer shorts to be the most comfortable and a good length for the gym, short enough to look good.

What are some good websites to buy discount soccer apparel, not terribly concerned about the logos.

goodwill but u have to dig, i have found some expensive ass brands once in a blue moon