Should he do ss+gomad?

should he do ss+gomad?

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BIG BRAIN OPINION: Personal weapons should be limited to hunting rifles and shotguns, but the government should do more to crack down on violent niggers

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AR-15 is a hunting rifle


shall not infringe

BIG BRAIN OPINION: private sellers should be held accountable for the actions of who they sell to. Just like drug dealers when someone overdoses

SS + GOMAD would turn him into a braphogg

>falling for the democracy meme

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Just like car dealers should be held accountable for car crashes, right? Better to blame the product than the user

Haha yes!
BASED CIA puppet!

Not an argument.
Guns and cars aren't comparable, unless were in a Muslim shithole like the UK

This, but unironically

Authoritarian capitalism is the best system of government

I would be fine with car sellers requiring to see a driving license similar to having to see a gun license.
If you sell a potentially dangerous item to someone not qualified to use it you should be responsible.

Explain singapore

For whom? That faggot puppet sold out his country’s resources at exorbitant prices. Liberal Chile is much better than the previous shithole.


Skullcrushers 1xF

Singapore? A nation with extremely safe streets, low crime, and a high standard of living despite being multicultural?

He was a nessecary step to prevent what Allende was plotting.

Nevertheless, "democracy" leads to a situation like we have in the US where the Democratic Party constantly gives gibs to blacks and lets them loot and riot as they wish while importing millions of Mexicans and Muslims to shift the voter base in their favor. These will be the people setting policy for your children one day.

Lol I didn't even know Singapore was considered authoritarian

I mean they are a de-facto one party state and heavily discourage any criticism of the ruling party.
Quite similar to Russia in that respect.

Looks like their only workout is tearing a copy of the Constitution x f.

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>heavily discourage
it's illegal except I think they have a free speech park or something lmao

The absolute state of America.

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t. underage

Is this real?

I'm sure they sometimes get some cardio whilst running from school shooters

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>uses not an argument
>proceeds with non argument

you need to learn my nigga

Is this a real picture?

Correct. I had nothing to argue against. What does that echo chamber have to do with anything?

>he thinks the bill of rights are absolute and aren't allowed to be restricted

Get a load of this brainlet.

It's shopped. The righties are triggered so they have to make shit up to even justify why they're triggered.

The right was the first to implement gun control. They brought it on themselves

>shall not be infringed
anyone with a third grade reading level can tell you that literally means unrestricted you brainlet


No ss+2gomad KEK

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this kid is like 18 with 8" arms wtf thats gotta be unhealthy
kid couldnt even pick up a gun

He can't seriously have 8' arms

Comedians should be held accountable for their jokes causing trans womyn to suicide all around the world you fucking shitlord

People should be convicted of crimes for jokes like they do in Europe.

What is this dyke famous for?

aside: Do I care?

Except Jews they get exemptions. You know user, we oughta start making policy, because we're pretty fuckin good at it.

yeah look up what 10" arms looks like and his are wayyy smaller

>you made a suicidal person commit suicide!

“Lefties” seem more triggered about the picture’s existence than “righties” do about la atrocidad herself.

dios mio...

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It would be so goddamn funny if someone stabbed him to death

EXTREMELY BIG BRAIN OPINION: Only niggers should be allowed to own guns.

Think about it. A world ruled ONLY by BBC. Only white women and white sissybois will remain. It would literally be my ideal paradise. God, how I wish to be a slave to the BBC. I would drink Mandingo's cum like a Big Gulp yummy yummy cummy in my tummy!

And don't even get me started on milking traps... Hormones should be REQUIRED in all white bois starting before puberty. As long as they get put on some solid estrogen, they are prime breeding material.

Chinks get a pass based on a normal distribution curve (women/sissybois only).

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She "survived" a fake school massacre. So now she peddles her political faggotry with David Hogg.

Just like jews should be held accountable for the actions of Nazi right?

La goblina de la Norte America…

So literally every knife and sharp tool then?

nice cope nig

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its a meme pussy lmao

Lol, then go marry one of our breed. You won't. You'll just cry about me taken all your women haha :')

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la creatura...

Well there is only a certain extent to which this type of thing works.
But considering how prevalent tools/knifes and how personal they are as weapons it would obviously be unfeasible.
Considering you can't really teach someone to use them safely and there is an order of magnitude difference in the potential damage that can be done by a car/gun vs a sharp tool.

kill yourself

Maybe he should eat a bullet lol

Your right to bear arms isn't being denied in that scenatio. That's like saying your 2nd amendment rights are being violated by not having legal access to weaponized anthrax because the government is telling you what you can and can't use as a weapon.

>It's a meme xD
fucking sheep

I mean they've already banned explosives and full-auto guns.
If anything the 2nd amendment is already in tatters

Chemical war is already illegal for the government. It's like yelling fire in a movie theater, only we need to look at crime holitistically and see who's doing it.

I'm actually a half breed, get memed faggot

This guys right i found the original

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I guess if my guns were as small as his I'd want them banned too

>Chemical war is already illegal for the government.

What about when the government is illegally raiding a compound owned by a religious sect with legally registered weapons and they fill it full of tear gas and then ignite the gas and burn everyone inside alive? Is chemical warfare illegal in that instance?

El abominacion.


he should kys

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That must suck. Not that nigger by the way.

Is this that asshole that said the shooter deserved to get bullied?

quality bait


False equivalence

Congratulations. Here's your official retard card.

the wording isn't "shall not be denied"
it's "shall not be infringed"

fuck off you pinko faggot

Seriously, /pol/, leave our board and never come back

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Is this achievable natty?

>school shootings in America are so common you get famous for not dying in one
wew timeline

That's just like asking fags to go back to /lgbt/. Just get over it, /pol/ and faggots will always be here.

But people talking about sucking dicks is actually funny. This political shit is tiring

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But there's been a lot of right wing debate around here for the past two weeks or so, it's getting annoying.

La creatura...

>Well there is only a certain extent to which this type of thing works.
ahh, so its a subjective argument that is really only defined by someone qualified to make the call.....such as yourself.
got it, make sure you let everyone know your arbitrary qualifications for what constitutes a "potentially dangerous item" in your next post buddy!

the morons that say "there's no practical hunting use for an AR15" have never come across 30 feral hogs on their property. Also living close to the border with mexico i don't feel safe without one in case drug mules and human traffickers.

wtf are you trying to hunt??

Hahahahahaha how the fuck is there any reason to own a gun nigga just call the police like nigga run away


you're fucked in the head wtf is wrong with americans

>obsessed yuropoor

he should kill himself
you should also kill yourself

She's right tho. Those rules are centuries old. You think you aren't going to change that? Ever? You fanatics.

>Your right to bear arms isn't being denied in that scenatio.
Yes, it is you lying soylent faggot. If you want to go that route, then the 1st amendment only applies to pen/paper and the public square, not the internet, radio, or television. Because, after all, your 1st amendment rights aren't really being violated :^)


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How the fuck can his biceps be smaller than his elbows.


are you seriously fucking retarded?
pic related is a ar15
the version you know from tv is just a hunting rifle with what practically amounts to a real life skin for the gun its the same in any other aspect than visuals

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