Thoughts on the black pill

thoughts on the black pill

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Massive cope for fags with no discipline.

I stopped caring about this 'pill' nonsense a long time ago. You should too.

t. red pilled coper

When all else fails there's the money pill.

That motherfucker could be 5' 4 but if he pulled up in a drop top Jag with a Brietling on his wrist he'd have bitches.

that’s not the black pill and you know it

Green pill is the only answer.

What are the benefits of no pillow?

extremely legit. if you have an ugly face you will never have a woman who DESIRES you. you will never feel loved by a woman. maybe you will get a girlfriend or wife one day, but they wont be with you because they desire you and are attracted to you physically. you will never have this with an ugly face, so in this case it really is over

black pill is the incel pill aka harsh reality

that sort of attraction is ersatz at best, nothing compares to the love you get from being good looking and/or famous. And no I don't mean famous for being rich or some bs.

this, a 9/10 or 10/10 male can get genuine love, infatuation and affection from any girl

The ultimate Black pill

god i hate you lookism beta incel cunts

lookspill me on nopillow

What the hell is nopillow? Why would you sleep without a pillow?

I'm a blackpilled narcissistic chad

could fuck your girl tbqh

What the fuck
Fucking sick of this bullshit. This is a self improvement board, go back to r9k if all youre gonna do is cry

Have a double date on Thursday with girl I've never really seen before. Not actually going for the girl, but because it's a nice restaurant and I like fine dining but don't want to go by myself. She's the other girls friend, I'll know the girl and her bf. What pill should I take? I was given her sc but am taking the red pill and not really talking. She doesn't send questions so I don't talk.

Any experience with this lads? She is good looking so while i'm there I may as well crack on

Take the black pill if you wanna sui.

Otherwise, the combination of red and blue pill is the best.

>Dude just pay a woman to feign attraction to you, that's 100% the alpha way for sure my man

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lifting is a cope

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call me a pussy, but i prefer the blue pill because i'd rather cuddle and chat than have sex

Iron pill is best.

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Why not both? Low test faggot.

>dude just lift bro it'll be cool

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i never said i'd only do one and not the other
i simply said that i prefer one over the other
cuddling > sex

man this has got to be the most bitter thing I've ever read

its true tho

just b urself

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you do know that there exist women out there who are better than this right
>inb4 "no there aren't"
if you wholly and truly believe something as stupid as this, you are beyond help as a human

there really don't exist women that are better than that imo
if they do, they would leave you for chad if posible

Yeah, and people who win the lottery. It happens. Don't bet on it, though.

[email protected]

Blackpill is literally just giving up. Probably the least Veeky Forums thing ever. Might as well kill yourself if you've accepted that you'll never be happy.

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Incel is involuntary celibacy, right? If i already have sex regularly that wouldnt be my reality and the black pill doesnt make sense.

yes and no

statistically better for you as a male to take assumption for your own safety

depending on what country
what location
female to male ratio
big city or small city
and culture surrounding you

you can't just depend and be hopeful on "outliers" its a smaller percentage then the majority of girls

compare the girls, for a guy thats living in a farm area to a guy living in a busy city close to a university

is it better for him to take safe routes to success or just whole heartily believe everything is fairy tale love story?

if you see Chad as the hero of these comics, they become fucking brilliant

just who makes all of these top kek

>her kids and their father

woah, these are good


black pill is true if you lost genetic lottery.
>Tfw 5'4 manlet

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Both you and the incels are just blablabla
Itd obvious girls love hot guys, but feminist society brainwashes males with social conditioning about "what being a REAL MAN is all about". Its bullshit. I am a man, or male as I prefer, regardless. I am honest enough to admit that I want to be hot, on a purely physical biological level, I want to feel valuable. No "real men would do x so man up and do x", no money or fame or even behavioral bullshit, though obviously I want that too. Just being hot. So simple, yet so elusive to anyone who chooses not to acknowledge this

Incels are too worried about whining about society being against them, which it is, but it's not personal
White knights are too busy regurgitating what they've been socially conditioned to believe

Nobody wants to put in the fucking work it takes to get ahead, and thats what being Chad is all about. It's just about being hot and getting ahead. It's not "Chad is a bro", "Chad would do x", Chad is Chad, just a fucking hot, inherently valuable guy. You gotta put in the fucking work to become Chad, and if you don't believe its possible then what the fuck are you even doing on this board

I believe the world is incredibly complicated. Pill ideologies (and ideologies in general) are just reducing the entire world to one axis.
Nazis viewed the world through the Jew axis. Communists had the bourgeoisie axis. Feminists have the patriarchy axis and Incels have the looks axis.

It's viewing the world on a specific lens.

just b confident

This. Trips don't lie.

Also to add, I tested the Chad thing with a male model on Tinder and none of the girls agreed to have sex. Out of like 50 matches, I only got messaged first twice and none of them kept responding.
I'm sure I could have a chance if I took the time and meet up with them or something but it was far from all the experiements I saw here.
Its worth to note I'm not from the US

thanks guys. confidence isn't an issue, more overconfidence. I've worked retail part time for 4 years so can talk to anyone and am quite forward wheras the two I know are really quiet and apparently this other girl can be quite shy as well.

But this isn’t true, especially the last one...
Has the author even spent time around girls?

It seems like a lot of people don't get this. It's not too difficult to find someone willing to date or even marry you. It's another thing entirely to find someone who really considers you attractive both mentally and physically. If you have shitty facial genetics you're done.

Oh shit, you're fucking right
Chad doesn't give a fuck

Nuclear pill: Anyone below 8/10 FACE and its over. Gymcelling is only going to attract post prime >25 women unless you have the FRAME for it
Inb4 massive copers say otherwise with anecdotes and claiming the 3/10 bang on the regular are 7/10s

Supernovapill: women start slutting it up at 13-15 and settle down wit a beta provider liken you once they hit 20

Defeatism and cuckoldry.

Of course there are but this is the normal and accepted course of action for the majority of women in Western culture.


This faggot holding onto the toolpost while he was a cut on. No wonder he's covered in scars.

I'm a decent looking dude, but holy shit. Since a dude took advantage of me after I passed out drunk, I have had no confidence at all. I've had sex once since the incident happened and I ended up apologising to her.

It's like I've lost my manlihood. I used to be confident, but now I'm like a robot without a personality in front of girls. I can't even look them in the eye.

What would you guys recommend? I'm actually going to attempt to ask out a girl tomorrow, but even the thought of it makes my heart palpitate. pls help me Veeky Forums

This desu
If you wanna be black pilled so much, just kys desu.
Stop wasting my taxes in your worthless self.


>dude took advantage of me after I passed out drunk

blackpill is for defeatist losers who should kts
good post


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shit bro

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>no pillow

blackpill is particularly edgy nihilism
ride the tiger cuckboy

get into a fight

surprise buttsecks

>Supernovapill: women start slutting it up at 13-15 and settle down wit a beta provider liken you once they hit 20
roflmaoing at your level of delusion, girls start riding the cock carroussel at 10-13. Sleeping with anyone older than that doesn't mean shit cause at this point they are way past their prime. Get checked for stds mate

>mfw he thinks he's a Chad

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>vital infrastructure

>help I have mental health issue
>if only there were trained professionals who could help me out with this
>ah well, I'd better go ask a croatian almond roasting forum how to fix my life, they will surely know

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no, of course not. All these comics are written by angry virgins about what they imagine women are like, with no actual knowledge of women whatsoever

more than (you) probably...

I can do all the other thing but I can't give my waifu body pillow away!

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Shouldn't had done all those squats user, I guess with a booty like you were asking for it.

Show glutes pls

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find the guy and either crack his skull like an egg or fist his arsehole, preferably both
the media makes revenge out to be hollow or unfulfilling but thats bullshit, it's like an awesome wave of relief

after my ex split up with me, I got really depressed. One night I drink a bottle of vodka. All I can remember is feeling my trousers being ripped off and then waking up to see some Asian bloke before he left.
It's no use. I've been through counselling and such. I don't really feel so bad about what happened any more. I just want to feel like a man again
No chance that's going to happen. I was on holiday at the time. It could've been anyone.


Doesn’t seem like blue and red pill are mutually exclusive



>pakastani rapist

LoL? If anything the cope is "even if you're really ugly just get ripped and women will love u"

GO iron pill

I've known plenty of fucking ugly fugmos that could score lack imagination if you think an ugly mug is holding you back... it's really just the desperation..women can smell it on you like fresh dog shit...all these little meme tricks...just increase it

>nothing compares to the love you get
>genuine love

Love is the monster.

I'm unironically 5'4.5 and generally do ok with women. Not slaying by any means but I can and have 6-8/10s
Personality>face>height>gains>>>>money in my experience and observations

>5 ellipses in one sentence


Those aren't elipses...they are tiny butholes...blowing tiny farts in your direction...

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Kill some fags for me on the day of the rope.

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yes please take the black pill. be pathetic. it's easy to do that and not try to be confident or get in shape or work on your social skills. but hey - less competition.


fuck brah. we are all gonna make it, see a therapist

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why are men so pathetic and weak nowadays? waaaaah I don't have a perfectly chiseled jaw, blue eyes, thick neck, and 8 inch dick, so I will never be loved by a woman! waaaah fuck them it's societies fault. black pill