Finally go back to gym after bout of depression

>finally go back to gym after bout of depression
>feeling good about self
>confidence higher than it's been in a while
>see qt strolling with friends out of gym
>beautiful legs exposed to the cold, nice ass, blonde, confident sly smile
>saw her earlier in the day on campus walking her dog, we made eye contact and smiled at each other
>tell myself if her friends take off I'll talk to her
>even have opening line: "aren't you cold in shorts like that" or something
>lame and autistic I know but it's just an opener
>her friends leave to their dorm, she continues
>lights up a cig
>oh fuck I never see cute girls smoking like that, she really is a match for me
>now's my chance, fortune favors the bold
>finally, this could be it
>maybe now I won't be so fucking alone, feeling lonely all the time
>slowly catch up, heart starts to race
>walk beside her for a painful couple of minutes
>feels like she's glancing at me
>she enters library and I walk past with my fists clenched in my pockets

why even live. feels like the disappointment just isn't worth it anymore.
how 2 become not a coward around chicks

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you just gotta stop being a pussy, if your dad was there he would have initiated and forced you to have a conversation with you

This hits too close to home.

somebody call the waaammmmbulance did the Virgin walk? Holy shit its real!!!

Hahaha op, one failure means nothing, good luck next time

>even have opening line: "aren't you cold in shorts like that" or something

thank fucking GOD you didn't actually say this, holy shit if you actually thought you could pull that out as a cold opener you never stood a chance inn the first place

Lol Im the same. Last week tho, after years of being a pussy, I finally cold approached a cutie Ive seen a couple times in uni. She basically rejected me (spilled some spaghetti here and there), however I felt so fucking good about myself that I didnt even care. I finally overcame my biggest fear.
Hit up another cutie on tinder shortly after and now I have a date.
You miss 100% of the shots you dont take user, think about that next time you feel like chickening out

appreciate it, I just really gotta nut up sometimes. I don't understand how people chat up strangers just out of the blue, and its something quite difficult to practice

not even a virgin either, just a pussy

hahaha sure dude, what's yours then if you're so suave?

I spent like 3 years doing cold approaches on chicks, many, many approaches, many, many phone numbers, many make-outs in clubs...
no relationships built, very very few lays
now I am very happy with my love life and all of my positive experiences, relationships and lays have come through unavoidable circumstance, like being in a course together, or mutual friends, or travelling at the same guest house etc.
it's stressful for a girl when she's cold approached and you're in a bad frame because you know the only reason you're interested in her in that moment is appearance, don't stress it bro, life is long and women are plenty
also all my success came when I had no outcome in mind, was just being myself and natural, if you have desire she can sense it and runs off
bless u user

'grats man, good to hear its possible to make it out. I guess it just takes that decision to not give a fuck. we'll see how it goes I guess

bless u2 thx for the advice

>>even have opening line: "aren't you cold in shorts like that" or something

you're calling her a whore to her face

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also a hack is get into the yoga community
do a retreat in mexico or something, get flexible and get your tantric game in place, you will meet hot chicks who want to have a spiritual experience through sex, also learn to find the beauty in all women, not to fuck them all but appreciate them all, the Veeky Forums mindset of objectifying women and seeing them as obstacles or enemies or sex tools will just make you a walking chick deterrent

lmao thats not even bad, i'd personally go with

"shorts, really?"

with a pause after shorts and a costanza face with really. But then again im a chad not like you virgins >;D

you need to destroy the high inhibition part of your brain. everytime i notice that i want to say something but try to stop myself because i think it would be embarassing, i just do it without thinking about it. its getting easier and easier now and someday i will beat the pussy part of my brain

>retreat in mexico
I'm intrigued, how does one find such a place? Have you gone?

lmao are you really gonna try to turn this around on me after you literally virgin stalked a girl at your school? how about not immediately sexualizing her because I can guarantee you are not good looking enough to pull that off. heres a pro tip since social interactions are CLEARLY not your strong suit : cold approaching a girl that is alone outside is going to fail 99.99% of the time because girls are naturally (and rightfully considering turbo virgins like you are apparently creeping around) defensive in that environment. if you would like to lose your virginity in the next century find other social settings or events with relaxed atmospheres where its easier to strike up conversations without having to stalk someone first.

its not bad, its terrible. cold approaching a girl that is alone outside is impossible for someone who clearly lacks any sort of confidence (looking at u op)

There is nothing wrong with that as an opener you dumb incel

yeah I randomly stumbled upon one when I was travelling down there 7 years ago, ended up shacking up with the female instructor for a couple good weeks but got butthurt when she banged some other dude, but that's how it goes in those places... free love and all, not a fan of that kind of thing but losing the attachment to outcome and balancing your presence through practice were hugely beneficial
crazy what a difference meditation and yoga make in your general being, like people have told me they just feel good being around me, secure in mind, secure in body and people can sense it
search yoga retreat mazunte if you want to find what I'm talking about, but it's not just mexico, thailand has a big yoga scene, and india is the mecca, fuck india is a good time man, if you can handle the pajeets and the chaos and learn to go with the flow you can have some good times and meet some very interesting people there, many travellers from around the world, not your average superficial club-going thots that you find in the west too, they're the girls who are brave enough to leave that cliche'd lifestyle

Its exactly that. Just walk straight to that girl and start to talk. Dont think about any possible aftermath, literally shut your mind and just go talk to her. You will probably spill some spaghetti and you will maybe even get rejected, but trust me you will experience something youve never felt before, you will feel like a fucking king

Lmao people like you are the biggest faggots in the universe. OP is trying to get laid do he did something that he was scared to do and you shame him over it because deep inside you know that you're a pussy that couldn't do what he did

I wasn't sexualizing her, she really seemed nice and my type. Notice the dog? Notice her smiling back at me? Notice the cigarette?
I know I don't have confidence, that's why I'm trying to practice. That's why it was painful. How do you meet people otherwise?
I wasn't stalking her either, it was about 100-200 yards that we were near each other.
Not a virgin either fyi but idk why I'm wasting my time defending against trolls in fact I'll shut up now

>go to a gym of my workplace
>we have a jacuzzi there for people to relax in
>do a hard as fuck workout, every fiber in my body sore from yesterday and today
>take a shower, go to the jacuzzi room, nobody there
>hop in, super relaxing
>the light-blue lightning in the water and bubbles remind me of the healing tanks from DBZ
>go sit in the middle of the jacuzzi (it was designed for around 6 people), with only your head barely above the surface
>start meditating like a faggot, imagining you're Vegeta after a hard fight healing yourself
>feels great since all my muscles are sore
>a female co-worker I've planning on asking for a date enters the room
>greets me and asks jokingly if there's room for one more
>reply "No" in a firm and slightly angry tone without even looking at her since she interrupted the healing of a high-class warrior such as myself
>snap out of it and realize what I did
>she just goes "o-okay" and walks away awkwardly
>spaghetti everywhere, try to run after her but she went to the women locker room already
>next day supervisor tells me she has heard complaints of me hogging the jacuzzi and intimidating other workers
Is there a way to cure autism Veeky Forums?

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first off, this isn't an easy thing to do, so don't get down on yourself for not being able to do it. This isn't how most people meet, even if it is a fun way to do it.

Second, your opener was fine. It wasn't perfect, but honestly you don't have to be perfect about this sort of thing, and she'll quickly forget about it if you're any good at conversation.

Lastly, you failed because you built it up too much. If you're anything like me, the second you open your mouth all the anxiety disappears. It's just a conversation after that. I usually hate this advice, but "just do it" is really all I can say.

Cheer up m8, you missed this one, but you'll get the next one.

Small steps op, We are all gunna make it!

That's incredible man. I'm about to graduate this may and looking to do some traveling anyway. I'll keep that in mind, thank you

By the way you type it is very obvious that you are a frustrated virgin who hates himself. Calm down and get away from the computer for a while bud. It might do you some good.

Agree with this user. We are a fraternity here, Go and be a faggot somewhere else

Appreciate that, user. Thanks for the advice. What you're saying is right on. I just have to do it, even if it seems impossible in the moment. I wish there was an easier way to meet people. Tinder, i guess..

my mans you're beating yourself up way to much over something that literally happens to everyone. dont rely on spur of the moment situations like this to meet women, work on expanding your social circle and meeting people through mutual friends and in a better context. if you are motivated you WILL make it happen

at least op acknowledges that it wasn't the best line, you on the other hand are a literal autist

Good to hear I'm not alone. Guess I just need to spend more time with people in general. appreciate ya man

you know what looking through ops replies I think it was unnecessarily harsh, I think he's got his head in the right place and honestly shouldn't beat himself up about a missed opportunity like that. at the end of the day you take small wins and losses here and there but its the attitude that you carry with you that determines your success rate in everything including women, and that s a fact.

if you're in india look into staying in rishikesh, bhagsu, varkala beach and check out nepal

cool man, thanks, i will

I'm in a similar situation OP. Trying to overcome anxiety is so hard.
>be me
>at a wedding
>slowdance song coming on
>see a qt by herself and decide enough is enough I am going to ask her to dance and face rejection
>to my suprise she says yes but she obviously was just too nice to reject me
>immediately regret asking her as she is clearly not into it
>palms are sweating like crazy and all I want is the song to end
>after what feels like an eternity of us stiffly shifting around the dance floor silently, the song finally ends
>mumble out thanks and quicky walk away and avoid her the rest of the night
It took me weeks to stop replaying that moment over and over in my head and cringing. I could see the discomfort on her face.

t. ugly khv's

ahhhhh damn man I've had a similar experience. fuck weddings. never feel more alone.
honestly props to you, though. super hard to do and just because it didn't work out that time doesn't mean it never will. just gotta fuckin keep trying and not let it get you down.
hard not to cringe at those moments, totally get that. but from my perspective i think you should look at that as kind of a victory over anxiety, if a pyrrhic one. done it once you can do it twice user

Are you seriously implying that striking up a conversation with a stranger in public is a weird thing to do? At least he was going to make an attempt to chat with her, unlike a virgin like you who would just leer at her thinking she doesn't notice but she does. Also, sexualizing her? We're men, we're horny, that's what we do. Not that a faggot like you would understand. But don't worry, I'm sure girls will magically come up and talk to you once you've racked up enough white knight points, keep it up.

Bro you need to have value like physique, money, job, status and then some conversation. If you really just want the sex you can fuck 8,9, and 10's for 50 euro in Belgium. Forget about pick up shit just a scam.

Gee shit doesnt work like it does in the movies.


ehh we're both students so idk, honestly not even just looking to get laid, she seemed like a cool person to get to know and also an opportunity to practice overcoming some of my anxiety or whatever, social discomfort

Dogs are really the best opener brah. Just ask if you can pet her dog and then blam you're talking. Everyone loves dogs so it's not weird at all to approach her

good tip


I wasn't expecting some fairytale romance to come out of it. The reason I did it is because I'm trying to force myself into uncomfortable situations in the hopes that it will allow me to overcome my anxiety.

>mandatory grappling class
>focus is standing clinch work
>Aryan QT 3.14 I have a crush on asks if I want to partner up
>do a few drills
>we get back in over/under clinch expecting to continue drilling
>our cheeks resting against each other
>feel closeness of her body against mine
>realize the instructor is explaining a new drill to the rest of the class, some people are starting to awkwardly stare at us, still locked in the clinch
>hey QT we’re the only ones still huggin- I mean clinching


Incel detected

Incel alarms are at defcon 1

These are the green texts I live for

you miss 100% of the chances you dont take

All you had to do was ask her for a smoke


>see girl I know walking her new puppy
>'hey can I touch your dog'

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you sound like a little chicken shit faggot who doesn't get that he's posting this on the wrong board.

there ya go, fuck off, chump. no bump. reminder: sage, report and ignore incel posting idiots.

we got a chad here boys

This. You can tease her later with it tho.

Take Steve-Os advice, he talked about how he would count "3 2 1 Go" on any crazy shit he did and it never failed him

Just count 3 2 1 go and fucking go

that was a good opener, you faggot

>she enters library and I walk past with my fists clenched in my pockets

Why am I laughing

I honestly don't think that is that bad

holy shit you're right, fuck I'm a dumbass
fukkin next time

damn actually not bad advice, I'll keep that in mind thanks user

Watch RSD videos on youtube buy far the best advice for getting and understanding women

Dam girl u aint freezing as u nod to her shorts.
Saying shorts might creep her out

As long he he does it smooth it should get it going

I wish I had a bro relationship with my Dad and helped me navigate through these matters

This. If you hesitate and don't do something that could make you nervous within the first few seconds then you're almost definitely not going to follow through.

It might feel like you're not in control, but if you were fully in control you'd be over-analysing, worrying, and finding excuses not to push your comfort zone.

You overthought it way too much dude. Next time just approach and say the first thing that comes to your mind, it pretty much doesn't matter what you say it's about how you feel. If you're anxious you're gonna make her anxious, if you're making yourself feel good and just having fun that will transfer onto her.

Look up RSDTyler, he has some helpful videos for spergs who can't talk to girls.

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you talk like a fag and your shit is retarded

she obviously wants to fuck