Finish workout

>finish workout
>decide to try a cold shower instead of my usual warm one
>feel fucking invincible
Why haven't you taken the coldpill yet, bros?

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Apparently it's good for the skin. Might try it sometime this week.

>cucking yourself out of a warm shower for no reason
I seriously hope you guys don't do this

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proven that heat is better for recovery

cold immersion in water also beats shower so do that e.g. dunk in frozen lake

Cold showers or death. Nothing but hypothermic temperatures

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been doin cold showers for almost 10 years dog

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There is s large pond between my house and the gym. On my way to the gym I walk around it, but on the way back I swim through the cold pond

Because that's retarded

cold showers don't clean you since your pores close and you don't dissolve the grease and salt from sweat as effectively. Also vasoconstriction is not ideal for muscle growth and rapid changes in body temperature.are bad.

>numerous health benefits

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Who in the fucking planet showers with warm water after a workout????

Yeah hold on, Im gonna fucking dunk in a frozen lake after my workout

Never heard of an ice bath you fucking spastic?

Because it is placebo

Hot showers are better for your skin so long as you don't stay in them for more than 10 minutes

Then put that as an example, you autist

>Not doing excactly that

I used to go for icehole swim after exercise a few years ago and it was great. Not sure about the recovery side but made me feel like a demi god afterwards, with positive psychological effects lasting for several days afterwards.

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I used to swim in the North Sea every week. (Skipped a few snowy winter days) The extreme cold and shock does something to your body and mind for sure. Every time I would do it, I'd get almost like a high for the rest of the day, feel full of energy and enthusiasm and I never got colds. (Last one is dubious, granted)

Extreme cold shock does something to the body, just what that "something" is I couldn't tell you. Obviously having a pisswarm shower and turning the temp gradually down is a bit pointless I think.

Cold showers are terrible right after a workout, messes with your muscles (makes the muscles spaz out), if you're falling for the cold shower meme, do it 3 hours after the a workout.

I start with warm shower and then end it with cold shower along with washing hair.

I don't need gimmicks to feel masculine

Yeah I do this, stops my skin from going dry and flakey

>Swimming in the North Sea
This actually sounds great. The water here freezes over so I can't do that unfortunately

Name 5

It's pretty fun. You just dash in for 3-10 mins at the most. I basically went because I had a crush on a girl who invited me and I didn't want to look like a pussy. Eventually enjoyed it for its own sake and forgot about her.

>tfw a stormy giant wave ripped off the girls bikini top once and I got to see her titties.

Energy, helps with depression, clearer skin, better blood circulation, increases fertility and libido

cold water spikes HGH levels for hours

Baseless claim
>helps with depression
Another baseless claim
>clearer skin
Can get this from just using warm water instead of hot
>better blood circulation
>increases fertility and libido
No it doesnt

You're a baseless claim

I get itchy

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Because cold showers/baths/ice baths post-workout are shown to reduce muscle synthesis long-term. Every now and then post-workout is probably fine, like say contrast showers/baths if it's been a really intense training or marathon or something.

Instead I like doing a cold shower in the morning between doing meditation and mobility work before, and core/posture exercises and stretching after.

Actually retarded

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maybe you should try it autist

it's just a mental effect; if it works for you, keep doing it.

if you're one of those people that does it to wake themselves up in the morning though, there's plenty of better options: sleep 7+ hours, read before bed, don't eat after 8pm, don't look at a screen after 10 pm, sleep without a pillow, etc.

my water doesn't even get cold.

Crusader I

>"Name five benefits"
>Someone actually name five
>"Hurr durr that's not true"

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>they take cold showers on purpose
>they don't just live in a northern climate where every time you step outside your body experiences extreme cold

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Keto has numerous health benefits, but Veeky Forums keeps shouting it down as retarded

Man that orangutan looks so sad. I image searched it and it came up as stage 4 brain cancer

>intentionally increasing cortisol levels.


Pores dont close buddy

I always start with warm to hot then after a few mins go full cold only for 1-2 mins

Don't care about health benefits it just feels so much better, alert and awake and happier for hours. I find hot showers make me uncomfortable once I exit them but cold showers make me resist cold weather better

Been doing it that way for over a decade

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I did, been 10 days, different life
so far i implemented these memes
cold showers, no blanket, 100g raw onionz ( im 80kg)
anything else desu?

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Nah I'm not a retard

Warm shower then gradually decrease temperature to as cold as you can handle master race

I love how Veeky Forums betas call everything that requires discipline a placebo effect because they know they are too weak minded to do it. eg. cold showers, no fap, cardio

I started hot and slowly turn down to cold if i shower in the morning.
Like the finns and their saunas, i think.