Depth check, looking good?

Depth check, looking good?

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form check with warm-up weight is mostly pointless

It’s not heavy, but I get volume sets with it and it gives me a point of reference for what heavier lifts should look like

>me in the purple leggings

It's good

Show us your quads, faggot

Yup looks good.

Me on the right looking down at the floor

hey qt wanna sit on my face?

>warm up weights

Someone kill me, assuming those are 45lbs
thats my max at the moment.

thats embarrassing is fit full of squatlets

looks like you're leaning onto your toes, could be your shitty squishy running shoes you are squatting in. heel elevation = bad

For your safety get some crash bars.

Depth is great, maybe rest the bar higher up on your traps, it looks like you’re trying to hold it low bar while squatting high bar. Might just be camera angle though.

Get real lifting shoes now before you actually add weight and fuck your knees up

>not seeing them

Its not fair bruh I can diddylift 415×3 but my squat max is 275. I'm doing smolov now on base week 1 hoping to hit 3 plaet by me next 1 rm test ayy

what benefits do they provide?

kill yourself.

I barely hit 405x2 today after once having 455 under my belt.

Kill me now

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Go barefoot.

Don't do it, user. Smolov is a shit program that will give you temporary results and/or injure you.
Chances are your form is off if your squat is that far from your deadlift. So you'll be doing a shitton of crappy form squats, engraining the crappiness.
My squat went from 3 to 3.5 pl8 in 5 weeks of smolov, but went back down to 3 pl8s right after since I could barely train anymore because of the quad tendinitis I ended up with. Read reviews, no serious lifter recommends smolov. Think long term.

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Looks good to me bruh

yeah this is fine