As a nig lifter, how the FUCK do I learn how to swim?

As a nig lifter, how the FUCK do I learn how to swim?

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you don't niggers are scared of water, thats why they smell bad and never wash themselves... stick to throwing poop

just go in the pool and flop around until you get it. alternatively have someone help you

it,s honestly not that hard there is just an initial learning curve to get past

find someone who already knows how to swim to help you out
start in the shallow water and work your way up to not drowning to death in deeper water. Most pools don't go any higher than 5'5'' so unless you're a turbo manlet (if youre both black and a manlet, just re-roll) you should be fine.

also being black doesn't have anything to do with not being able to swim so if you're not a troll then stop being a pussy and just try swimming

The only reason I haven't yet is because I w went through the motions as a kid and still sank.

Jump in the deep end and hope for the best.
If you die, you die.

IIRC blacks unironically have greater bone density and lower natural body fat, and therefore sink in water easier.


>also being black doesn't have anything to do with not being able to swim
Cope. Blacks have almost no fishing/swimming heritage. It isn't in their genes to swim.

throw yourself in the water and learn

Google "swimming lessons" + your city

go to the shallow section where you can still stand easily.
push off the wall with your feet.
paddle with your arms and feet.

This. Heard it from a black guy who had a lot of trouble dealing with swimming on his way to becoming a navy seal.

Bro,I'm gonna be real with you. african's are genetically superior to whites in a lot of athletics, but swimming is one of the few sports that whites are fucking built to do. Unless you just want to learn to swim because it's fun and you have no aspirations of being even semi competitive I would just stick to something else.

That being said if you still want to swim I would first get a pair of cheap goggles and a combination lock. Then you should learn the breast stroke. You can look up the proper form on some YouTube videos and the brest stroke is pretty easy for beginners so you should be able to get it down with the first couple of visits to the pool. Next learn the freestyle, the free style is like the deadlift of swimming it's the king. Again you can look up form videos to help you with this exercise and especially focus on learning to rotary breath.

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I'm a lifeguard, and it's painful to watch adults who have never swum before come to once a week lessons week after week, remaining awkward as fuck and stiff as a board.

Honestly, in my experience, I'd say instructor-led lessons are only 25% of learning to swim. Much more important is to just spend time in the water recreationally. If you have younger family members, take them swimming and just have fun. Watching someone who isn't comfortable in the water try and skip straight to front crawl is seriously the most painful thing.

You are 100% correct. Also blacks have more quick twitch muscle fibers which are used for power activities such as basically anything athletic like jumping.

dying would be best though

Blacks were never selected for, nor developed the ability to swim, because they never built boats to fare the seas, and rivers and lakes were generally inhabited by predators.

I've seen shit where they literally throw white infants into water and they figure that shit out real quick, not to say that you couldn't learn to swim, but you are going to have to put in more work to learn.

Can black people really not swim, or is this just a meme.

Isn't Cullen Jones black?

why do you guys hate black people?

it isn't cool.

those fibers are also poor for strength and sustained tension, but yeah they generally have a higher proportion of "quick" twitch fibers

Look at Olympic swimming its 100% white or Asian. Blacks are not made to swim my friend.

A black guy trying to become a good swimmer is like a white guy trying to become an Olympic sprinter, shit's just not happening.

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>still have fond memories of holding my ex by her stomach/back as she floated in the water and got used to it
>when i carried her with her arms and legs wrapped around me into the deeper part of the pool so she could get used to the depth as I gave her little kisses
>when I got her to progressively swim further from the shallow bit to me in the deeper bit and she greeted me with a kiss

It was cute as fuck. Shame she was psychotic.

That makes sense when you think of European archetypes like the "viking" where they don't seem very athletic but strong where as Africans are very good at speed sports/agility sports but not strength sports.

Give me back my gains, Jamal

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LOL. I dont even hate them but I look down on them for sure.

>citation needed

t. black who would swim circles around your bitch ass

Black people thinking we hate them is why we hate them...

Fellow nig lifter here, how the fuck do you not know how to swim OP? I'm a goddamned certified scuba diver despite being what could best be described as "field nigga black". Did your parents not chuck you in the pool as an infant or something? If not then it's about high time you chuck yourself into one now. Sink or swim is unironically the best way to learn.

What's your 50 free? I best its pathetic. Let's be real here blacks maybe be more overall athletic thanks whites but you cannot be serious when you say "we're all the same bro hehe" literally just take one second to look at competitive swimming and the nba tell me there isn't a difference between the races.

I hate them because they are shit but we are told we should love them because....?!?

>Larping this fucking hard

I could give a shit about anything competitive or record related, I just like swimming, interestingly enough, I dislike it when people tell me what I don't enjoy doing

No one other than SJW fags really care if you like black people or not, it honestly doesn't really matter. If you're a bro, that's cool and I respect you, but if not, boo fucking who

>Mfw i only learnt to swim as a child to impress some girl who liked to attend swim meets
(it worked)
You need to develop a rhythm for it, also try swimming on your back first its unironically easier.

No one is asking you to love us just simply give us a chance before you make assumptions.
We shouldn't be boiled down to stereotypes before we have even introduced ourselves.

>No one is asking you to love us just simply give us a chance before you make assumptions.
>We shouldn't be boiled down to stereotypes before we have even introduced ourselves.
You've been given chances all over the globe. Not a single successful black country and many ruined countries because of blacks. Not that that matters to you anyway, larper.

>No one other than SJW fags really care if you like black people or not, it honestly doesn't really matter. If you're a bro, that's cool and I respect you, but if not, boo fucking who

>not-for-profit organisations
>supranational organisations
Yah no

even if that's true you still can't judge individuals based on their entire race

literally this
>getting called a bunch of dumb shit by some disillusion white person who thinks they have a moral duty to harass a random black person when they literally dindu nuffin

But thats the thing though, I actually can and it makes a lot of sense too

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how about you start shitting troll threads on /fit7 for a beginning

Because whiteys stop them from swimming in the 50s

Go back to your shithole

>liking black people =/= being a mad cunt to someone because of their ethnicity

no one is going to throw you out of a restaurant for being butthurt about sharing the same air as minorities

but it is perfectly reasonable for you to be banned, ostracized, and possibly publicly berated for treating people like shit regardless of their skin color. And if you can't see why, it's just more proof of the autism that I'm sure you have, along with the rest of us on this shit heap of a website.
>hurr sjw
nah just a little less autistic, considering what I'm doing

yes user, judge every black person to be the same as the ones who either do bad shit or useless shit, just like I judge all of my white friends and co-workers to be school shooters or imperialistic fucks who want to rape and pillage

>No swimming fishing heritage
This is the type of white person that thinks there is no water in Africa as a continent
and get all their relevant information about Africa from Jew owned guilt tripping charity ads.

pool's closed

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Just jump in bro

>like the "viking" where they don't seem very athletic

hAHAH what the fuck are you talking about? There are very few records of viking appearance and some of the only one are of arabs creaming over how beautiful and manly they were and they had seen every other race in the world at that time.

You're not an sjw, you're a shitposter my man. I do it all the time for cheeky giggles.
Kisses XXX

>Get in a pool.
>Start kicking your legs.
>don't drown.
Congratulations you're swimming

Literally just get in the pool and swim bro
It’s a natural movement

how is anything he said shitpost worthy

Ah yes I remember all those African fishing boats. You're talking complete shite out of your arse man.

>naturally lower body fat

Consider the following:

>Non-Hispanic blacks have the highest age-adjusted rates of obesity (48.1%) followed by Hispanics (42.5%), non-Hispanic whites (34.5%), and non-Hispanic Asians (11.7%). Obesity is higher among middle age adults age 40-59 years (40.2%) and older adults age 60 and over (37.0%) than among younger adults age 20–39 (32.3%).

Source: CDC.

So yeah naturally lower bodyfat but almost 50% of blacks in America are clinically obese.


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Because they are niggers

Are you seriously claiming obesity is genetic?

>48% of blacks are obese
>blacks genetically have a lower bodyfat percentage than whites!

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>poor people are mostly fat
>most Black people are poor
>50% of Black people are fat
Real rocket science here

blacks have been fishing for a long ass time

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This may shock you but not all blacks live close to the coast. There are tons of different racial/sub-racial/ethnic groups within Africa: Each evolved differently.

Sure that's only a little lake

Veeky Forums - African Naval Anthropology

I remember when I was going through the USMC’s BRC the one nog in the class ended up drowning the first day. The corpsman had to resuscitate him and everything.

Ok if this is a serious question, buy some snorkeling gear, thats how my parents taught me when i was a baby. Get used to having yiur face in the water. Use a floating thing to hold you up if you need. Relax. Breathe. Then get used to floating, then start kicking yourself around.

This thread really isnt that bad desu. A lot of actual advice.


>head above water
>deep breath (extra air helps bouyancy)
>reach with left
>pull with left (you want to feel some drag)
>while pulling left reach right
As you get more comfortable with the rythym try to incorporate your legs and.move to deeper water

That sounds fun if I had to be in the army I would want to do something with swimming. I hate running and my best mile time was like fucking 8mins but my 50 free is like 26 seconds as someone who has never been on a swim team...


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Name one black olyimpics swimmer, name a swimming record set by blacks, tell me why the stereotypes of blacks not swimming is so prevalent

Only way is to try repeatedly. It will be embarrassing so try to find a pool or class that is done privately. I’m sure there’s basic swimming classes that are geared toward adults. It’s like riding a bike you just have to keep screwing up till you get it.

He’s not training for the olympics he just wants to know how to swim. Fuckass.

the girl in the front is clearly standing
they are not swimming

Yes, you can seectivly breed anyone. All you’d need to do is have everyone on a fixed diet and live the same life style then see which one naturally has the lowest bodyfat percentage. Obesity isn’t genetic but fat storage/fat retention is

Babies know how to swim automatically. It's when they begin to become more conscience of their surroundings where the fear of water sets in and they "forget" how.

>It’s like riding a bike
He can't steal an entire pool, retard.

You’re literally talking out of your ass, they have swimming lessons for babies so you can teach them young. And surprise surprise they don’t know how to fucking swim until they’ve been taught you god damn retard

this guy is right each races body is naturally good at one physical thing (at least for males) white people will always be better swimmers/hockey because how there bodies are shaped makes them naturally superior in that field just like how black people are naturally superior in basketball/track and field. god made each of our bodies to fulfill a task.

I do not know what natural physical task Asians/ Hispanics and any other not so important race sorry

>being such a stupid nigger you don’t know how to read

God made blacks as the beast of the field

try, even a little.

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>every trait is purely determined by genetics
this is why you get compared to sjws

>muh horseshoe theory
If retards like you never tried at anything because they knew how dumb they were in IQ, imagine what or world could be today.

Genetics ARE everything retard.

OP here, I'm not fully African like the girls in your image. Will bone density still auto-sink me?

Go to a pool or the beach. stand in waste high water. practice what you see in videos. If you sink just stand up since you are in waste high water.

maybe you're the real nigger here because NOWHERE was it stated or asked that black people were genetically better swimmers so apparently you're the illiterate one, you monkey

OP just wants to swim like a normal person and the thread was cool until the screeching /pol/shits arrived

Well east acricans r slim built

>the thread was cool until the screeching /pol/shits arrived
epitaph of the internet

dude you american pigs do not wash your buttholes with water.. that's super disgusting


this was photo shopped 100%

Wanna see the "shop" of him fucking his white girlfriend?

Gotta believe

Huh nigeria n ghana do well in powerlictin in commonwealth.
Plus squat n dead lift record are black like lark henry

Just no money in strength sports cuz its not entertaining to normies

we already swim in pussy fellow nig

No just lil more work but means nothin

Niggers are weaker than whites. Whites, especially northern whites have been recorded to have higher testosterone, due to the cold climate. Thats why so many strongmen come from northern europe, and thats also why there has never been a black worlds strongest man. Stay weak.

>Posts pictures of black on white porn only intensifying his racial insecurity.

Black men will always deny they are the least desired out of all, and black women prefer white men more than white women prefer black men.
Stay mad bud

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Back to /fraud/ bro

If your in America just wait a couple generations, eventually you'll be hard pressed to find a "black" person who doesn't have some kind of euro admixture