Day69 is the lifting album of the year

shit reminds me of DMX style rap just aggression and good beats if you don't like this check the soy content in your diet

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It's funny how much 6ix9ine triggers the mainstream rap media just by existing

Check the semen content of your diet.

He is mainstream rap you dunce

whatd do you mean

>getting tattoos of 69 all over your body and face

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Fish should have the hair

He stole the beat from lickity sit and the flow from take a step back what a nigger

For me, for my money, it's gotta be my boi Peggy.


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>nigger wannabe

Colour me surprised

I bet these faggots listen to Kendrick Lamar lmao

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Literally who?

I listen to it every workout
Really pushes me to the limit desu

I don't unironically listen to any hip hop post speakerboxxx

Punch you in ya face motherfucker I’ll knock ya teeth out

Fuck Tekashi

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Greatest meme ever created

BUBA is a patrician’s choice

I many cocks
Gotta keep sucking til my jaw fall off
Don't matta if my jaw cramp up
I swallow loads, clean it all up
Yeah boy, i got good pussy
A young mans ass got ya feelin gushy
Rape whats that? Dont mind if you pushy

so this is the new cringe rap to replace techn9ne, hopsin and insane clown posse?

t. Soyboy

>his axe isn't his buddy

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Negro bongo music gives me a good pump

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ICP unironically slaps

Tech 9 is pure cringe lyrically. Been listening since Einstein

>Listening to niggers glorifying their shitty culture

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>not listening to scarlxrd


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Outkast? Bro your a bro