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>be me
>be 10yo or so
>walking through supermarket with my mom
>suddenly hear some yelling halfway across the store, a crash, and then a two people screaming in agony.
>we rush over and see a elderly Asian man pinned to the ground by none other than the hamplanet Jupiter itself, her mobility scooter, and a few dozen of now leaking Coke bottles that were stacked as a part of a display
>towering over this whole disaster Jupiter's largest moon (and hamplanet in training) Ganymede
>just as we arrived the manager did as well and he and my mother peeled the ham-based planetoid off of him
>as they get her upright in her scooter I see that his arm, clutching a diet coke, is bent backwards and is turning purple, upon seeing this he screams something in a foreign language and then passes out
>mom proceeds to call an ambulance for the man while the manager tries to figure out what happened
>other shoppers start to crowd around as well
>the planetoid breaks into hysterics about how her moon 'tried to kill her' by shoving her into the display because she wouldn't buy her ice cream from 31 Flavors because she'd already bought some from the store to take home
>I looked in their cart to see that, true enough, there were several tubs of ice cream, among several bags of chips, multiple cases of soda, beer, pastries, etc.
>after telling her that not only was she grounded but now she wasn't getting any ice cream, the mad lass shoves her over again
>Jupiter collides with the earth for the second time, causing major shifts in the tectonic plates that will certianly cause earthquakes in California decades from now
>thankfully missed the passed out Asian man this time but dislocates her shoulder upon her re-acquaintance with the ground
>squeals louder than I could have imagined

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Part two:
>Ganymede breaks free from orbit, now an exohamplanet, starts waddleing out of the store at mach 10 and drifts off into the vast vacuum of space
>ambulance and mall security arrives about this time and lifts the hamplanet back to its natural polar state and she begs mall cops to go where no man has gone before and bring Ganymede back to its natural orbit
>while they embark on their journey, the paramedics start treating the Asian man still passed out on the floor and Jupiter is none too pleased that they're ignoring her
>says something under her breath about them making men look bad by not helping the woman first but they ignore her
>she then proceeds to start drinking out of the coke bottles that she smashed into during the first impact
>manager sees this and tells her to stop that shes or paying for all of this
>paramedic chimes in telling that she shouldn't be drinking soda anyway because they'll need to set her arm back in place and drinking fluids high in sodium will make it swell up more
>she tells them both to fuck off and continues drinking because she 'survived an assassination attempt by her daughter'
>my mother says that it was just a tantrum and that she needs a better role model
>Jupiter turns red, wheezes, and starts screaming obscenities at her telling her and saying that I was probibly just as bad if not worse than Ganymede because I didn't help her up
>after a solid minute of ranting it wakes up the Asian man who in turn stats moaning in pain
>after about a minute of this those unlikely heroes that were sent off before to brave the unknowns of empty space succeed after a few minutes of searching only to find her crying in a 31 Flavors not 20 feet away from the store
>we give the mall cops our account of events, check out and leave
>my mother and I depart with a newfound hatred for fats

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I love seeing stuff i havent before.

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Probably posted before, but this woman makes me sad.


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stale pasta


>Be me
>Have a gluten intolerance so I get wasted pretty easily
>Gymbro has a party at his house
>Bring lots of alcohol
>My gymbro is also a liteweight baby when it comes to hard alcohol and we're giggling like schoolgirl after our second shot
>Some fatty shows up, we don't like him, but it is the she-kin of this girl who is okay
>Found out it was a woman
>Apparently one of those well fed bull dykes
>I'm gone at this point so I don't care
>I do remember her scowling at people for not giving her attention while she sipped her diet coke and constantly had a full slice of pizza in her hand.
>Gymbro's roommate bought 6 boxes of the cheapoo $5 pizzas
>Weren't that many people there, maybe 15?
>At around midnight they're all gone
>Gymbro toys around and starts yelling "Who the fuck ate all my pizza?"
>The He-woman tries to play it off like "It was those drunk guys with the muscles."
>Most people there know I can't eat pizza
>My roommate just says to the She-man "Shut up, you faggot!"
>I ask why her fancy shirt from torrid is covered in ranch
>Suggests my gymbro lick it off
>She fucking pepper sprays us and calls the cops claiming we tried to assault her
>The next day I had to cancel an important meeting because I was in so much fucking pain
>Ordinary girl gets her she-kin to calm down and they leave
>Make a pact, frame it on the entrance, that no fat bitches are allowed in this house

>At theatre last week, older friend did screen writing for a play, went opening night to support him.
>You know the "drama" types. They're either super thin skeletons, or super fat hippos.
>Actors were all hungry skeletons, audience full of hippos.
>After the play, my group of friends and I decide to go do a dessert diner in town.
>Apparently the word "dessert" carried through the air, like those looney-toons where the wafting scent reaches over to somebody's nose, and seductively gestures them to follow it to food.
>We get to the dessert place, and not a moment after, the hippos file in through the door. Y'know the type, open-minded feminist drama lovers with dyed hair.
>We order our stuff. Everybody in my group is reasonably health-conscious, me being the most, and we all order 1 slice of cake or pie apiece.
>Hippos lined up behind me (four of them), order a WHOLE cake to themselves. Mind you they make their desserts -very- rich in texture, this thing must be loaded with like, fucking 10k calories, mostly sugar and fat.
>We sit at a table to eat, but as we were eating, on the other side of the diner I saw the hippos gather.
>They all decide to sit in a boot because "they don't trust chairs", and as they slide in I can hear the seat-padding squeak against their flab, like the sound of balloons being rubbed together.
>Some of their belly rests atop the table, some below it. They're obviously uncomfortable, but they can't stop now that the cake is on the table.
>The game of Hungry Hungry Hippos begins: they don't even cut slices onto plates, they start digging right in with their forks.
>Within TEN MINUTES, all four of them manage to eat this red velvet fudge cake.
>My appetite escapes me as I bare witness to this disgusting site.
>As my friends and I are leaving, THE HIPPOS GET UP AND GET BACK IN LINE FOR MORE.

>two fatties in front of me at the grocery store checkout line
>cart is full of hambeast delights: frozen pizza, lunch meat, beef, twinkies, cakes, all manner of sweets
>fatties talk and laugh loudly, but the cashier is fast so I'm thinking it'll all be over soon
>"sorry, our son is grabbing something for us. Can you wait a minute for him?"
>the cashier shrugs; you know she's seen this shit countless times before
>fatties don't even apologize for being fat, wasting my time
>son, every bit as fat as his planetary parents, comes through the line and rubs his gut over me as he presses through
>fatty's breathing hard, carrying 4 12-packs of moutain dew
>to cap it off all, fat faggot dad busts out his foodstamps card to pay for it all.
>when I'm playing for my chicken and eggs I can help commenting on how disgusting they were
>cashier says they do this every week

Skinny guy here

Nobody likes Skeletons. I want to feel accepted being a skeleton but nope just get called disgusting.

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>wait at a crowded bus stop and its raining hard
>bus pulls up and bus is already crowded
>start walking into the bus when I see a hamplanet taking up two seats up front
>just to make her life more miserable ask her to stand up
>flustered hamplanet asks me why
we need more space for everyone to get into the bus and with the seats collapsible, more people can fit into the bus
>enraged hamplanet tells me no and that she was tired
>tells me why dont I ask the old lady with bags of groceries adjacent to her
>people are getting irritated and another guy asked her to please
>refuses and at this point a swole bus driver tells the hamplanet you can either stand up or leave the bus
>hamplanet was so enraged she does try to leave the bus
note the word "try", she couldn't get out because it was too packed
>in the end the seat was collapsed and she sat down on the floor huffing and puffing

>Match up with fatty on tinder
>She messages me hi
>mfw she thinks she deserves to be treated like a human
>mfw I'll probably end up fucking with her in some way before unmatching

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W-where are his knuckles?

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this made me lose my appetite

Eat more

why do they give fatties like this food stamps
in central ohio they give all the Somalians Wick or whatever, they couldn't buy fatty food if they wanted to

I remember seeing something like this on a show. It's a regional way of doing a burger, somewhere in the northern midwest. The host said it was surprisingly good. I figure it looks bad, but butter pretty much makes everything taste better. I found out butter is pretty much why restaurant food tastes so good and is such a calorie bomb, they put a fuckton of butter in everything.

God, I remember dealing with these kinds of people when I worked retail in college. The waddle, the hoisting their top half on the counter to ballast the weight, the heavy breathing, and (not pictured) the fucking smell. Also the weird dark brown spots on the face and neck, whatever those are about.

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Why do fat people always bend over and lean on counters? You know how nasty it is to have to wipe up arm sweat after an encounter with one of these fucks?

but why though?

Because they’re lazy, self absorbed, nihilistic fucks. But you already knew that.

Skeletons are just reverse fatties. Count calories. Lots of them.

Nothing wrong with being a nihilist

>Acanthosis nigricans appears as velvety, symmetriacal dark patches.
>It is most commonly observed in the arm pits, groin, back of the neck, elbows, knuckles, and face.
>Acanthosis nigricans is associated with insulin resistance.
Type II beauty spots.

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fuck i'd love to be a skelly, i'm a fat fuck who has to see these threads because i get discouraged, not stopping the wanting to kill myself part tho

Only if you’re looking at it from the perspective of the nihilist.

And even then I’m pretty sure there is good evidence to suggest that the acceptance of responsibility is the path to long term fulfilment.

An oldie but a goldie.

The main admin building at my college has many, many people that use the elevator to go one floor up or down. Occasionally I have to make deliveries over there and I just take the stairs to the 5th floor and get there before the elevator gets there from the first floor.

I hate this woman. Her little laughter is like being taunted with "I'm being a burden to the healthcare system teehee!" Anyways watch this and bare in mind she "had to indulge"


First time in a while I've been legitimately disgusted, thanks and fuck you


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Oh god. I Didn't know whether to post this on tinder threads or fph.

>be horny as fuck this past weekend
>match with an Indian sloot on tinder who lives less than 4 miles from me
>5/10 at best but I'm horny so whatever
>she instantly messages me and wants to arrange something
>get her sc and she's sending me photos of herself in a dress
>wide hips and ass and thin waist
>head to her place by uber and text her that I'm there
>"teehee okay user ill come down."
>look around for a bit and finally spot someone waving
>5' 2" girl
>almost 200 pounds
>shaped like a circle on a stick
>I bite my tongue and meet up with her and realixe it was worse than I thought
>face was a mess
>belly was protruding past her titties
>(how the fuck did she take those snapchat photos)
>head back to her dorm room to sit down for a movie
>on the way I see a tall blonde guy giving me the look and I stare at him hoping he understands the immense dispair I'm feeling
>we get to her form and she takes her clothes off
>fat rolls everywhere
>pussy is like roast beef
>and her fupa makes me glutes look like an elbow crease
>hold my breath and smash away
>entire fucking night she's screaming like a wildabeast
>if you've seen that webm around 4chin where the woman is orgasming and she sounds like Sauron himself
>this was that girl
>hate fuck her for an hour then try to leave
>she begs me not to leave and even sits on top of me
>somehow get free and tell her ill come back
>ghost her entirely

I was so scared guys.

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This can’t be real. Nothing on the internet has ever made me this disgusted or filled me with this much horror. Reading this was like reading Lovecraft stories for the first time.

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Jesus Christ, have some self respect.

>sex with fats
>not even once
You were lucky to get out alive user, I pray you used protection.

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One of those things that could have been really good if only there was some fucking moderation involved.

NYS here. We have the WIC program which dictates which foods they can buy exactly down to the letter. I approve of the WIC program because I know exactly what my tax dollars are paying for and usually its basic fat free foods. The EBT program however is complete bullshit. It's been a while since I worked cash register but the list of things EBT could purchase were things I generally couldn't afford and I was the one with the job. What really ground my gears was that EBT could purchase prepared foods. I could make a sub with triple meats and cheeses and EBT would cover it. The caveat about that was they could only get cold subs - any sub ingredient that had to be warmed up made the sub 'hot' and ineligible for EBT - but the workaround was that these trophypushers would purposefully not want the ingredients microwaved or warmed up and the sub would technically be a cold sub. It never failed that the first of every month when EBT money renewed I'd see all the hamplanets and hampiggies from a 10 mile radius converge in the gas station I worked in. One last example of EBT retardedness:

A woman with bad teeth and a waddle wanted to buy a box of slim jims and pay with EBT. I told her we didn't sell slim jims by the box. I knew what her next question was but I still hated hearing it. "Uhhua, how many slim jims are in a box?" "30 ma'am" "I WANT 30 SLIM JIMS!". She paid with EBT, went outside, and her and her fatass kid sat at the picnic table and ate 30 slim jims.

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Butter...., why?

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Made this for the last thread but it archived so here it is.

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why the fuck do you guys do this to yourself? do you lack the foresight or control of your dick to realize that anything below a 7/10 is never worth it, even if that means only getting it a few times a year

I read pic related whenever I need motivation

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t. Low test beta



If you have a bit of free time, read up on Luke


>out on the town ruining my gains with alcohol
>having cigarette sitting outside
>hear the groan of an electric engine struggling
>turn around to see what looks like 100litres of lard stuffed into a pillow case sitting atop one of those electric wheelchairs
>it's trying to drive up the gutter
>electric wheelchair isn't having any of that
>be a gentleman and give it a push up the gutter and get it on its way
Fast forward 20 minutes
>enjoying another cigarette (it's like resistance training for your lungs)
>hear that familiar groan of an electric engine struggling to move 2tonns of dead weight
>look across the road
>see it making its way to the cab rank and breakneck speeds
>it literally looks like an overfilled waterballoon sitting on a roomba
>all of a sudden fatty freaks out and pulls hard right
>crashes the roomba off the gutter and fucking face plants into the tarmac
>fat muffled screams of pain
>start doing math in my head, 3ft fall from the chair plus the crushing weight of 2tonns falling to the tarmac
>good lord this woman is probably dead
>jog over to see if its alive
>it's laying there snorting and wheezing in pain
>do a quick assessment, realise it's so fat that its unable to support its own head and is effectively choking itself out with its own fatness
>put its head on my leg so it can breath
>it starts screaming about having a spinal injury and calling an ambulance
>do a quick check over to make sure it's not actually injured
>after asking some questions and doing an assessment, come to virdict the casualty isn't actually hurt
>just to fat to get up
>ambulance comes
>takes 8 dudes and a double wide stretcher to load her in
>my leg still smells like fatty

Me too, bro. I was having a shit day and almost didn't go lift this evening, but this thread made me realize I have to be better than my excuses.

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Jesus she's wheezing just to stay alive

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Everyone wins in that scenario.

i had a burger in Denmark like this and it was fucking delicious

If I wanted an easy lay and test boost I’d fuck my ex.

>In senior year of state indoctrination camp
>sitting in biology class working on some project
>teacher is chill and lets us eat, talk and listen to music
>6 of us are sitting together eating grapes, working and chatting
>we're all paying attention to our work
>I hear a weird noise coming from the front of the class
>see 300lbs ogre sitting in the front of the class
>see him finish a massive peach in 2 bites while making as much noise as possible by a human
>he pulls out a subway 6 incher from his bag
>finishes it in 3 bites while breathing so heavily that me and the group I'm with stop working and start watching
>meanwhile his autistic friend is doing all his work
>over the next 15 minutes he keeps pulling food out of his bag and eating it
>even the fucking teacher is watching by now
>me and friend are dying of laughter seeing him eat
>a while later when we're doing a charity thing where we collect food for the poor he says he has no food

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Heart disease is the #1 cause of preventable death. Nearly 25% of all deaths are related to disease of the heart. It's projected that those numbers will approach 50% in our lifetime.

Fuck this shit.

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I was a 285 omega in high school. Not fun. I ate 4x as much in a day as I do now and everything was 10x harder to do. Last picked in gym a lot. No chance of getting a gf. Once I got over 270, I thought that there might be no hope.

Funny thing is, I lost most - if not all - the weight shortly after graduating high school 7-8 years ago by leading a more physically active lifestyle. After reaching peak whale 10 years ago, I've been between 165-175 for at least 7 years now.

Now, people tell me that I need to eat more. I'm known for being thin. No one has a clue that I was ever that large unless I tell them. I have shocked many from my past. When you are known for being fat and you become thin, people don't know what else to pin against you.

It is a beautiful freedom, having energy.. Being able to walk for miles on end and exercise without feeling like death.

God tier story user, gg no re

Those dead eyes. That blank expression. That shuffle.


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>Not toasting the buns in all that burger grease already on the grill

That approach of seasoning buns is thrifty and tasty. It's better than wasting money on butter, especially on that overkill.

Inb4 fat: I don't eat burgers but maybe once every couple months, but I like it done right when I do eat them.

/r/ing that pic of a hambeast on her mobility scooter tipped sideways, the beast holding her balance from the supermarket shelf. There is a funny caption about holding on to life or smth

Was he fucking sweating after that 20 foot walk?

By leaning the muscles in the lower back can relax and give some relief from the strain and pain of having to hold the torso up.
t. Recovering fatty who used to lean.

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His stride is majestic

do you have pic user im curious if you description does justice to this bovine

Please give a rundown

one hundred and nineteen thousand people watched this woman and gave her ad revenue. her like/dislike ratios aren't even that bad.

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This video reminds of how much people dont look at the nutrition facts. Subway has new "signature wraps" each of them are over 1000 calories.

This stuff is so sad. Like normally when someone is obese you really cant picture them any other way so it feels normal. But you can look at her, and you can picture her without the weight and know that she'd be a decent, normal looking person but has essentially crippled herself physically, socially, and mentally.

Jesus, why do you betas fall for catfishing? Call them a fat lying cunt to their face and leave. If you actually fuck them they get more empowered to do this shit more often.

This makes me feel bad

such is life I guess

I don't hate on fat people for being fat but one thing I do hate is when people encourage others to be fat or don't care about their childs health

>be me working at taco bell back in the day
> (this taco bell had a kfc in it too
>working as a cashier in the front lobby
>suddenly a family a fat people appear
>this wasn't like your average fat person. The Mom, Dad, son, and daughter were all so fat they they looked asian
>basically they had so much fat on their face that everything looked scrunched
>They place their order
>two 24 piece buckets of chicken extra crispy (biggest bucket we had)
>4 large mash potatoes (which are made using a fuck ton of butter)
>4 large gravies
>4 large potato wedges (which 1 large should be enough for 2 to 4 people)
>and 4 large cokes.
>I asked "to go?" (Because normally an order that size is asked to be taken to go"
>The father responded "No for here and can we have plates and utensils please?
>Guys I kid you not, they sat down and ate the entire thing to the last bite

If you wanna be fat and not take care of yourself then fine do it but to let your 9 or 10 year old kids be at such an unhealthy weight at such a small point in life and feed them garbage should be illegal.

Do you ever look at fat people and wonder what they'd look like if they were healthy? I see alot of average looking fat people, and they'd look stunning if they weren't gluttonous.

even many people who are ugly while fat end up at least average looking when they lose weight

>More chins than a Chinese phonebook
call the doctor, tell him I've crippled my sides

>High test males fuck fat ugly easy bitches

Don't know how it's fitness related, but easily a hearty kek

this land whale be looking like a waterbead

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>Tide pod:the revenge

>no beetroot on the burgers

Dude I noticed this too it's giving me anxiety thinking about how on edge I'd be if I were this close to taking my last breath

How is 175lbs thin?


I really wish my own mother could know how absolutely beautiful she'd be if she were healthy. It kills me inside and it really makes me so sad that she could end up with a whole lot of problems soon. :(

She doesn't ever take anything I have to say seriously though when it comes to eating healthy. She'll "eat healthy" and by that I mean she eats oatmeal and drinks tea at work but she fucking murders it with sugar and honey, then she comes home to cook vegetables with half a fucking stick of butter in it even though I ask her to stop it every time. I tell her how many fucking calories are in those things and she just tells me it's not that bad to my face every time. The freezer is also full of shite TV dinners that she buys in excess. It's so fucking frustrating I just want to shake her.

Even if she does eventually lose all the weight, she's going to realize she's in her 50s or 60s and spent the majority of her life obese, wasted her entire life away from what it could have been had she just stopped with the bullshit.

The silver lining is that I'm just barely red pilling her on this shit. She's slowly over the course of years changing her view on certain things. I'm redpilling my little sister as hard as I fucking can. I don't want her to grow up making the same health mistakes.

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If he's 6 foot even that weight is a normal bmi

>82.35% of all stats are non-factual