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*shoves it up ass*

It's full of stars...

let's ride

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>what a clon

Mein nibba.

I really, really like this picture.

This shit gives me leaky asshole

go ahead

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>picture of strawberry
what did he mean by this

You came to the wrong neighborhood.

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Whoa whoa whoa negros. Why are you eating that sugary crap? Natural peanut butter or gtfo

I cant help it. I managed to quite drinking, smoking, and even soda. But I dont think ill ever be able to quit Skippy

Meant for

Dear God, that meme fucking destroyed this entire site for months

I even take offense to calling real peanut butter "natural peanut butter". It's like calling Sunny-D orange juice and orange juice "natural orange juice".

*blocks your path*

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Any advice for quitting smoking? Attempting it myself and I crack after about a fucking week.

Based banana
based peanut butter
based banana
based sugar gruel

Keep trying. I took me 6 years to go from a pack a day to 1-2 a month if I'm drinking.

I was never a heavy smoker to begin with, but basically I worked myself down over time, from like a pack or so a week to only that much a month, etc.

Biggest help though was just not buying packs in the first place. It didnt matter how bad I wanted that shit if i didnt have any on hand. You really just have to get past the point where you want another a few times then never buy them again. Helps that my friends didnt smoke

The Atheist's Nightmare

>cuz everybody knowwwwwws

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I've had natural peanut butter and it tasted like shit and took forever to stir up in order to disperse the oil. I'd rather just not eat peanut butter at that point.

I had similar problem. Then I reed pic related, realised that book is right and I cant deny it, then I quit cold turkey. Was heavy smoker (40+ cigs) for 4 years.
I had read it in my native language, they had it in local library.
Main point of book is that by smoking for some time, you are just pushing withdrawal at cost of money and lung destruction.
I quitted and man, its really good to be able to run again.
Sure, book wasnt all, I had chronic cough and wasnt feeling good. Also, I qutted all other drugs months before, so I had this big momentum to change my life to better.
However, its worth the shot. Good luck.
Lol, I wrote quite long post, hope it makes some sort of sense.

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Fuck Yeah...this is the god combo

It fits your hand perfectly. Proof of design.

Don't get butthurt, just repent


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